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   Chapter 2 To the Psychiatric Hospital

Dearly Beloved: You're All My Life Needs By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3527

Updated: 2020-07-20 00:02

Just then, a pair of big feet in leather shoes came into her sight.

Olivia frowned and looked up at the master of the feet in confusion. The moment she saw William, her eyes showed surprise.

His face seemed to be carved with cold features. Time did not change his features. But he changed when he faced her. He wouldn't look at her so coldly in the past.

William saw her surprise and panic. It seemed that time did not make him fade away from her memory.

The next second, William lifted his trouser ends, sat down beside her and said, "Long time no see. I thought we would never see each other in this life."

Olivia's eyes followed him, and then she looked away in a hurry. She said in a panic, "Yes...... Yes! We haven't seen each other for six years. How are you doing? "

Noticing her hands and her intertwined fingers, William was so nervous. It turned out that she still cared about his own life. Should he thank her for caring about the son of the housekeeper?

William hid his thoughts and replied, "Very well, I work all day without a break."

Olivia's heart skipped a few seconds. What did he mean? In the past six years, William didn't have relationships with any other woman or dated. Did he just keep repeating his work in the working place?

Did he spend the six years abroad so boring?

Seeing the surprise in her eyes again, William asked with mockery, "Do you think that after you broke up with me, I should have left over right, and I should be romantic with other women and talk to each other under the starlight?"

Olivia shook her head. She had never thought of him like that. She just hoped that he could live a good life without her.

The next second, Olivia adjusted her mood and said ruthlessly, "Even if I thin

k so, it's normal. You were 25 years old when you went abroad. It was the most unrestrained and energetic age for men. Besides, you are not bad looking. It's normal that a woman to want to be your girlfriend. "

Hearing her words, William finally vented his resentment against her for all these years. William asked, "If all women want to be my girlfriend, how could you break up with me as my girlfriend back then? And it was so complete, without even a trace of connection. Olivia, do you remember how many phone calls I have made and how many e-mails I have sent you? You didn't respond to me. Do you know how I feel every time I sit in front of the computer and look at the empty mailbox? Can you understand how disappointed and empty I was when I didn't have your phone records anymore? "

All of a sudden, Olivia felt her eyes dry. She thought there would be no tears, but his words made her almost cry again. But she had no right to cry. She had to be strong, and only by doing so could she protect the Sha Family.

She took a deep breath and suppressed her bitter mood. Pretending to be heartless, she answered, "We broke up at that time. Your feelings have nothing to do with me. How you feel and how disappointed you are has nothing to do with me. "

Nothing? Indeed, it had nothing to do with her. Today was her wedding day, and she should have already forgotten him. What else could it have to do with her?

But why was she in the hospital? Apart from her, there was only his father Robert Sha in Sha Family. Realizing that Robert might be sent to the psychiatric hospital, William's throat suddenly tightened. "Tell me, why are you in the hospital? Shouldn't you hold your wedding ceremony today? Shouldn't you marry the man you like? "

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