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   Chapter 4 Reach An Agreement

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Looking around casually, Carla carefully opened the wardrobe. At this time, she was secretly relieved. Although the clothes looked a little big, they could fit. Thinking of this, Carla Jian subconsciously glanced at the closed bathroom door and quickly put on Henry Su's shirt and trousers. At the same time, the clothes torn up by Henry Su beside the bed was particularly dazzling.

Taking a deep breath, Carla picked up her bag and tiptoed out of the door. Her action was smooth. However, at this time, the corners of Carla's mouth froze... Because she was in front of the room she booked yesterday! Then what was this room she came out of now...

All of a sudden, Carla's thoughts were pulled back to yesterday. In a daze, she only remembered that she felt hot and uncomfortable all over her body. She went to get a thermometer. Then she remembered nothing.

Carla's memory suddenly froze. Where was Emma? She remembered that Emma was even more drunk than she was. What was more strange was that Carla's capacity for liquor was not bad. Why did she lose consciousness after drinking only a few glasses yesterday?

After calming herself down, Carla found that this matter was too suspicious, and all the evidences were pointed at Emma. How could it not make Carla confused?

Gently opening the door with the room card, Carla searched the whole room carefully, but no one had slept in the room, and even the furnishings were neat. Carla couldn't help but feel confused. She took out her phone from her bag and dialed Emma's number, but no one answered after waiting for a long time.

Feeling more and more uneasy, Carla hesitated for a while and decided to leave the hotel first.

However, when she just pushed the door open, the flashlight made Carla step back again. These media were really haunting, even more than those people just now. Carla didn't like this kind of environment, so it was even less likely for her to escape.

Half an hour later.

"Mr. Henry, I didn't expect that we would talk in this way." With a hypocritical smile on his face, Peter Jian looked at Henry Su, who was wearing a livid face and didn't say anything. Peter Jian didn't expect that the day when the two sides were about to break up would come so soon, but it was not good for both sides if they broke up.

"What do you want?" Henry Su's malicious eyes fell on Peter Jian. He even underestimated this man's tricks. Peter Jian felt at ease in such an inferior way.

"My daughter has been admiring you for a long time. Isn't our marriage a double blessing?" Peter Jian said innocently, leaving all the problems to Carla, but the paler Henry Su's face became. Sure enough, the two of them had already planned it.

"What if I refuse?" There was a flash of killing intent in Henry Su's eyes, but he quickly restrained it. He couldn't do anything to Peter Jian now...

"I don't think you have any reason to refuse me, right?" Luke smiled unfathomably. Carla must marry Henry Su! Only in this way could his strength be stable.

Hearing that, Henry Su's eyes darkened slightly. He stood up and left in an instant, which could be regarded as acquiescence. Looking at his back, Peter Jian felt comfortable...

A moment later.

"I'm sorry..." Carla slammed the door again. She had repeated this movement for many times. She ran back to the room, gasping for breath. She seemed to still have a lingering fear of the group of people outside. It was absolutely impossible to get out of the gate now, and what

Carla wanted to do most now was to explain to Peter Jian.

When Carla was in a hurry, her phone suddenly rang. She looked at the caller ID in a hurry, and her heart trembled. She hesitated for a moment before answering it.

"Carla, what happened to you?" Lucy Meng sounded flustered.

"Mom, I'm fine. I'll be back soon." Carla wanted to cry. She took a deep breath to hold back the tears that were about to fall, but her slight sobbing tone betrayed her current mood.

Lucy Meng was the second wife of Peter Jian, and Peter had an eldest daughter, which meant that Lucy Meng was actually a stepmother. Peter Jian loved his eldest daughter very much, so the status of Lucy Meng was naturally humble, let alone the status of Carla.

"Mom... I can't go out now. I'll explain it to you when I go home. Can you ask someone to pick me up? I'll send you the address later. " Carla couldn't think of anything else to do except asking Lucy Meng for help. Her only friend was Emma, and now Emma was nowhere to be found.

Lucy Meng hesitated for a while and agreed. Lucy Meng hung up the phone in a hurry and walked out. However, when she just arrived at the door, she was knocked down to the ground by the person who suddenly rushed in.

"Can't you see the way? Why do you block my way? " The woman glared at Lucy Meng and angrily walked into the study of Peter Jian. Lucy Meng kept apologizing, looking extremely humble.

Although Peter Jian gave her a nominal identity, Lucy Meng was even inferior to a servant in secret. She didn't dare to complain when she was ordered to do so, so she was bullied more and more fiercely. Sometimes even the servants would deliberately make things difficult for her, and Peter Jian turned a blind eye to it. Lucy Meng could only swallow the bitterness in her stomach.

Lucy Meng didn't mind it at all. She struggled to get up, and patted the dust on her clothes, and walked out. At the same time, she received a message from Carla. After stopping a taxi, Lucy Meng replied to Carla's message.

"Dad, why did you make this a big deal? How could such a woman marry Henry Su? " The woman who had knocked down Lucy Meng ran to the study of Peter Jian. Before she saw him, she had said something dissatisfied. Peter Jian was totally different from just now, with a loving smile on his face.

"She is just a prop. Who is Henry Su? He will be tired of her in less than two days, and you have heard of Henry Su's temper, haven't you? She is just a toy that will be humiliated, but for me, my status will be more stable. " There was not a trace of guilt on Peter Jian's face. He looked complacent, which made people feel sick.

"But I just can't stand it. She doesn't deserve it. Why could she sleep with Henry Su? " Becky Jian pouted and looked at Peter Jian. She just couldn't stand the coward look of Carla! A woman who could do nothing could always get more attention than her.

"Don't worry, Becky. If she wants to sleep with Mr. Henry, I will let her pay the price of blood first. Father cares about you the most." Peter Jian looked at Becky Jian lovingly and promised. After hearing the price of blood, Becky Jian nodded with satisfaction, and turned around and walked out.

Looking at the back of his eldest daughter, Peter Jian felt satisfied. He clicked on the home page of the computer. As he expected, the front page of all the media published the shameful scene of Carla. Although it was deliberately blurred, her graceful figure was still obvious.

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