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   Chapter 3 I Did It On Purpose

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Seeing that the atmosphere was heavy, Linda grabbed the corner of Ryan's clothes and said pitifully, "Ryan, if you... If you don't want to divorce, we can forget it. Anyway, Hester is my sister."

Her eyes were drooping, her long and thin eyebrows were wronged together, and there was nothing of the deliberately ambiguous with which she had faced Hester before. Even her voice was soft and delicate.

Hester rolled her eyes contemptuously. She was about to refute the hypocritical woman, but was stopped by Linda's angry mother. She comforted Linda, "Are you stupid? You have not to be so generosity."

The rich woman put on a twisted face, her bright red lips wide open.

"But, Hester..." Linda seemed to have understood what she meant. She lowered her head again and pursed her lips pitifully, as if sobbing.

"It doesn't matter whether she likes it or not. You are the one Ryan loves, not her. How can she speak? I'll handle it for you! " The woman raised her chin and looked defiantly at Hester who was standing there alone.

Teresa was skinny and didn't look like a woman. How could she compare with Teresa?

Jiangcheng didn't say anything about it. He had been waiting for her performance since the moment she came in.

He held his breath and squinted at her.

Jiangcheng stood up from the sofa much higher than Hester. He stood in front of her with a sense of oppression. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Then the lawyer came to him and respectfully handed him a document.

Jiangcheng didn't even raise his eyes. He glanced at the clean agreement from the corner of his eyes, picked up the paper arrogantly with his fingertips and pulled it out of the lawyer's hand.

"Sign it."

His voice was full of pressure, making Hester a little out of breath. She trembled and looked at the documents on his fingertips.

"Sign your name when I'm still willing to divide the property with you. Otherwise, no one will sympathize with you if you lose your wife and your army!"

A disdainful smile appeared at the end of Jiangcheng's eyes, hiding some kind of emotion, which destroyed the only hope of Hester.

'Sure enough, she couldn't have any fantasy about this man.'

"Do you know why I married you?" Hester's voice was a little hoarse, and she could not ask the last half of the question.

Ryan was recalled by her, and his eyes became more and more gloomy. Why, because she wanted to save her sweetheart, he forced her to marry him.

This was the most unbearable thing for Ryan. He stuck his tongue against his cheek, becoming more and more irritable and swearing.

"Don't fucking mention this to me!"

Hester smiled and said miserably, "I called grandpa when I came." she deliberately looked at her watch and said in a calm voice, "I think grandpa should be on his way here, Jiangcheng."

Hester raised her head and looked into his disdainful eyes. She also smiled like him. "Do you think Grandpa will agree to our divorce?"

Ryan's face changed dramatically.

In Ryan's family, his grandfather was the most authoritative person, and he also supported Hester to marry into the Hester as he wished.

Hester's status in his grandfather's heart had even surpassed his grandson. He knew clearly that his grandfather liked her, and that his grandfather would definitely not agree to divorce her at this time.

What worried Ryan most was his g

randfather's heart disease. He couldn't bear the stimulation. No matter how bastard he was, he couldn't get involved in such a thing.

Looking at Hester's indifferent smile, she frowned and asked, "did you do it on purpose?"

"Yes, you are right. I did it on purpose!" Hester made no secret of her purpose.

The conversation between the two made Linda and the others anxious. They had planned to play a play aside, but they didn't expect that Ryan didn't care about it.

Linda's mother was not reconciled. She walked up to them and shouted anxiously and impatiently, "Mr. Ryan, what are you hesitating about? You can just ask Hester to sign as you like. Do you still want Linda to wait?"

The rich woman was not unreasonable at all, and she didn't care why Ryan was hesitating. Her aggressiveness made Ryan a little impatient.

Ryan glanced at Linda, who was about to say something aggrieved, and said in a low voice, "we'll talk about it later. You can go back first."

Linda's words stopped her from acting.

Linda's parents didn't expect that Ryan would sudden change, but his deep voice couldn't hide the trace of displeasure and warning.

Because of the Ryan's identity and power, they didn't dare to say anything more. They had to suppress their anger and leave.

The living room returned to peace again.

Ryan grabbed Hester's shoulder and asked coldly, "you haven't called my grandfather, have you?"

It was not a question, but a statement.

Ryan's eyes were fixed on her with an unknown emotion. Hester flashed with surprise and pushed away his hand that was grabbing her shoulder blade. "You'll know soon!"

When she said this, she was not confident. She turned around and was about to leave, but was directly exposed by the person behind her.

"Do you think I will believe that you will save our marriage at the cost of Grandpa's life? Don't say that you don't love me anymore. Even if you love me, how could you do such a thing with your love for grandpa! "

Ryan said the fact that she didn't love him made his heart hurt and hard to accept.

Hester stopped as she was about to go upstairs. She turned her body slightly and stopped struggling. She frowned and said coldly, "Yes, I didn't say anything. Why, I let you down?"

She turned around and looked into his four eyes. With a bitter sneer, she said, "If you regret it, go and get it back!"

Her voice suddenly rose, and the originally weak one was very tough now.

Before Ryan said anything, Hester had lost control. She pointed at the door and shouted, "Ryan, I tell you, I won't divorce! And it's impossible for you to be with the murderer who killed my parents! "

Her tears burst out and fell from the corner of her eyes. Her voice choked and her fingertips trembled. "Even if I don't love you, I can't give you to my enemy!"

Every word was heartbreaking.

Looking at her tears, Ryan's throat tightened, but he retorted fretfully, "Don't talk nonsense!"

Then he threw the divorce agreement into her arms, suppressing his anger, but he was not calm. "I'll let you go! You can find your lover after you sign it! Stay with him forever and never be bound by me! "

Facing her surprised eyes, Ryan warned her ruthlessly.

"You'd better not disturb Grandpa, or you will regret!"

A hot tear fell from Hester's slender eyelashes. She watched him turn around and leave again!

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