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   Chapter 2 Pregnant

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"The doctor said that it can increase the chance of pregnancy."

Jarvis whispered in Nina's ear when he got up from her.

Nina nodded slowly. She felt as if her body had been torn apart. The silk that covered her eyes was a little loosened, but the dim light in the room made her unable to see the man's face clearly.

She could only see the outline of his body, including his abdominal muscles and the V line abs, the prominent nose, soft lips not a feeling, but a touch. After all, the two people had so close contact, and she had tasted his kiss many times in the past two days.

All of a sudden, the man's figure approached her. Nina wanted to dodge subconsciously, but she was stopped by the man's hug.

"Don't worry. I won't eat you." As he spoke, a pair of warm hands passed through her hair and tightened her eyepatch.

As expected, Nina thought that she had to abide by the terms of the contract. She couldn't know who this man was.

The moment Jarvis held her in his arms, a warm feeling surged up in his heart. He lowered his head and saw her red lips, which were so seductive.

"What should I do? I want to have sex with you again." Jarvis whispered in Nina's ear. His breath tickled her ear.

The two of them began to have sex again. Nina's body seemed to be plundered away by the man. After the man left, she even had no strength to stand up to take a shower.

After many nights, Nina looked at the date on her phone, but her period did not come.

Her period was always accurate.

She asked Lea to buy the pregnancy test stick. As expected, there were two bars. She was both happy and disappointed.

During this period of time, she had sex with that man. For a moment, she almost forgot that he was her buyer and she was a commodity.

Hearing the congratulations from Lea, she knew that the deal was about to end.

At night, the man came to this room again, but she was still blindfolded.

When the man entered the room, he immediately kissed her and began to unbutton her shirt.

"I'm pregnant." Nina said.

Jarvis stopped. In the dim light, he saw the pregnancy test stick on the bedside table and two bright red marks.

"Well, Congratulations!" Jarvis said in a somewhat disappointed tone.

"Congratulations, too." Nina said.

Jarvis stood up and looked at Nina. He had an impulse to remove her blindfold, but he didn't.

"I will ask Lea to take good care of you. Thank you for your hard work in the past month." Jarvis said. "You can continue to live

here. I'll help you with the school matters."

Nina nodded.

Jarvis didn't know why he talked so much today. Usually he was a man of few words, but today he said too much words.

He was afraid that he would fall in love with her.

The woman in front of him looked so familiar, as if they had known each other before.

No, it was impossible. I only needed a child, because there was a bigger plan waiting for him to realize. He couldn't be dragged down by anyone!

Thinking of this, Jarvis thought it was time to leave.

"Take good care of yourself and the baby. If you need anything, tell Lea." Jarvis said.

"Will we meet again?" Nina didn't know why she asked such a silly question.

After a short pause, Jarvis answered, "No." Then he strode out of the room.

Yes, what was she thinking about? She didn't even know his name and appearance in the past month. Even if they really met again, how could she know who he was?

Nina comforted herself that it must be the hormone during pregnancy that made her woolgather!

Eight months later.

Nina had visited her brother outside his ward during pregnancy. Her brother still needed a ventilator, but his comatose situation improved now. She heard from the doctor that he recovered very well in the first stage.

Now she had been arranged to the labour room and taken care of. She secretly went upstairs to see her brother. The buyer didn't know about her brother, nor did he know that her brother was in this hospital. Nina didn't want to tell him.

In the sun, her brother was holding a book, The Little Prince, which she had given him.

She looked at her brother outside the ICU and then looked down at her belly.

Now that she was pregnant, Nina was quietly nourishing the fetus, as if she had been isolated from the world. Her best friend, Nancy, had told her several times that she wanted to look for her, but Nina refused again and again. She couldn't even let her brother know his whereabouts, she could only contact his brother by mobile phone.

"Nina, why are you here?" A voice came from the side. Nina looked up and found it was Gavin, the cousin of Nancy.

"Gavin, you..." Nina looked at Gavin in a white coat and felt a little flustered. "Could you please not tell Nancy and my brother about this? They don't know!"

Gavin frowned and asked, "what's going on?"

"I..." Nina didn't know how to explain it at all. She turned around and ran away. When she was about to go downstairs, she fell down accidentally

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