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   Chapter 5 Numerous Conspiracies

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Soon, the news became the focus of everyone's discussion, and at this moment, as the main character of the matter, Henry looked very leisurely.

"Don't leave. Stay with me today, okay?" Seeing that Henry was about to leave, the woman pursed her lips unwillingly. Regardless of the tiredness after entanglement, she pitifully looked at the cold handsome face of Henry and begged.

Ignoring the woman, Henry walked straight to the door. She was just a tool for him to vent his desire.

Seeing that Henry didn't want to answer, the woman became anxious. She got out of bed without wearing any clothes, and hugged him tightly from behind Henry and said, "Henry... The news on the newspaper... What are you going to do with it? "

"I have my own plan!"

"Then tonight..." The woman licked her sexy lips. In fact, this was what she wanted to know.

Henry turned around, and glanced at the woman's body with his deep eyes, and picked her up with great strength. The woman smiled enchantingly and approached his handsome face with her red lips...

The room was filled with love...

On the other side, with the help of Lucy Meng, Carla also successfully left the hotel, but it was at this time that she remembered his identity.

The CEO of the group in A City, Henry Su, almost monopolized all the rights in A City, and the father of Carla was also one of the major shareholders in the group.

Carla looked at the paparazzi behind her with a headache. Now there were almost nude photos of her on the street. Carla felt extremely ashamed.

But how could Carla know that it was just a well-planned plot...

In the car, Carla briefly told Lucy Meng what had happened. Her eyes widened and soon turned red.

"Well, mom, I'll solve it myself. Don't worry." Carla was worried about her own affairs, and at the same time she was distracted to comfort Lucy Meng. She still felt that it was a little tired.

Lucy Meng touched her tears, her eyes full of pity. Carla was very independent, which was also forced by such a life.

Since childhood, she and Becky Jian have been treated in two ways. Almost everyone could see Becky Jian at all the banquets, but Carla was gradually forgotten. Some people didn't even know that Peter Jian had a second daughter, but it also saved a lot of trouble for Carla.

However, some people's talent couldn't be covered up no matter how hard he tried. Soon, Peter Jian found that Carla's acceptance and learning ability were much better than that of Becky Jian. In order not to make Becky Jian feel unfair, he forced Carla to drop out of school. He said that Carla was too stupid and it was useless to learn, so the first half life of Carla was imprisoned at home.

About ten minutes later, the two arrived. After getting off the car, Carla seemed to be in a trance. Carla felt her scalp tingle, and now she didn't know what kind of mood to take back home.

Encouraged by Lucy Meng, Carla slowly opened the door and walked in. The house, which was originally filled with no joy, was even weirder at the moment. Peter Jian just sat on the sofa mirthlessly, as if waiting for her.

"Father... Father, I'm back. " [雅静] didn't even dare to say a simple sente

nce. It was not difficult to see that she was very cautious about her attitude towards Luke, fearing that she would suffer if she said something wrong.

"Do you know what you did today made me lose face! It discredits our group! " Peter's words stabbed Carla deeply in the heart. Carla felt very aggrieved.

"Father... In fact, i... "

"There's no need to say. I'll take action for Mr. Su. You two must get married to suppress this matter. Otherwise, it's not good for both sides. Not only my face will be damaged, but also Mr. Su's group will be slandered!" Peter Jian said confidently, rejecting the explanation that Carla was about to make. A simple sentence was enough to push Carla into an endless abyss.

"No... I don't want to. My father, I can't marry that fiend... " At the mention of Henry, a trace of fear flashed through Carla's eyes. Just yesterday's brief skin contact had already made her unable to survive. If she became the person beside his pillow, the consequences would be clear without thinking too much.

"You have no right to refuse my request. As a stepdaughter, that's your value!" He glanced at Carla and Lucy Meng disdainfully before he turned around and left. Lucy Meng had been silent since she came in. It was not until now that she sighed and pulled Carla to her room.

"Carla, it's not the right time to argue with your father. Although Mr. Su is a playboy, if you can really marry him, you don't have to worry about the rest of your life. It's not a bad thing that you can leave here as soon as possible. " Lucy Meng's eyes were full of pity. She tried her best to persuade Carla.

"Mom... I'm not you. " After saying these words in a hurry, Carla stood up and left Lucy Meng's room. The door was slammed heavily by her. Looking at Carla's back, Lucy Meng felt a little guilty again.

After hesitating for a while, Carla Jian took out her phone from her bag and dialed Emma's number. But this time, the phone was answered quickly.

"Emma? Is that you, Emma? " Seeing that no one answered the phone, Carla asked tentatively, and then Emma's crying was released.

Carla's mind was in a mess. She didn't want to question Emma. But Emma just kept crying and couldn't say a complete sentence.

When Carla was about to give up, Emma said.

"Carla... I... I lost my virginity. What should I do? When I woke up, I found that I was in the bed of a strange man. " Emma's voice became louder and louder, and the news was like a thunderbolt from the blue to Carla. That was to say, she was not the only one who lost her virginity last night? Even Emma was affected?

On the other side.

"Is that enough?" Emma glanced at Becky Jian timidly, and then Becky cast a scornful glance at Emma. She squatted down and pinched her chin, "I don't want anyone else to know about it. Otherwise, it won't be that simple punishment waiting for you next time."

Emma had never seen such a scene before. She nodded timidly and buried her tearful face between her legs, sobbing heavily. Her clothes had already been in a mess.

But this time, the person behind the scenes stared at the headline news with satisfaction and laughed. This was exactly what he wanted...

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