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   Chapter 6 Lesson Paid For With Blood

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"Father, what do you mean?" Carla looked at Peter in confusion. It was very late now. Did he take so much effort to bring her to the garage just to warn her not to resist the marriage?

"Three days later, your wedding with Mr. Su will be inevitable. You should also be satisfied. Mr. Su is a rare good talent, and his strength is not to be underestimated. If he can marry into our family, A City will be the world of our family! " A glimmer of greed flashed through Peter's eyes, but he was so greedy that Carla felt disgusted.

"I have said that I won't agree." Carla refused without hesitation. If it was in normal times, Carla would not disobey what he said, but marriage was related to the happiness of the rest of her life, and Carla would not take it as a child's play. This was the only time in a woman's life. How could it be sold like a commodity?

Peter's smile became more and more gloomy. Carla shivered subconsciously, only to find that there was a dagger in his hand. The cold moonlight shone on it, and it gave out some light. However, Carla's heart sank. 'He is threatening me!'!

Lucy Meng's helpless begging made Carla's heart ache again. At the moment when Carla was in a trance, Peter had raised his dagger. Lucy Meng screamed in horror...

Blood splashed all over the ground. Lucy Meng looked at Carla in front of her in horror, tears blurred her eyes. Why was Carla standing in front of her?

Carla smiled, but her lips turned pale.

She couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that Peter would really do it!

"Humph, you deserve it. Three days later, the wedding ceremony will be held! " Peter casually threw the blood stained dagger to the ground. His indifference made Carla gnash her teeth in hatred, and her face twisted slightly because of the pain.

The intact clothes had been broken, and the blood had wetted them, seeping down along her back.

"Mom, I'm fine." Carla smiled, her lips becoming paler and paler. The pain on her back was far less than the pain in her heart. Since Peter didn't care about Lucy Meng at all, why did he marry her? Was it just to stay by her side and

torture her?

Carla was lost in thought, but Lucy Meng was extremely worried. Lucy Meng asked Carla to stay where she was and ran away in a hurry, but Carla didn't notice anything.

"Peter, please... Please call the doctor. The wound on Carla's back is very deep. If we don't treat it in time, it will be infected. Carla is our child! " Lucy Meng looked at him humbly and grabbed the corner of his clothes. Her tone was full of pleading. But Peter didn't even look at Lucy Meng. He shook off her hand which was holding the corner of his clothes.

"That kind of woman is your daughter, not mine. I only have one daughter. Don't touch me with your dirty hands! " Peter's words sounded a little impatient. Lucy Meng could do nothing but sob when she heard what he said. Her hand, which was about to reach out, froze in the air.

Was he still hating her till now?

Being frightened by the expression in the eyes of Peter, Lucy Meng forgot what she wanted to say.

"Well, you are the only ones who have the most trouble. I will ask someone to bind up her wound later. If you have nothing else to do, just go. You'd better keep an eye on Carla. If anything happens on the wedding day, I will blame it all on you! Get out. " What Peter said stabbed Lucy Meng's heart hard.

Lucy Meng nodded with tears in her eyes and slowly walked out. She gently closed the door, and sadness appeared in her eyes again.

It took Lucy Meng a lot of effort to help Carla into the room, and the wound began to solidify. Lucy Meng had planned to disinfect it for Carla first, but she found that the blood had stuck to the clothes tightly. A slight touch of it could make Carla feel great pain.

When Lucy Meng didn't know what to do, the two heaved a sigh of relief when the doctor arrived. When the doctor picked up the clothes on Carla's back with tweezers, her body suddenly stiffened, pain like a drill in the heart.

The doctor didn't care whether Carla would feel pain or not. He just lifted the wound directly. The wound that was about to heal was pulled open again. Carla groaned in pain, and Lucy Meng's eyes turned red again.

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