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   Chapter 2 At the Psychiatric Hospital

Dearly Beloved: You're All My Life Needs By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3760

Updated: 2020-07-20 00:05

At the hospital, Olivia was sitting with her head down. Someone came and stood in front of her. Her eyes fell on the pair of leather shoes the person was wearing.

She frowned and looked up. The moment her eyes met William, she was taken aback to see him there.

His facial features were the same, hard and emotionless. Time did nothing to change them. However, in the past, when he was with her, he would never look at her with such cold eyes.

William noticed her panicking. It was evident from her expression that she had never forgotten about him.

William cleared his throat softly after sitting down beside her. "Long time no see. I thought we would never see each other in this life."

Olivia took a quick glance at him, then hurriedly looked away. She answered with a stutter, "Y-yes! We haven't seen each other for almost six years. How are you?"

His eyes fell on her in intertwined fingers as she fidgeted with them. She was nervous. She still cared about him. 'Should I thank her for still caring about me, the butler's son?' he wondered.

"I am good except that I have to work all day without a break," he replied in a deep voice.

Olivia's heart skipped a beat. He worked all day. That meant, in the past six years, he didn't have relationships with any woman or dated with anyone.

How did he spend the six years like that?

Seeing her go flabbergasted by his response, William asked with mockery in his tone, "Did you really think that after breaking up with you, I'd be over it that soon and date another woman?"

Olivia shook her head hastily. She never meant that. She had never seen him like a flirtatious type of man. She had only hoped that he could live a good life without her.

However, Olivia didn't show her true emotion and rudely replied, "Even if I think so, it's normal. You were an adult when you went abroad. 25 is the unre

strained and energetic age for young men. Besides, you are handsome. It's obvious that women must be throwing themselves at you to be your girlfriend."

Her words sounded envious. William couldn't stop himself from venting out anymore. He let out all his resentment against her for all these years. "If all women want to be my girlfriend, then why didn't you? Why did you break up with me? You practically disappeared from my life without a trace of connection. Do you even have an idea about how many phone calls I have made and how many e-mails I have sent you, Olivia? You never responded to me. Do you know how I felt every time I sat in front of the computer, looking at the empty mailbox and waiting for your response? Do you even understand how disappointed and empty I have felt when you left me alone?"

Listening to his complaints, Olivia couldn't anymore hold back. Tears welled up in her eyes. She made herself believe that she didn't have any tears left in her. But how wrong she was! She couldn't fall weak. She couldn't cry in front of him or anyone for that matter. She needed to be strong so could protect the Sha family.

She blinked back her tears and prevented herself from shedding tears. "We've broken up a long time ago. Your feelings have nothing to do with me now. How you feel and how disappointed you are has nothing to do with me!" she snapped, pretending to be heartless that he believed she was.

Indeed, his feelings had nothing to do with her. Today was her wedding day, so she must have moved on from him already.

But why was she in the hospital? If she was sitting here, then it must be her father Robert Sha who was ill. Realizing that Robert Sha was admitted to the psychiatric hospital, William's throat tightened. "Tell me, why are you at the hospital? Isn't today your wedding day? Aren't you eager to marry the man you like?"

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