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   Chapter 5 The Responsibility of Olivia

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After saying that, Olivia left the ward, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Kaylee saw that William had left and something seemed to be wrong. The next second, she rushed into the ward. As expected, as soon as she entered the ward, she saw Miss Olivia sitting on the edge of the bed. Miss Olivia cried sadly. Seeing the sad look on Miss Olivia's face, Kaylee couldn't help asking, "Miss Olivia, why don't you tell William the truth? Tell William that it was Mr. Robert who asked you to take over the company and Mr. Robert asked you to shoulder the responsibility of the company. That's why you have to break up with him and marry Mr. Colin who has been on a blind date for less than three months. "

Wiping off her tears, Olivia stood up and looked at Kaylee. The pain couldn't last any longer, so she said firmly to Kaylee, "Kaylee, I know you care about me, but I hope you won't interfere in this matter. Six years have passed, and William and I have come to an end. All I can do now is to hold a wedding ceremony and fulfill my promise to my father, so that our hotel can continue to stand in the business world. "

Stand in the business world?

Kaylee sighed. She didn't believe that Miss Olivia could be so heartless for the family business, so she still wanted to persuade her at last, "Miss Olivia, I can see that William still has feelings for you. Besides, the GX Hotel is the business of the Family Sha, and you are just a woman. Sooner or later, your family business will be left to your husband. Since you have to give it, why don't you give it to the man you love? "

Olivia shook her head. Kaylee didn't know much about one thing. She looked at her father on the bed and said helplessly, "No! My father told me that someone would take over the company and I was just managing it temporarily. When it's time for him to show up, the company must given to him. "

Kaylee was confused. What did Miss Olivia mean? Is there some

one who is going to take over the company?

The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. Who was more qualified to take over the company than Miss Olivia?

Kaylee asked again, "Miss Olivia, who is he? Did Mr. Robert tell you? You are the only heir of Mr. Robert. Is there anyone else in the Family Sha that we don't know? "

Olivia shook her head. She didn't know either. Taking a deep breath, she cheered up and turned to Kaylee, "Kaylee, promise me. Support me and let me manage the company without any worries. "

Kaylee nodded. What else could she say since Miss Olivia was so stubborn?

It was seven o'clock in the evening when they arrived at the house of Family Sha. Olivia's fiance, who was today's groom, Colin Shen, hadn't shown up, not even making a call. Olivia was very clear about the relationship between her and Colin. They were just using each other's tools.

Under the street lamp in the garden, the swing was still waving. It must be because of the wind and rain not long ago, so the swing kept swinging.

All of a sudden, Olivia turned to Kaylee and said, "Kaylee, go upstairs and help me take out the chocolate in my room. It's my favorite taste of hazel."

"Miss Olivia, you haven't changed your wedding dress yet. Aren't you going back to your room to change your clothes?" Kaylee asked in confusion.

Olivia shook her head. She wanted to have a rest here and think about something.

Kaylee nodded and walked into the living room, heading to the second floor.

Seeing that Kaylee had gone upstairs, Olivia turned around and slowly walked along the stone road to the swing. There was a lot of rain on the swing board. Without hesitation, Olivia wiped the water stains with her white dress and sat on it.

She held the long rope that fixed the board with both hands, and her memory seemed to go back to the past. William always held the long rope carefully, fearing that she would fall.

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