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   Chapter 1 Returning Home

Dearly Beloved: You're All My Life Needs By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3569

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Olivia Sha, the name that had been hidden in his heart for six years, brought him back to life again after suffering for the past two thousand one hundred and ninety days. The slowly scabbing scar was torn again, just because today was her wedding day.

She was going to marry another man, but he didn't know who this man was, tall or short, fat or thin. He even did not know how many women he had been with.

After William Wei got on the car, the taxi driver started the meter and turned around to look at William and asked, "Sir, where are you going now?"

William, in a high-end suit, finally came to his senses. He raised his wrist and looked at the refined men's watch on it. It was almost ten o'clock. The wedding should be about to begin!

When he was about to tell the driver the destination, his phone suddenly rang. He took the phone out of his pocket and touched the screen. Then he saw the name of Kaylee on the screen.

It was a call from Kaylee. Was she going to tell him that the wedding had begun? Was she going to tell him that he came back late?

The next second, he picked up the phone and said to Kaylee, "Kaylee, it's me."

Kaylee's voice came from the other end of the phone. She urged anxiously, "William, hurry to the HR Psychiatric Hospital."

William could tell from Kaylee's voice that she was anxious. What happened? Why is Kaylee in such a hurry? Did something happen to Olivia? Even if she had an accident, she should be sent to a normal hospital, not a psychiatric hospital.

Although he was still confused, William decided to go to the psychiatric hospital. He put away his phone and ordered the driver, "Go to the HR Psychiatric Hospital."

The driver started the engine as soon as he heard William's words. William slowly looked o

ut of the window. H City had changed a lot, but it was not surprising. People will change, let alone a city.

About half an hour later, the driver stopped the car. He turned to William and said, "Sir, we have arrived at the hospital."

Reflexively, William leaned forward. After he sat back, he saw the hospital in front of him. The hospital was not small. On the plaque, "HR Psychiatric Hospital" was written.

After paying the bill, William put his wallet back into his suit pocket. When he got off the car and stood at the gate of the hospital, he suddenly felt scared. He was worried that what if he went into the ward and saw Olivia? Was it Olivia who was sent to the hospital?

It must be Olivia, or Kaylee wouldn't be so nervous.

With an answer in his mind, William was in a panic when Olivia proposed to break up with him. He rushed into the hospital and took out his cell phone again. He wanted to call Kaylee to confirm the ward number.

After a few steps, William stopped. William saw a woman in a wedding dress sitting on a bench in the garden of the hospital. She was not as childish and unruly as she was a few years ago. Sitting quietly on the chair, she added the charm of a mature woman.

Maybe time could really change a person. He had thought that her arrogant and willful personality would never change for a lifetime, but now it seemed that he was wrong. Just like six years ago, he thought she would always rely on him and act like a spoiled child in front of him, but it was not the truth.

The next second, William calmed down and walked towards her.

Sitting on the bench, Olivia thought of her father who was tied up in the ward and told herself not to cry. Now her father had become like that, she should be more vigorous and stronger.

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