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   Chapter 1 I Won't Divorce You

Possessive Love Is Killing Me By Mo Er Characters: 7077

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"Pow" A document was thrown in front of Hester. Ryan said, "Let's divorce!"

Outside the window, still drifting heavy rain, and she, just washed out, hair has not had time to dry, was facing such a predicament

The name of the document was reflected in her clear eyes. The five words "divorce agreement" hurt her heart. Her hand drooping beside her quietly grabbed the hem of her clothes.

"What do you mean?" Her voice was hoarse.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Don't you understand or not?"

He took a step forward indifferently and pinched her chin with his fingers. "I mean divorce, understand?"

Hester's body trembled even if she had been prepared. Her long eyelashes blinked almost at a loss. She pushed his hand away before he was about to get rid of her coldly.

"Is this what you want to tell me when you come back?" Hester's voice was as cold as this night.

Today, all the servants thought she had not been pregnant for three years, but this year she finally became pregnant and he would take good care of her. The servants because Ryan said to go home to decorate the villa is very romantic, thought Hester would be favored, but did not expect such a result.

Three years of marriage, with the blessing of the servants, came a divorce agreement. He said it was over, completely ignoring the newly pregnant baby in her belly.

How ridiculous, embarrassed and bloody.

She bit her lips and tried not to look at the indifferent eyebrows and eyes of Ryan. She looked down at the divorce agreement at her feet, which hurt her eyes.

Ryan didn't notice the bewilderment in her eyes. His anger was aroused by her indifferent tone. With an evil smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "otherwise, do you think I come back to see you?"

Hester tried her best to ignore the contempt and ridicule in his eyes. She smiled and looked down at her bulging belly.

"Don't you care about this child?"

"Do you deserve it? Give birth to my baby! " Ryan's eyes were as cold as ice, which made Hester tremble with fear. She gritted her teeth and looked at him with mockery.

Ryan sneered, "I'm going to marry another woman soon. Do you think I'll tolerate you giving birth to a baby at this time?"

Ryan's words made Hester raise her head, her eyes full of fear. "Who is it? Whose daughter is she? "

Ryan did not answer her question, dark eyes felling on her abdomen. His resolute lips said clearly word by word with a determined smile.

"Have an abortion!"

Bang, accompanied by deafening thunder, Hester almost fell to the ground, looking at his determined and cold appearance awkwardly.

Before she could say anything, she heard another joyful voice. " Ryan, why haven't you come yet? Dad and mom are waiting for you to have dinner together!"

Linda walked in, twisting her waist, and held Ryan's arm without scruple.

Linda said in a coquettish tone that Hester never did. The smile on her heavily made up face was dazzling. Linda pressed her soft chest on the arm of Ryan, acting like a spoiled child as if no one was around.

Hester's mind was in a mess. Everything in front of her was clear. There was no need to wait for Ryan's answer. The person he was going to marry was self-evident.

Hester pointed at Linda with her trembling finger, and her misty eyes fell on Ryan.

She asked, "Ryan, are you going to marry her?"

Hearing this, Ryan held Linda in his arms without any scruple. He squinted at her and said, "can't you see that?"

He said sarcastically.


r looked at the two people in front of her in disbelief. They were indeed a perfect match.


"Ryan, if you want to marry this woman," Hester looked up at him without surrender and said in the same tough way, "I will never agree to divorce!"

It was none other than her cousin, Linda. She killed her parents in the car accident, but no one believed it, because there was no evidence.

Ryan was touched by her stubbornness, but he couldn't tolerate her betrayal these years.

"Whether you agree or not, we are going to divorce!"

After saying that, he held Linda's waist and turned around to leave. He was afraid that if he stayed one more second, he would be softhearted because of her restrained eyes.

Seeing that Ryan was leaving, Hester grabbed his arm and pushed Linda out of his arms. She said in a very firm tone, "Ryan, you can't go with her or marry her. She killed my parents. Do you know that?"

She was so excited that her face was full of tears.

Looking at the tears on Hester's face, Ryan couldn't bear it, but in the end, he shook her off.

He didn't control his strength, and Hester was thrown to stagger. She staggered for a few steps before stopping, but her waist accidentally hit the corner of the table next to her.

All of a sudden, her face turned pale because of the pain.

It was not because of the pain, but because of the pain in her lower abdomen.

She half bent over and covered her lower abdomen with her hands. There were sweat on her forehead. She couldn't help but scream in pain, "pain, pain..."

A hint of surprise flashed through Ryan's eyes. He looked at his hand and moved his feet. He was about to go over, but Linda held his waist.

"Ryan, I know I'm not accepted now, but today my parents are waiting for you. If you don't show up, I... I don't want to be a joke."

Linda's voice was full of grievance. Even an irrelevant person would be moved by it.

Ryan's dark eyes fell on that thin body. He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth to control his emotions and stopped walking.

Seeing that they were leaving, Hester struggled to stand up, and tears fell from the corners of her eyes with pain. "Ryan, don't go, don't go. You can't be with her. I'm still pregnant with your child!"

Seeing her struggling, Ryan felt a pain in the bottom of his heart, but his words were out of control. "Don't use children to talk about things! We have to get a divorce and can't have this baby. "

Ryan's voice was extremely cold, and his eyes were dark, tightly holding her.

Hester bit her lips and looked at him. She was so sad that she was interrupted by Linda's phone before she could speak.

"Linda, why hasn't Ryan come yet? We are waiting for him anxiously. Come here quickly."

It was Linda's parents who called and urged them to have dinner. Because there was no escape, everyone present could hear it.

In the end, Ryan just took a look at Hester, who was about to fall to the ground, and turned around and left resolutely with Linda in his arms.

Hester wanted to chase after him, but the pain on her body had already been numb. She fell directly to the ground, and felt that there was liquid left on her lower body. She touched it, and it was full of blood. She was so scared that she covered her stomach and shouted with difficulty, "Ryan, don't go. Don't go. Save our baby. Save our baby..."

Her eyes were wet with tears. When she opened her eyes again, only their backs were left.

Her eyes darkened and she lost consciousness.

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