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   Chapter 1 Negotiation

Dangerous Beauty: Intoxicated With Your Temptation By Shi Liu Characters: 6733

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After her shift ended at the DH Hotel, Sylvia Su took off the waitress's clothes and changed into her own cloths. She was actually pissed, and that was visible from her pursed lips and scowling face.

"I'll make it clear with David Cheng today. Why was I eliminated? They even blamed me for a bad reputation! What have I done?"

She let out a frustrated sigh. She indeed had a bad reputation, but that was because she was framed. She would deal with the people who set her up later. Now she had to confront David Cheng.

"Humph!" Sylvia Su snorted.

She was zipping up her dress. But halfway up, the zipper got stuck. She took a deep breath and pulled it up again, but the zipper did not move at all.

"Damn it!" Sweat broke out on her forehead. She realized just now that she might have gained weight. Her breasts were a size bigger than before. This was so unfortunate. She was cursing while trying to zip up when she heard the sound of card swiping at the door.

Her eyes went wide as she panicked and hastily pulled the zipper. Due to the excessive pressure she applied, the zipper broke and fell to the floor.

"Who are you?" David Cheng entered the room and found a strange woman. A frown crossed his face. She was holding an open-chested dress from waist up, revealing her slender waist and plump breasts. His eyes went up on her reddened face. In the beginning he thought it was some scam. Then he remembered who the woman was.

What was she doing?

Sylvia Su was at a loss of words. She held the dress tightly and bit her lip. This was not how she had planned to meet him. This was beyond embarrassing.

"Hello, Mr. Cheng. I've heard a lot about you. My name is Sylvia Su." She braced herself before walking forward and reached out to greet him.

He looked at her in disbelief. "Miss Su, I've also heard a lot about you. There's no need to shake hands with you. I don't want to get my hand dirty."

His harsh words stabbed her right through her chest. She gently withdrew her hand. The smile on her face faded. "I'm dirty? Do you even know the truth? You've heard nothing but rumors, and you're judging me. How could you do that?"

"Truth?" David Cheng sneered and looked at her fair waist. "Is it a lie that you appeared in my room not properly dressed? Don't say you've entered the wrong room."

Sylvia Su frowned and clutched her dress hard. "The reason why I've come to your room is about the script competition. I want to talk to you."

David Cheng looked at her coldly. "You want to talk to me with your body?"

She froze. Her lips turned pale and fists turned into rigid balls.

Till now she had been holding back her anger, but now it was going out of her hands. She exhaled and loosened her grip on her dress. It fell down on the floor. She stepped out of it and strode towards him with confident steps. She looked straight into his eyes and said, "Now that you have brought up the matter, let me tell you. I haven't touched a man in my whole life. If you want me to prove it to you, I am here to sleep with you. I want you to know what the truth is."

Then with a swift motion, she flung herself on him and crashed her lips on his. He was stunned at her bold moves. His mouth fell slightly open and she took the opportunity to enter her tongue in his mouth.

Everything after that happened in a blur. He inten

ded to push her away, but once her bare skin made contact with his hand, he realized her vulnerability. Her body was shaking violently. She was in such a vulnerable and wanton state that he could no longer resist himself. Fire ignited in him as he pulled her closer into him.

After their session, she lay on the bed exhausted. Biting her lower lip, she glanced at the man walking out of the bathroom. Her mind was blank now. Things went haywire after she got angry. She lost her virginity to this man.

David Cheng put on his clothes and looked at her. "You said you wanted me to know the difference between what others say and the truth. What did you mean by that?"

Pursing her lips, Sylvia Su peeked inside the quilt, but there was no blood on the white sheet. Her heart skipped a beat. She pulled away the quilt and checked for it several times, but there was nothing. She froze with a face as white as dead.

"Huh!" David Cheng sneered and touched the bed sheet gently. "What do you want to show me?"

"How could this be?" Her mind went blank and her heart was throbbing with a dull pain in her chest. She wanted to prove it to David Cheng that she was not a slut and she was still a virgin. But now she had nothing to say. Her face looked like someone had slapped her hard, and it hurt.

"Nothing. You are really good at it. Maybe we can do this again in the future." After saying so, she raised her head high and left the room.

His eyes followed her until she left the room. Then his eyes caught the quilt that had fallen on the floor. He reached for it and picked it up. There were blood stains on this quilt.

After leaving the room, Sylvia Su felt depressed. She didn't know what went wrong, but she lost the most precious thing for a woman. She didn't know who to talk to about this.

While she was being upset and thinking about her next move, her phone rang. She received the call and found that it was from her best friend, Diana Chu.

Sylvia Su took a deep breath before answering the phone. "Hello."

"How's it going? Did you see him? Have you talked?"

Sylvia Su frowned at her queries. "Well...I want to ask you something." She bit her lips before asking seriously, "Did you bleed at the first time you slept with someone?"

Diana screamed at the other end. "What? Why are you asking about this? Did you..."

"Answer me first. I'm just a little curious." Sylvia interrupted Diana Chu and asked impatiently.

Diana Chu answered in a low voice, "Yes, I did."

Sylvia Su frowned deeper. "What if there's no blood?"

"It's normal, of course. Sometimes if a girl is into fierce sports, such as riding a bicycle, is likely to break the hymen. But those dreadful men won't think so. They won't think it's your first time if you don't bleed. Speaking of this, this makes me so angry. Why do girls have to bleed? But nothing happens to the men. It's unfair!"

After the phone call, Sylvia Su felt even more depressed. She just wanted to go back home and have a good cry.

Just then, her phone vibrated again. She pressed the answer key and answered politely, "Hello?"

"Is this Miss Sylvia Su?"

"Yes, speaking."

"Congratulations on your script winning the first place in the Cheng Group's Million-Dollar Script Competition. I was wondering when you can come to the company to sign the contract."


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