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   Chapter 7 Forced To Get Married

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"Doctor, be gentle..." Lucy almost burst into tears. She could feel the pain when she saw it, not to mention that Carla who had experienced it herself. When Lucy wanted to help, she found that she was like a fifth wheel. She could do nothing but feel nervous and worried for Carla...

However, the doctor began to wipe the iodine. Carla could only frown and say nothing. She waited for some time and gritted her teeth, but she really didn't make any sound. The doctor was also stunned for a moment, and then sped up his hand.

Perhaps it was because of her numbness that Carla felt less painful at the moment, and the doctor didn't wipe her so hard. But it was a good feeling.

"Well, don't touch the wound with water. This is the ointment. Apply it three times a day. But according to the depth of the wound, there will be scars. You'd better be mentally prepared for this." When the doctor said this, he frowned slightly. It was hard to imagine that this woman would not cry out for pain with such a deep wound...

If it were a man, he might not have such endurance. Carla didn't say anything. Instead, Lucy thanked the doctor and sent him to the door. After thanking the doctor again and again, she turned around and went back to Carla's room.

"Carla, are you feeling better?" Lucy poured a glass of water and slowly walked over, but Carla didn't say anything. It was not that she didn't want to speak, but that she felt tired even when she moved her fingers.

Not only was she physically tired, but also mentally exhausted. Peter was unreasonable, and Lucy was a coward. This family really gave her a headache.

"Then you... Will you run away from the wedding? " Lucy carefully observed the change of Carla's expression. As expected, when she heard this, Carla's expression froze.

"Sorry... Carla, I just... "

"I know. I won't run away from the wedding." Carla became impatient and disgusted. Lucy had no choice but to say sorry cowardly and then walked back slowly.

At the moment when Lucy closed the door, Carla's tears fell all over the ground. Was she born to be used and worthless? No, she didn't want to be controlled like this. She wanted freedom!

As the night fell, Carla was soon enveloped in the darkness...

Three days later.

"Carla, you are so beautiful today..." Lucy couldn't help praising Carla when she saw Carla in the wedding dress, but there was no joy or excitement on Carla's face. Instead, she was in a daze, silent.

After the conversation that night, she seemed to avoid Lucy, but when Lucy asked, she couldn't get any answer from Carla.

"How is everything going?" Just when the two were still in a stalemate, Peter suddenly opened the door of the dressing room and broke the silence. Lucy looked at him with embarrassment and nodded.

Carla didn't say anything, but looked away. Obviously, she didn't want to talk to Peter. It was rare for Peter to be in a good mood today. He didn't make a fuss about it with Carla. He snorted and pushed the door open. Lucy looked at Carla worriedly and followed him in a hurry.

It was too humble for her to love him like this? Carla once asked Lucy why she loved such a heartless and forced man, but Lucy never mentioned it. She even lost her temper at Carla once and asked Carla not to persuade her to leave him for the rest of Carla's life.

Young as Carla was, she was freaked out and let it go. So until now, Carla still didn't know why. Clearly it was such a despicable man who didn't love her. Why... She loved him.

No one could answer Carla's question. The only thing waiting for her now was a wedding without love...

About half an hour later, Lucy opened the door and came in. Her face was still wet with tears. Carla was only stunned for a second and t

hen looked away. She'd better do nothing now...

"This is the last thing I can do for you. Carla, run..." Lucy knelt down and held Carla's hand, hoping that she could trust her words. Carla panicked and tried to help her up, but the wound on her back was pulled and she gasped in pain.

Before Carla could answer, the door was pushed open. It was Peter, and Lucy couldn't help trembling.

"Oh? Aren't you going to run away from the wedding? " A trace of surprise flashed through his eyes, and then he looked at Lucy, who was hiding in the corner. Apparently, he was confused. Carla didn't understand until now. So the fact that Lucy asked her to run away from the wedding was from the bottom of her heart?

Although she didn't know what had happened, Carla's mood was not as bad as before.

"I will what I say. But if you do anything to my mother again, I will never let you go." Carla gritted her teeth. For so many years, she could endure those unfair things, and even pretend that nothing had happened, but she couldn't endure anyone to hurt Lucy!

After a while, Peter approached Carla. Carla suddenly had the courage to confront with him. Seeing this, Lucy became more anxious and her body shrank into a ball, not knowing what to do.

"You'd better remember what you said now, or I will make you two suffer!" After saying that, Peter sneered and walked out. Apparently, he didn't care about Carla's struggle at all.

When Peter left again, Lucy still shrank in the corner and didn't dare to make any noise. After all, what she said just now was the limit. Carla didn't say anything and just stood up and walked out. Lucy didn't even have the courage to ask where you were going. She could do nothing but watch Carla leave.

The wedding scene was spectacular, but it didn't matter to Carla. All she wanted to do now was to see the man named Henry Su and have a good talk with him. The two of them had better keep a distance.

This was what Carla thought. She didn't know how could Henry miss such a good opportunity to torture her.

However, when she looked around, she didn't see the man. When she was wondering, Becky Jian slowly walked over with a mocking smile. Her high heels made a loud noise when they touched the floor. However, the noisy hall quieted down because of the sudden appearance of Becky Jian.

This was also what Becky Jian wanted. As long as more people saw this scene, the negative news about Carla would be more and more, and her reputation would be ruined. Then she would see how Carla could proudly marry Henry.

Carla frowned slightly and wanted to leave, but how could Becky Jian miss this good opportunity? She picked up a glass of wine from the waiter beside her and elegantly walked to Carla.

"Carla, I really feel sorry for you. It's such an important day, but the groom is absent. What a pity... Alas, why do you like that kind of man? " Although her voice was not loud, it was loud enough to be heard by all the people present.

Carla hesitated for a moment, and all her confusion was seen by Becky Jian.

"Oh? Don't you know? " Surprised, Becky Jian covered her mouth with her hand as if it was a slip of the tongue. Carla felt sick. Did she still want to continue acting at this time?

"Oh, Carla, look at me. I really don't know what to say. But that man, Henry, is so reckless. He even bought the whole PUB today. He really doesn't take our family seriously. Forget it. The guest is here. Don't take it to heart." Becky Jian said with a pitiful look, but Carla was stunned.

Without a doubt, the action of Henry slapped hard on Peter's face, making him lose face. And the situation of Carla was not much better. The topic that Becky Jian had provoked would definitely be blamed on her by Peter!

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