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   Chapter 2 If You Want To Be A Mistress, I Won't Stop You.

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The fragrance of gardenia was faint, and Hester's mind was still in chaos. The pain in her lower abdomen gradually sobered her up.

Her eyelids trembled a few times and then she slowly opened her eyes. She were weak and pale, and occasionally made a few vague sounds. Fortunately, Core, who was sitting next to her, could hear her some of her words clearly.

"Come on, Lady Windermere, let me feed you..." Core's slightly rough fingers passed through Hester's neck, carefully helped her up, and put the cup mouth beside her mouth with the other hand.

Drinking some warm water, Hester finally felt as if she had come to life.

"Core, what's wrong with me?" Hester looked around. The VIP ward was still elegant, and even her favorite gardenia was placed on the head of the bed.

Core pulled a long face. Before she could say anything, the woman in bed suddenly turned over and wanted to sit up.

"Where is my baby? My... "

Hester's heart beat faster and faster, and her face turned red with excitement in an instant. Her slender fingers anxiously covered her flat abdomen, as if she could explore the signs of life in this way.

Seeing her like this, the wrinkles on Core's face deepened. Core quickly reached out her hand to hold Hester's flustered hand and comforted her in a gentle voice, "Lady Windermere, don't worry. The child is still alive. You just fainted."

Core breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Hester's watery eyes became less and less restless.

"My child..." the tension seemed to be suddenly loosened. Hester's body trembled, but the corners of her mouth couldn't help raising a very small arc, which was imperceptible.

Fortunately, he and her child were still alive.

"Well, Ryan..." Hester turned over and stared at the pure ceiling, lost in thought.

Then she glanced at Core again.

Although her child was saved, Core, who had always been worried about her, didn't relax. She always felt that something was wrong.

"Where is he now? Did he come here? "Looking at Core's restrained eyes, Hester couldn't ask any more.

Core pursed her lips and lowered her head slightly. She scratched her hair with her hand with some spots and avoided her tentative eyes.

"Master Ryan..." Core stammered, "He is busy."

Hester blinked her eyes and asked, "what's wrong with him?"

What could make him abandon his own child? Oh, by the way, he went to have dinner with Teresa, her good cousin.

Hester felt extremely sad. She was lying in the hospital with his child. At the same time, he was discussing their marriage with another woman,.

Core wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Hester suddenly turned her back and her petite body was hidden in the white quilt.

She said in a low voice, "Core, you don't have to say anything more. I know." Helplessly revealed her own desolation.

Core looked at her back in bewilderment. She wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to do.

In the past three years, Core had watched them walk through these bad things. Mater Ryan did treat her badly. She didn't know why he married Lady Windermere back then.

'He was going to marry her, but now he was going to divorce her without hesitation.'

Core sighed.

At noon, Hester didn't have lunch. Core advised her to eat more or less. She just shook her head and lay in the quilt without saying anything.

Core was helpless, and the lawyer entered the ward as soon as she took out the cold food.

"Miss Hester?"

The strange male voice made Hester's thin shoulders tremble. She suddenly sat up from the head of the bed and looked at the strange man vigilantly.

"Who are you?" Hester's black pupils contracted. She star

ed at the man and had a faint bad feeling.

The man just glanced at her without any expression and said formulaically, "Miss Hester, I'm Mr. Ryan's private lawyer. Here is an agreement that needs your signature. Please have a look first."

The lawyer said as he handed the documents at hand to her.

Hester widened her eyes and looked down at the document in front of her. The words "divorce agreement" hurt her all over.

She didn't take it. Her hands on the quilt clenched her fists, and her round fingertips sank into the tender flesh in the palm of her hands, and her dry lips wriggled.

"I won't sign it. Just let him give up!"

The lawyer didn't change because of what Hester said. His gold rimmed glasses were shining, but he was still indifferent as usual. "This is not under my control. My client only asked me to give this to you, and Miss Hester only needs to sign on it."

The lawyer still patiently put the agreement in front of her, showing no sign of taking it back.

Hester closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She said in a hoarse but strong voice, "If you want me to sign the divorce agreement, ask Ryan to come to me by herself!"

Hester said firmly.

The lawyer was stunned. He pushed his glasses and was about to say something, but was asked to leave.

"Get out!"

The lawyer touched his nose sulkily and walked out silently.

When Core came back, Hester had already claimed to be discharged from the hospital. Core asked why she was so hurry to discharge for a long time, but she didn't get the answer.

In the end, Core had no choice but to allow her to leave the hospital.

As soon as she returned to the villa, she heard a familiar but harsh voice.

"We have chosen a few days. You'd better get married as soon as possible."

She walked around the porch and saw Linda's parents in the living room. Ryan and Ryan sat on the sofa hand in hand, which gave people a sense of harmony.

Hester's heart ached and her blood was surging. Regardless of Core's dissuasion, she walked up directly. "Linda, I haven't divorced with Ryan yet. Do you want to be a mistress?"

Hester gnashed her teeth and all the hatred spurted out.

Ryan sat beside Linda, with his broad shoulder around her waist, and looked at her quietly.

Hester's eyes were always fixed on Ryan. She stepped forward and nestled in his arms. Under his dark eyes, she held the corner of her mouth sarcastically. "Ryan, my cousin wants to be a mistress regardless of her own face. How about we accept her as a mistress?"

She twirled it lightly, but her smile was extremely ironic.

Linda's face suddenly turned pale, but she couldn't lose her temper in front of Ryan.

Linda's mother couldn't bear to see her child being blamed. She stood up, pointed at Hester's nose and cursed, "You're really ill bred. You're really a wild child without parents!"

Hester turned around and looked at her parents indifferently. Her eyes were burning. She gritted her teeth and said, "Dare you insult my parents again! You are just a mistress. How dare you humiliate my parents? "

Her previous indifference was completely destroyed when Linda's mother took the initiative to mention the two words "parents", leaving only endless anger.

After all, she was the mistress, and it was not a glorious thing. Linda's mother gritted her teeth, turned around and said to Ryan, "Ryan, my daughter is here now. No matter what, you have to give us an explanation. Divorce this woman as soon as possible, and our Linda will marry in a glorious way!"

Hester just looked at Ryan indifferently. She didn't care about Linda's parents' attitude. As long as Ryan said something, she would be enough.

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