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   Chapter 3 Baby

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Before the doctor pushed Nina into the operating room, Lea arrived.

"Lea...It hurts... "Nina cried out, and the pain almost tore her apart.

"The patient has been pregnant for ten months. She may need a C-section now." The doctor informed.

Nina felt that some bones and flesh were peeling away from her body, and tears streamed down her face.

"Lea, he... Will he come? " Nina felt a sharp pain in her heart and wondered whether that man would come or not.

Lea pushed surgical vehicle and said, "take good care of yourself first. Let's talk about it later. Trust me, everything will be fine." Lea didn't answer her directly, because she knew that her master wouldn't come in person for this.

She saw Nina crying.

When the light was on, Lea received a call from Jarvis.

"How could she have given birth prematurely?" Jarvis said in a serious tone on the phone.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jarvis. I didn't keep an eye on Miss Nina. She went downstairs by accident..." Lea could feel Jarvis's anger through the phone.

"How is she now?" Jarvis interrupted Lea.

"She is having an operation."

"Report to me if anything happens."

"Yes, sir."

In Lea's eyes, Mr. Jarvis had always been a man who didn't show his emotions. But after thinking for a while, she thought that this child would determine whether he would win back this time, so it was normal for him to be so nervous.

After hanging up the phone, Jarvis still frowned. What was he worried about? It must be the baby in Nina's belly! Because it was an important step to decide to go back to the Ji family!

But even though he told himself that, Jarvis's heart still ached.

When Nina woke up again, her protruding belly had been flat. When she saw Lea, her eyes darkened.

"Baby... Is the baby okay? " Nina said.

"The baby is fine."

"Is it a boy or a girl?" There was joy in her words.

Lea kept silent.

Nina was eager to know what her 9-month child looked like even though the agreement had made that she couldn't get any information about the baby.

She couldn't take glance at her baby, but could she know that the baby was male or female?

"Sorry, you don't know."

Tears streamed down Nina's face. She began to regret why she had made such a deal. Wasn't life a surprise to her? That feeling was wonderful.

She felt that she was becoming a mature woman.

Lea couldn't tell her, because if she told Nina, Nina would be more reluctant to leave. Lea sympathized with Nina in her heart. She felt that this girl had a good character and was pleasing. Even if it was cruel to do so, she had to do so.

Otherwise, Nina would missed her baby for her whole life.

Perhaps it was because Nina was too tired after giving birth that Nina fell asleep soon.


left the ward and called Jarvis.

"Mr. Jarvis."

"How is she?" Jarvis blurted out. His first question was about her.

"The baby is fine, so is she."

"Oh, that's good. Please take good care of her. " Jarvis hung up the phone in a hurry. He was afraid that he would hear something else.

Now, the baby was born, and the Ji family, what you owed me finally needed to be paid back

Late at night.

Nina sneaked out of the ward. She wanted to know whether her child was male or female. After all, it was her flesh and blood that came out of her body!

When she was walking towards the baby room, she bumped into Gavin.

"Nina! Why did you come out of the ward? Gavin originally went to see Nina. He was a doctor in the hospital, but the information of Nina was concealed, and he had investigated it for a long time.

"I want toI want to see my baby. " Nina said, tears filling her eyes again.

Gavin's heart ached. Although Nina was his cousin's friend and Nina also treated Gavin as her brother, Gavin had fallen in love with her.

Gavin secretly took Nina to the baby's room, which was filled with large and small incubators with labels on them.

"There are only two babies today. I heard that they are twins of opposite sex." Gavin said.

Nina recognized her children at a glance through the glass. Looking at the two little babies, Nina finally burst into tears, as if she had telepathy.

The girl closed her eyes and slightly opened her mouth, with one hand grabbing something in the air; the boy seemed to have just woken up, and one hand slowly stretched out and grabbed the girl's hand.

"The boy is five minutes older than the girl. He is the elder brother." Gavin said.

They were her babies! It turned out to be a pigeon pair. Nina's heart was suddenly filled with great joy, which were her babies and they were there. Thinking of this, Nina burst into tears.

"Gavin, can you do me a favor?"

"What are you busy with?"

"Can you help me steal the child?"

In the Ji family's house.

Jarrod, Abbe and Blaine were sitting at the table, which was full of delicacies. Today was the day that Jarvis would go home for dinner, so chefs of Ji family had to prepare dinner carefully. After all, he was the most important person for Jarrod now.

Jarrod asked housekeeper, "why hasn't Jarvis come back yet? I'm waiting for him to tell me how my great grandson is. I won't have dinner if he doesn't tell me. "

Abbe and Blaine looked at each other.

Jarrod said this in front of Blaine and the whole family. On the one hand, he wanted to show his love for Jarvis, and on the other hand, he wanted to show Jarvis's legal status in the Ji family.

It seemed that no one remembered that Jarvis was an illegitimate child.

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