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   Chapter 4 Confidential Agreement

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In fact, after taking a shower, Sylvia saw the friend request. At first, she was a little hesitant whether to accept David's friend request. After she thought about it, she felt sleepy and fell asleep directly.

After hearing what Sylvia had said to Andrew Meng, David was depressed. After sending the WeChat friend request, he lit a cigarette silently and stared at the WeChat message while smoking.

Half an hour passed, Sylvia still didn't accept his friend request.

Depressed, he called Andrew Meng to drink together.

On the second morning, Sylvia received a call. She had to go to the company about the script. After breakfast, she hurried to CS Group.

Sylvia chatted with relevant staff in the office for the whole morning. The meeting didn't end until the first act of the script was finished. It was time for lunch, so she went to the canteen of the company to have the lunch together with Diana.

"I heard from a colleague of Publicity Department that the script contest was supposed to be a good one. They're going to make the script popular first and then the actors. But for some unknown reason, it seems that they are going to deal with it in a low-key way." Diana said with a sigh, "If they follow the original plan and make your script popular, you will be a well-known scriptwriter in the future. You don't need to worry about your life."

Sylvia couldn't help smiling. "Is it because of me? After all, David thinks that my reputation is bad, and he might be afraid it will be troublesome to promote the script. So he just wants to deal with it in a low-key way?"

With her eyes wide open, Diana said, "I think it's possible."

"I don't care whether it's popular or not. Getting the signing bonus is good enough for me." Sylvia took out her phone, "Let's stop talking about that. Help me analyze it first. Do you think I should accept his friend request?"

Sylvia clicked on David's friend request and showed it to Diana. After all, she had been thinking about it since last night. She wanted Diana to help her.

"Of course. What are you hesitating about? Look at what he is going to say. It's a chance for you. If you can seize this opportunity, you will be rich. Then Su family is nothing to you." Diana said emotionally.

Sylvia frowned and still hesitated.

"You just need to accept his friend request. Why are you so hesitant?" Diana said as she took Sylvia's phone and confirmed it for Sylvia.

"Well, there is no room for regret, ha ha!"

Seeing that Diana had already accepted David's friend request, Sylvia pressed her lips. "I'm just thinking too much, so I'm more conflicted."

"Of course I know. In the past, you were not like this. You were set up by Emily, so you became cautious. People who don't know you will listen to the rumors. I know the truth, so I feel sorry for you. I also want you to find a backer and don't be bullied by Emily and her mother again. Alas!" Diana sighed.

Sylvia nodded, "I know you are doing this for my own good."

When she was talking, Sylvia's phone rang. It was from Andrew Meng.

"Miss Sylvia, are you free?" Andrew Meng asked.

"Let's meet and talk. I'm in the canteen of your company." Said Sylvia.

"Canteen? Okay, give me ten minutes. I'll be right there." Then Andrew Meng left home and headed for the company.

Diana, who was listening with her neck stretched out, asked with a gleam in her eyes, "Who is it?"

"Andrew, he said he wanted to meet and talk. Let me

see how he is going to talk. Would you like to hear it with me?" Asked Sylvia.

"Is that okay?" Diana asked expectantly.

"Of course. Now you are my adviser. Anyway, I will tell you what we are talking about. It's a good chance to stay with me to hear what he wants to say during your lunch break." Sylvia said seriously.

Diana kept nodding, "Okay."

After a while, Andrew Meng came to the company. Then Sylvia and Diana came to his office. As soon as they entered, Andrew Meng took out a contract. According to the terms of the contract, it was actually a confidential agreement. It was roughly that the matter that Sylvia was almost hit by David's car that day was not allowed to be spread out, and then David would gave Sylvia compensation.

When Sylvia and Diana were reading the agreement, Andrew Meng printed out another copy and put it in front of Diana.

"What do you mean?" Diana looked at Andrew Meng in bewilderment.

"Now that you have known about it, it's necessary for you to sign it too. It's good for both of us." Andrew Meng said seriously.

Pressing her lips, Diana looked at Andrew Meng gloomily. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Then she looked at Sylvia, "Sign it?"

Millions of hush money really tempted Sylvia. She looked up at Andrew Meng, "Now besides the three of us, the driver and David also know about it. Even if Diana and I sign the agreement and don't tell anyone, it doesn't mean that others won't say it. Moreover, maybe someone else saw it at the intersection."

"Don't worry. The driver signed various agreements when he entered the company. He wouldn't dare to say anything. As for Mr. David, it's more unnecessary. As for the incident that day, according to the surveillance nearby, no one was lingering there." Andrew Meng handed her a pen. "But Miss Sylvia, I need to know if you told anyone else about this."

His questioning tone made Sylvia very uncomfortable.

"Don't worry. I'm the only friend of Sylvia now." Said Diana.

"That's good. Sign the agreement. I'll transfer the money to you later." Said Andrew Meng.

Seeing that Sylvia was still hesitating, he coughed softly. "I'm going to make a cup of coffee. You two can discuss it."

The moment Andrew Meng turned around, Diana whispered in Sylvia's ear, "Sign it. There won't be another chance. You'll need a lot of money in the future."

"I feel like I'm blackmailing him." Sylvia took a deep breath and felt a little sorry. Although she was almost hit that day and blocked her way to chase the thief, there were so many cars at that time. Even if she was not blocked by David's car, she might be blocked by other cars. In fact, she was not injured that day.

"You can't think so. You are also a victim. If you don't sign it, who knows what they will do to you? I think it's a good deal to sign it." Diana persuaded.

"Okay." Sylvia took up the pen and wrote down her name.

After signing the agreement, Diana went back to work. On her way out of CS Group, Sylvia received the message of transfer. One million dollars was transferred into her account.

Sylvia thought it over carefully. Although she had lost a small sum of money, she got more money now. So it was really a good deal.

On the second day, she received a call from Diana early in the morning.

"You'd better get up now. Something is wrong. Open the WeChat and have a look. I've sent you the link. Someone said that you blackmailed people!"

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