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   Chapter 5 Return To The Yan City Again

CEO's Lover: Love Bound By Contract By Yuan Xiluo Characters: 7062

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As one of the third largest port in the country, the Yan City gathered a group of wealthy and powerful financial groups. The trade was prosperous and the competition was fierce. Behind the quiet curtain, a stage play was playing.

In the vast waiting room of the YK airport in the Yan City, there were many people coming and going. The guests couldn't help but look back. Patty Jiang wore a simple Camisole dress, and the knee length dress exposed her long legs. The belt with water diamonds around her waist looked a little simple but a little elegant. She was wearing sunglasses, and her long black hair was quietly draped over her snow-white shoulders. Her silver high-heeled shoes gently knocked on the bright tile floor. She looked a little impatient, but her charm was unparalleled. Although Patty was not a star model, her beautiful face and elegant temperament made people have to understand what was natural beauty, which caused a commotion in the waiting room of the airport.

At this time, a woman ran to Patty. The woman was not tall. She wore a beige top and a black skirt, dressed like a gentle secretary. She walked quickly to the front of Patty and took a few deep breaths. Then she respectfully handed the documents in her hands and whispered, "Miss. Patty, everything is done."

Patty took off her sunglasses and took the document. "Lucy, buy me a bottle of water." As soon as Lucy Qin, she rushed to her bag to get it. She still remembered that there was an unopened bottle of water in her bag.

As if there was no one else around, Patty found a seat and sat down. She picked up the document handed over by Lucy and began to read it. Lucy passed a glass of water to Patty and followed with a trembling hand, sweating. Because Lucy knew that her boss, Patty, was indeed beautiful, but had a bad temper. She had been with Patty for three years, and had seen many people who risked their lives to provoke Patty. Although Patty is usually gentle and kind, if you displease her, she would teach you a lesson in any minute. Although Lucy couldn't figure out what kind of Gongfu Patty was using, she was sure that it was beyond description. Ordinary people couldn't afford to offend Patty. However, Patty always acted as if it was none of her business. So Lucy was sweating and was afraid that some blind fool would come to annoy Patty.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. As soon as Lucy picked up the phone, she seemed to be relieved. She promised and hung up the phone immediately. "Miss. Patty, here's your car," Lucy said to Patty.

"Okay." Patty replied. She closed the file and put it in Lucy's hand. Then she put on her sunglasses again and slowly walked out of the airport with Lucy.

A white Bentley was parked at the gate of the airport. A man was leaning against the door. His suit was straight and his hands were in the pockets on both sides of his legs. No one knew what he was thinking with his head down. Seeing the two of them come out, the man immediately opened the back door to welcome Patty into the car. Then he turned around, opened the door of the driver's seat and got in the car. After Lucy put Patty's luggage in the car and got in the car, he started the car.

"Lucy, don't be so nervous when you come back. I am here." The man in the front was called Randy He, one of Patty's closest subordinates when Patty was abroad. Randy was one of Patty's close friends. He helped Patty a lot in the most difficult time, so he was always unscrupulous in front of Patty.

"Go to the co

mpany." At this time, Patty kicked the driver's seat hard and said coldly to Randy in front of her.

"Oh! My God! Be gentle! Patty!" Randy was a little annoyed by Patty's kick, but he didn't lose his temper. He was the youngest among them and was indeed playful, but Patty took care of him the most. She always said that Randy was still innocent.

Ignoring Randy's complaint, Patty closed her eyes for rest. Stepping on this land again, Patty had mixed feelings. Back then, she was taken out of the country unconsciously. She was very grateful to God for giving her a chance to rebirth. But who knew? What would this opportunity be for her in the future?

After being scolded by Patty, Randy learned a lesson and didn't dare to say anything all the way to the company.

The OLY Group was the leader of the European clothing industry. In the UK, the OLY Group was the symbol of fashion. A few years ago, the OLY Group entered the domestic market and just gained a firm foothold in China. Because of the bad management of the upper echelons, it suffered a heavy loss. In order to save the domestic market, the boss of the OLY Group had no choice but to mobilize personnel from the headquarters to pull the domestic market.

"Miss. Patty, here we are." As soon as they arrived at company, Lucy hurried to wake up Patty.

"Okay." Patty answered and got out of the car. Suddenly, something occurred to her. She turned to Lucy and said, "Lucy, you are my assistant. Don't be afraid of me."

Patty's words were always brief and straightforward without any extra emotions. In the past three years, Lucy had also grasped some methods. But she was still afraid of Patty. Especially when Patty took her friends with her, she like crystal pillars in an ice cellar that could freeze Lucy to death. Lucy had always been timid. Facing the powerful Patty, she was always submissive and didn't dare to make trouble. She didn't dare to do anything like what Randy did just now. However, Patty was very gentle to Lucy. She had never been angry with Lucy and always helped her.

Once, Lucy sent a contract to the other party's company for Patty, but the boss of the other party's company was a rascal. He refused to sign the contract for a long time, and even touched Lucy. In the end, he even wanted to kiss Lucy forcefully. In the end, Lucy was so angry that she raised her hand and gave him a punch. He probably didn't expect that this little assistant would dare to hit him. Without any precaution, he was knocked down to the ground with nosebleed. In the end, the company not only lost a contract worth millions of dollars, but also had a lawsuit. But Patty didn't say anything. She didn't blame Lucy and let her have a rest for a few days. In the end, Lucy listened to Randy. Randy told her that Patty had stopped all the responsibilities. The contract had been signed by other companies. After all, there were many companies that wanted to cooperate with the OLY Group, and Patty was fully responsible for the loss of the company. Since then, Lucy had stayed with Patty with gratitude. And Patty left signing the contract to Randy.

The three got off the car, walked into the exclusive elevator and went straight to the 21 floor. Patty came back as the president of China region of the OLY Group. This time, she came back not only for the company, but also for the investigation of the past. Patty knew that from today on, this place was her "battlefield". She fought in order to let go of the past and restart the future.

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