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   Chapter 12 Don't You Want To Give Me Back My Handkerchief

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On Monday.

Sylvia's first TV play, Fatal Love, was ready to shoot. She rushed to the scene early in the morning. The opening ceremony was at the gate of CS Group. When Sylvia arrived, the crew was almost ready.

As a scriptwriter, Sylvia had to burn incense with the main actors and the director. When she took the incense from the staff and walked forward, she heard a familiar voice.

"Director Brandon, nice to meet you. If there's anything wrong with my performance in the future, please give me your advice."

Following the voice, Sylvia saw a familiar face. It was Emily. Emily was standing next to Director Brandon with a big smile on her face.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation and wish you a big success. Don't forget me when you get famous. Don't refuse to do my play in the future." Brandon said with a smile. 'For an actress like her who could invest in the play and is qualified to join the crew, of course I have to get along well with her. Maybe I would need her in the future.'

Lowering her head, Emily smiled shyly, "I'm just a newcomer. The chances of fame are slim. How can I refuse Director Brandon? You should give me more chances to practice in the future. Only when I have more productions can I become a real capable actress."

"It's good that you have such an idea. You should keep it. After all, it's easy to make people complacent in this circle." Brandon patted on Emily's shoulder, "Let's go to burn incense."


Emily nodded and looked up at Sylvia. She smiled more triumphantly. She walked up to Sylvia with a smile, "Sylvia, you're here."

"You know each other?" Brandon asked curiously.

Emily immediately held Sylvia's arm intimately, "Director Brandon, she is my own dear sister."

"Sister? I didn't expect that you two would be able to cooperate with each other in a play, one being a scriptwriter and the other being an actress. It's so convenient. It's hard for you not to be popular." Brandon smiled at Emily.

"Oh, I'm flattered, Director Brandon. My sister and I are both new hands, and we still need to toughen ourselves." Emily said with a smile.

"Okay, the opening ceremony is about to begin. Go and burn incense." Brandon led the way.

Sylvia pushed Emily's hands away and looked at Emily coldly. "Why are you here?"

"I'm the heroine of this play. If I'm not here, where am I?" Emily reached out and smoothed her hair behind her ears, looking complacent.

It was not until now that Sylvia realized what had happened. She took a deep breath. She had never expected that Emily would act the heroine of her first script.

"Ha-ha, my script is ruined."

Hearing that, the expression on Emily's face froze. "What do you mean?"

Sylvia rolled her eyes at Emily, shook her head and gave Emily a disdainful look. Then she turned around and left.

Behind her, Emily was furious.

After the opening ceremony, Emily went to see Brandon alone. She came to Brandon with the script and said in a coquettish voice, "Director Brandon, didn't we agree to reduce the scenes of the supporting actress before? Why is the script still the same as before?"

And today, Emily also saw the supporting actress. Recently, the supporting actress just had an ancient TV play on show, and it was a little popular. Now Emily saw with her own eyes that the supporting actress was very beautiful, which made Emily feel a little threatened.

Brandon looked at the script in his hand and smiled, "You should be easier to revise the script than me. Is

n't the scriptwriter your sister?"

Emily was embarrassed and touched her hair. "My sister is a little stubborn. She thinks that every role is her favourite, so she won't care about my feelings. It seems that the script is more important than me. Alas."

"In fact, a person like your sister who is good at composing is indeed like this. You can't blame her. But you two should have a good chat. It shouldn't be a big problem for you to revise the script, right?" Then Brandon closed the script, "Well, I'm going to check on props. You can recite the lines carefully. I look forward to your performance later."

"Director Brandon, I..." Emily still wanted to say something, but Brandon had left. Her eyes were as dark as ink, and she stood there, biting her lips.

After the opening ceremony, Sylvia had nothing to do. The scenes for these days were arranged in the company, and the contract said that as a scriptwriter, she had to follow the whole process. Although there was nothing important, she still stayed in the crew. She felt a little bored and strolled around the CS Group, wanting to see the offices where the shot would be taken.

She took the elevator to the eleventh floor. The offices were very quiet. In order to prepare for the shooting of the TV series, all the people who had been working here had changed their offices.

Looking at the furnishings in the offices, which were almost the same as what she had written in the script, Sylvia was relieved.

"By the way, there is also my leading man's office." All of a sudden, something occurred to Sylvia and she walked to the left. The leading man in the script was the general manager of the company, and his office was right over there, so Sylvia went over there.

The door was closed. She thought no one was there, so she pushed the door open.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the door was pushed open, she made eye contact with David sitting in the office.

"You..." Sylvia was stunned.

David frowned, "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry. I thought there was no one else here, so..." Sylvia was a little embarrassed, and then quickly explained, "Well, the leading man's office in the script is right over here, so I came to have a look. But I didn't expect you to be here."

"The one on the right." David said coldly.

"Oh, I see." Sylvia pressed her lips and nodded, "Then I won't disturb you anymore."

Sylvia quietly left the office and was about to close the door. She gently covered her chest with her hand. 'I was really embarrassed just now. I didn't realize David's office was here.'

"Sylvia." David's voice came from behind.

"What?" Sylvia stopped and turned to look at him.

"Are you not going to give me back my handkerchief?" David asked.

Sylvia was stunned for a moment, but she quickly came to her senses. "The handkerchief is in my house. How about I bring it here tomorrow?"

"I'm going on a business trip tomorrow. Are you busy right now?" David looked at her with deep dark eyes.

Sylvia shook her head.

So David walked straight to the elevator and looked at her, "What are you waiting for? Go to your house to get my handkerchief."

"Now?" Sylvia asked curiously.

"Yes, you have nothing to do right now. Come on." The elevator door opened. David walked in first and reached out his hand to the elevator door.

Sylvia didn't respond. She walked into the elevator in a daze and left in his car with David.

Not long after the two of them left the company, the news reached Emily.

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