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Five years later.

Nina came back to this city again. In the past two thousand days, she saw her brother, Mack, get better and better, and see Lola grow up.

Lola was her daughter.

"Nina, I've told you not to do anything by yourself. I can help you. " Gavin suddenly appeared downstairs of Nina's new house.

As soon as she came back, she was moving. Originally, Nina wanted to tidy up her things by herself, but when she took a taxi with many bags, she met Gavin.

"Thank you so much, Gavin."

"You are a friend of my sister, and I also value you as my sister." Gavin didn't know why he always felt a little awkward when he said the word "sister". Perhaps he knew that he had fallen in love with Nina.

Not knowing how to refuse, Gavin still helped Nina move.

"What's your plan?" Gavin asked after cleaning up Nina's new house.

"I... I want to see if any band wants me." Nina was very grateful that her father insisted that she must learn piano. The piano at home was left by her mother, which was the only trace left by her mother.

Later, when his father was seriously ill, Nina said that she wanted to sell the piano, but his father was unwilling to sell it. His father said that he hoped that Nina could keep playing the piano, which was his last wish.

Now, Nina went to America to study and chose piano.

Gavin suddenly held Nina tightly again, which made her a little out of breath.

"Nina, can you be my girlfriend?"

Nina was stunned. Of course she was not stupid. She had felt Gavin's care for her for the past five years, and he had even flown to the United States more than once to look for her. She respected and admired Gavin, but she didn't love him, not to mention that she had given birth to the children.

"Mom, where is dad?" Lola asked Nina more than once.

Nina couldn't answer. She wanted to give Lola a complete family, but she didn't want to drag others down.

"But...but Lola will drag you down. "

"I'm not afraid. I want to be Lola's father."

Gavin didn't mind Nina's past. To him, Nina was innocent. All she had done was for her brother. Since he loved her, he had to love her past.

"Nina, if you refuse me, I will be very sad." Gavin said with unspeakable sadness in his tone.

"I, I promise you." Nina nodded, and Gavin held her tighter.

However, Nina's heart was hanging there.

"Is the band interview so strict now? Why do you dress so well? " Nina looked at herself in front of the mirror and frowned. She had never dressed like this before and felt that she looked very strange.

"Nina, you are so beautiful! If you don't believe me, you can ask my brother. " Nancy praised Nina. Nina was a beauty, but she didn't like dress up in the past. Now she was dressed up slightly, who was really beautiful.

Gavin nodded, hugged her and kissed Nina on

the forehead.

"Come on!" Gavin said

Nina blushed and nodded.

"Oh, my God! How shameless you are! How dare you show off your love?" Since Mack recovered, he had become more lively than before.

"Oh, by the way, Nancy, you haven't told me about the band yet!"

"This band is sponsored by the Ji Company. It mainly focuses on the craftsmanship, but since the chosen musicians are all industry masters, known as the most famous domestic troupe, and they seldom performed, only in the large-scale foreign affairs and banquets, they will perform. Many of the performances are small, and it's difficult to get one tickets."

"Really? Can I pass an interview? " Nina was a little worried. Although she graduated from the first place in the department, she was still a newcomer, and it was difficult to compete with a master.

"I believe you can do it!"

As Nancy spoke, Mack and Gavin also looked at Nina with support.

The interview was held in the largest music hall in the city center, and its magnificent decoration was beyond Nina's expectation.

In the hall, the young master of the Ji family, Jarvis, had an interview for a pianist today. It was said that he would hold a big concert for Jarrod's eighty year old birthday.

There were a group of top musicians in the industry sitting in the hall, and Jarvis was in the middle.

They had interviewed several pianists, but none of them was suitable.

The assistant handed this interviewee's information to the interviewers, and Jarvis's eyes fell on it. 'Nina, was that her?'

"Didn't I say that I don't want an inexperienced interviewer? How did you choose in the first round? How could you let her interview without two years of experience in an international band here? " A judge drew out Nina's resume and said to his assistant.

"Then I won't let her in for the interview. I'm sorry..." The assistant said with an apologetic smile.

"No, let her in." Jarvis's voice broke the ice. It was the first time he had spoken during the interview this morning.

The assistant called Nina in. Jarvis's eyes were fixed on the woman. She was Nina.

When she gave birth to the baby, she was only 20 years old, and now she was 25 years old. She was no longer childish, and her appearance was even more charming.

Looking at the woman's red lips, Jarvis recalled the night five years ago when she had sex with him. But now she was sitting not far away from him and playing the piano.

Nina also noticed a blazing gaze from the man, which was so blazing that she couldn't dodge. However, Nina had finished playing a complete song, it could even be said that she had a perfect performance, which shocked all the judges present.

After she finished performing, it was time for the interview. At that moment, Jarvis asked.

"Miss Nina, are you married?"

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