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   Chapter 3 Compensation

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"How long are you going to sleep?"

Sylvia opened her eyes with a start at the voice. It was already dark outside. The car was parked before a villa and David, sitting beside her, was staring at her with undivided attention.

"Where am I?" Sylvia asked groggily.

"This is my place," David answered.

Sylvia frowned. "Can you arrange a car for me? Or lend me some money so that I can take a taxi home?"

"What trick are you trying to play?" A trace of vigilance appeared in David's eyes.

Sylvia rolled her eyes. "I'm not playing any trick. Do you always think of me as a scheming person?"

"Was it just an accident that you came to my hotel room yesterday?" David sneered. "What do you want from me today? Just tell me."

"I don't want..." Sylvia was past the enthusiasm of explaining herself. How could this person be so arrogant? Perhaps, he always had come across people who wanted to get something from him. But he couldn't perceive that she would also be one of them. That was just wrong.

She took a deep breath and requested again, "Give me some money."

"How much?" The corner of David's mouth twitched and his face turned gloomy. Now he was completely convinced that she was also one of those who are just greedy for his money.

Sylvia raised her index finger. "That's all I need."

"One million? You're indeed greedy." David snorted before taking out a check from his pocket and signing it. He handed the check to her and said, "Here is five hundred thousand dollars. I'll give you the other half after you sign the confidential contract. Get out."

Sylvia was stunned. She rejected the check and muttered, "Your car didn't hit me. So, I don't want that much."

David fumbled for a moment, his gaze dropped on the check in his hand. His face darkened after a while. "You want ten million dollars? It seems that I have underestimated your greed for money."

Sylvia wanted to throw a tantrum at him, but she thought it was a waste of time. She reached out and took a hundred dollar bill from his wallet. "Thank you for this. I'm leaving now. Goodbye!"

David was flabbergasted for a few seconds. However, soon he came back to his senses and a rare smile escaped his lips. He looked at her receding figure with mirth and murmured, "I underestimated you."

Then he called his assistant and ordered, "Help me with one thing."

By that time, Sylvia had already taken a taxi. She asked the driver to drop her at the location where she had been robbed. The taxi took her exactly there before she began searching along the road where the robber had escaped. After searching for a while, unexpectedly she found a bag hidden inside the bush. Except for her mobile phone and cash, everything else was still there. Fortunately, she didn't with

draw all her money from the ATM, which was somewhat comforting.

She bought a new phone, inserted a new SIM card and called Diana on her way back. She told her everything what had happened today.

"Sylvia, don't you think you are destined to be with David? I mean, you keep bumping on him," Diana commented after listening to everything.

"Even if there is predestination, David is my bad predestination. In his eyes, I am nothing but a swindler who tries every means to get benefits from him." Sylvia sighed reminding about David mistreatment.

"But you can still demand something from him. After all, his car hit you. In my opinion, he is a good man."

"Trust me, there's nothing good in him. Last two days were my worst nightmare. The only good thing happened was my contract signature."

"Actually, I have a suggestion," Diana said. "You can utilize this opportunity to crack some business deal with David. Look, if you can take advantage of him, Emily won't be able to bully you again."

Hearing the name of Emily Jiang stung Sylvia's heart. She quickly changed the topic. "I don't want to take advantage of David. You can do it if you want." Her mind ran to the night when they had had sex. Her face flushed, and limbs turned limp.

"Let me analyze it for you. First of all, David has been single for many years, then you two slept together. So, whenever you'll appear in front of him, his mind will replay that night's events. So, think of it this way. If you go to him a few more times, he might..."

"Okay, stop! You are such a lascivious woman!" Sylvia's face was already red, and hastily hung up the phone.

She was blushing looking at the screen at remembering the night with David, which was when the phone rang again. An unknown number displayed on the screen.

She received the call. "Hello?"

"Am I talking to Miss Sylvia Su?" A gentleman's voice came from the other end of the line.

"Yes speaking. Who are you?"

"I'm Mr. David Cheng's assistant. My name is Andrew Meng. I want to meet you and have a detailed conversation about the dispute between Mr. Cheng and you. Are you free tomorrow?"

Sylvia furrowed her brow in bewilderment. "Dispute? What dispute? Today's matter is over. Please tell him that if he really wants to compensate me, he can do that with himself. Thank you very much."

Sylvia hung up the phone without waiting for his response. She didn't know how a person could be this shameless! He had this audacity to think every single person on earth was after his money. Such an egoist!

Once she arrived at her apartment, she straight away went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

At this moment, her phone dinged. It was a notification from WeChat.

David sent her a friend request on WeChat.

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