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   Chapter 6 What If She Is Sick

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Sitting in the taxi, Sylvia couldn't help crying.

The phone in the pocket was ringing. It was from Diana.

"How'd it go? Did you go to see David?" Diana asked with concern.

"Yes..." Sylvia replied in a choked voice.

"Are you okay? Why are you crying? Did David bully you?"

Sylvia raised her hand and wiped her tears. "I can't explain it clearly in a few words. Anyway, I hate David so much!"

"Don't be angry, Sylvia. Where are you? How about I ask for leave to accompany you?"

"No, thanks. I'm going home by car now. Let's talk about it after you get off work." Sylvia took a deep breath and calmed down a little.

"Okay, let's go to the bar and drink together tonight to vent our emotions." Suggested Diana.

"Okay, it's my treat." Sylvia nodded with a smile on her face. "You used to treat me. Now that I have money, it's my turn to treat you."

"We don't have to care about that. When your family wasn't bankrupt, you invited me many times. Well, I have to hang up now. I'll contact you later. Remember to put on a beautiful makeup!"

"No problem. See you tonight."

After chatting for a while, Sylvia felt much better and put her phone back in her bag.

In the office of CS Group.

After the meeting in the afternoon, David sat in his chair and looked down at his WeChat. When he saw the link of Sylvia's blackmail being reposted in his WeChat Moments, he was depressed and rubbed his eyebrows. Then he pressed the phone next to him.

"Andrew, come in."

After a while, David heard a knock on the door. Andrew pushed the door open, "Why do you look so sad?"

"Look at your phone. I sent you a link." David said, tapping the table from time to time with his index and middle fingers, waiting for Andrew to finish reading the content.

"What's going on?" Andrew looked at David curiously, "Sylvia did this? Does she want to blackmail you again?"

"I don't know. Go and check it. Tell me if you have any news." David was depressed. He closed his eyes and leaned against the chair.

Now his mind was in a mess. He did suspect that it was Sylvia who did it, but when he and Sylvia met in the morning, it didn't seem to be her. If it weren't for her, who would it be?

"Okay, it's easy." Andrew nodded and turned around to leave David's office. When he just walked to the door, he suddenly remembered something. He stopped and looked at David, "How about having a few drinks tonight? My sister has come back. She seems to be in a bad mood and keeps asking me to buy her a drink."

"Jessica is back? It's my treat. Book a table." David opened his eyes and looked at Andrew.

"Thank you, boss. I'll book it now." After making an OK sign, Andrew left David's office.

At night.

Sylvia and Diana dressed up carefully and met at the door of the bar. As soon as they met, Diana whispered to Sylvia mysteriously, "I asked a young man to book today's booth. He might bring his friend here later, but he said it was his treat. Let's just drink it."

"A young man? Are you familiar with him? I've never heard you mention him." Sylvia was a little uneasy.

"I've only met him two times, but I have to meet him a few more times before I can get familiar with him. It seems that he has a crush on me. Just give him a chance, ha-ha." Diana's face turned red as she spoke.

Sylvia smiled, "So you have a plan. But it's good since someone wants to pay the bill. I'll treat you to dinner ano

ther day."

"Okay, ha ha." Smiling, Diana held Sylvia's arm and walked into the bar.

Jacob Liu, the young man, was already in the bar. He wore glasses and looked gentle. After introducing himself to each other, he took his seat. Naturally, Diana went to sit next to Jacob Liu, leaving Sylvia, the third wheel, sitting awkwardly in the corner. Sylvia silently took a sip of the wine.

After a short while, Jacob Liu's friend came. The man was a little fat and also wore glasses. He walked over and looked directly at Sylvia. After looking her up and down, he smiled and sat next to her and approached her ear.

"Hello, I'm Jacob's friend. He always calls me Myron. You can also call me that. What's your name?"

"Sylvia Su." Sylvia replied politely and silently moved her body to the side.

"It's a familiar name. Can you drink?" Myron asked, who was almost leaning against Sylvia.

Because of the noise in the bar, the words could only be heard clearly when someone was close to her ear. But Sylvia was not used to the sudden approach of a stranger.

As she moved aside, Myron approached her and tried to put his arm around her shoulder, which startled her. Sylvia quickly stood up, "I'm going to the bathroom."

After leaving the booth, she went to the bathroom gloomily and sent a message to Diana.

Sylvia: Diana, how about I book a seat alone? I'm really not used to drinking with strangers, and Myron has been leaning against me.

Diana: I've told Jacob. He just scolded Myron. Don't worry. Myron won't do anything stupid. Where are you?

Sylvia: Bathroom.

Diana: Well, you can come back first. If he keeps leaning on you again, I will ask Jacob to let him go.

Sylvia: Well, I'm here.

After taking a deep breath, Sylvia returned to her seat. At this time, Myron cast a cold glance at her and drank the whole glass of wine alone.

After Sylvia sat down, Myron handed her a glass of wine. "It was my fault just now. Don't blame me. Have a drink and make friends with me."

"That's what Myron is like. Don't be angry, Sylvia. Come on, let's have a drink together." Jacob Liu said, and Diana also gave a glance at Sylvia.

Of course, Sylvia didn't say anything. She took over the glass and drank with them.

After Sylvia drank this glass of wine, Myron always found various excuses to drink with her. He said that he apologized for his rudeness just now, and then he said that he felt that it was fate, so they should have a drink. Besides, they also tried the new wine. After drinking this mixed wine, Sylvia was a little drunk. At this time, Myron and Jacob Liu went to the bathroom. Leaning against the sofa, Diana also seemed to be drunk too much.

"Are you okay, Diana?" Sylvia stepped forward.

Diana rubbed her forehead, "I'm not good. When they come back, ask them to send us back. I can't drink anymore."

"Okay, I'll go to the bathroom first." Sylvia nodded her head. Compared with Diana's capacity for liquor, Sylvia was a little better. She was still sober, but she felt that her body was a little light.

The washbasin in this bar was universal. When she walked there, Sylvia saw Jacob Liu and Myron smoking there. When she was thinking about whether to say hello, she heard two people mentioning her name.

"I don't dare to touch Sylvia. She is said to have slept with many men. What if she is sick? How about we sleep with your girl together tonight?" Said Myron.

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