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   Chapter 4 Steal A Baby

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When Jarvis was a child, he grew up in the countryside. At that time, he didn't know his real identity. He only knew that since he could remember, his mother had accompanied him and his father had disappeared.

It was not until high school that the Ji family sent people to find him that he knew his real identity.

When his father was young, he fell in love with the daughter of the housekeeper. After knowing that, Jarrod strongly opposed. His mother secretly left after knowing that she was pregnant and went back to the countryside to raise him alone.

And his father was arranged by Jarrod to marry Abbe, who was from a family of high social status. A few years later, Abbe also gave birth to a son, Blaine.

Originally, the heir of the Ji family had been decided, but when his father was dying, he told Jarrod that he had another son, Jarvis. Jarrod didn't like Blaine who was useless, so he took Jarvis back and trained him as the heir.

Jarrod sent Jarvis to England for further education. After he came back, his mother had been sick for a year. He had doubts in his heart, but because his low status in the Ji Company, he could only feel a dull pain in his heart.

But now he had only one goal, that was to take the Ji Company back to him and find out the cause of his mother's death.

"Everyone knows the development of the Ji Company in the past two years. I thought the Ji Company would be defeated before I closed my eyes. I didn't expect it to develop so well under the leadership of Jarvis in the past two years."

Jarrod said this to Abbe and Blaine.

Abbe was angry, but she didn't dare to say anything. She knew that Charlie's status in the Ji family was becoming more and more stable. It was said that he had a child now. If she didn't deal with him, she and her son would not be able to stay in the Ji family anymore.

At this time, Jarvis had arrived at the gate of the Ji family's mansion. When he was about to enter, Lea called him.

"What did you say? Send someone to find it for me now! You must find it for me! "

Then he hung up the phone heavily, but the steward of the Ji family had already opened the door.

"You're finally back, Jarvis." Jarrod was overjoyed to see his promising grandson. "How is the baby?"

Jarrod had already known that today was the day of childbirth, so he had been waiting for a long time.

"The baby has been born and is very healthy." Jarvis said.

"Oh! Is that a boy or a girl? " Jarrod asked happily. His family would have a new baby, and he became a great grandfather. How could he not be happy?

Jarvis fell silent.

"It's okay, it's okay. It's okay for a girl." Seeing Jarvis's silence, Abbe was overjoyed. What was the use of a girl? She couldn't be the heir of the Ji family.

Jarrod looked at Jarvis and asked, "why don't you say anything? A boy or a girl?"

"A boy." Jarvis said.

"Okay! Come and sit down, Jarvis. "Jarrod grinned from ear to ear. He asked the housekeeper to pull Jarvis to sit next to him. Abbe and Blaine were


Just now, Jarvis learned from the phone that the girl had been stolen by Nina! He was trying his best to find out the truth, but he had to hide it from Jarrod.

If Jarrod knew that someone had stolen the child of the Ji family, he would do anything to bring the child back.

Just like when he took Jarvis away.

Jarvis didn't want Nina to suffer that.

"Our Ji family has a successor!" The smile on Jarrod's face was bright, but on the other side of the table, Abbe and Blaine were not happy.

With a smile on her face, Abbe said, "Blaine will have a baby soon!"

"Mom, it's still early. I'm not old enough." As soon as Blaine finished his words, Abbe glared at him.

Before Nina got on the plane, Nancy and Gavin came to the airport to see her off. There were many people coming and going in the airport, and Mack had been sent to the United States for treatment. So this time, Nina took the child and left alone.

"I don't know when I will see you next time. Can you not go?" Nancy was not happy. After all, Nancy would not see her only best friend for a long time.

"I'm going to America to take care of Mack. The second stage of treatment is about to begin. I used to trouble you to take care of him. Now I have to rely on myself." Nina said, not noticing that Nancy's face turned red.

"What are you talking about! Mack is your brother... "

"Nina, you should care of yourself even if you are alone. You have worked hard enough. You have a child..."

Nancy touched the little girl's face, who was sleeping.

Nancy knew all things. But it was not Gavin who told her about it, but Nina who took the initiative to tell them. Nina had thought that Nancy and Gavin would look down upon her very much, but she did not expect that the two of them would take good care of her and even give her advice.

"Remember to take good care of yourself when you arrive there. If you need anything, you can call us. " Gavin said.

Nina nodded. At this time, she heard the broadcast in the airport hall urging her to board as soon as possible. She picked up her bag and walked to the boarding gate. Before boarding, she saw the major news of the city on the airport TV.

"Recently, it is reported that the inheritance of a large domestic group is dubious. The bastard took his child back to the Ji family to compete for the family property. It is suspected to be the Ji Company, but the person in charge hasn't made a statement yet."


There was no basis for this news. Nina had some doubts, but she didn't know how to investigate.

But when she heard the word "child", Nina felt pain all over her body. She remembered that her mother had left her father and brother when she was a child, leaving behind a broken family, and now she had become such a person.

Gavin reminded her again that she had to take the plane. Nina stopped thinking, waved goodbye to Nancy and Gavin, and boarded the plane.

She looked at the land below the clouds and wondered when she would see it next time.

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