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   Chapter 2 A Restless Night

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"Mmph..." Carla looked around but she see Emma. Seeing the light of the bathroom on, she thought that maybe she was inside taking a shower. Mindlessly, she knocked on the door, but to her surprise, it was not locked. She then pushed it open.

"Who's there?" The man in the bathroom looked at Carla wide-eyed, but she was in a confused state of mind. She staggered towards the man.

"Emma, are you finished? I seem to have a fever. I really feel terrible." Maybe it was because her body felt too hot that Carla decided to start taking off her clothes. Her luscious bosom showed itself, making the other party frown.

"Get out!" The man clearly wasn't happy with what was happening. There were too many women who wanted to sleep with him.

Carla, still not over the effects on the drug, only rolled her eyes at him and took off the rest of her clothes. Soon she stood naked in front of Henry Su. There was a flash of contempt in his eyes.

"I feel much better..." When she touched his body, a sense of satisfaction spread from the bottom of her heart. He couldn't believe his eyes. 'What is this woman doing?' he thought, perplexed and disgusted.

"Fuck off!"

With a fraction of his might, he pushed her so that she exited the narrow bathroom. Carla landed on her behind. The impact somehow sobered her up a bit, and she saw what really was happening. She looked around in astonishment and t

hen at the naked man in front of her. Her face turned red immediately.

"You are asking for this!" He stood in front of the drugged woman and climbed onto the bed.

The mattress was sunken because of the weight of the two people.

Henry Su stared at her. Her smell made him so reluctant to part with her.

Again and again, she fainted because of the pain she was feeling. But he didn't feel anything. He just let it out, enjoyed it, and honestly, fell in love with it.

After more than an hour, he let out a low roar and withdrew from her body, satisfied. At the same time, she also lost the strength to support herself. Her body was powerlessly clinging to the soft bed.

The sound of water in the bathroom was heard, and drops of water kept rolling down from Henry's face.

Carla, on the other hand, was still unconscious on the bed. She whimpered in a low voice and felt extremely tired.

After a few groans, she still couldn't overcome the fatigue. She fell asleep again.

In the bathroom, Henry Su turned off the shower irritably. He strode out, and when he saw that Carla was sleeping sweetly, his Adam's apple throbbed. In an instant, his whole body began to become restless.

"Since you came here by yourself, don't blame me for doing this. It's normal that I won't refuse a woman who comes to me voluntarily."

After saying that, Henry began to make love to her again.

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