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   Chapter 4 Awaken Recollection

CEO's Lover: Love Bound By Contract By Yuan Xiluo Characters: 4808

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In the surging waves, Hayley fell into the cold sea. She was not afraid of the cold sea, because her heart was even colder than the sea now. Before falling down, Hayley saw Mac's pale face. She suddenly felt that she had won and thought that Mac's surprised expression mean that Mac still cared about her. At that time, she could still have a little fantasy.

In fact, Hayley shouldn't have committed suicide like this, but she didn't know what else she could do if she didn't do so. She still couldn't figure out why her adoptive father saved her in the end. Now that the man she loved most wanted her to die, what should she choose? In fact, Mac didn't know that Hayley had been badly shot before she came here, and the bullet was still under her left shoulder ribs. Therefore, she was unable to use normally her heavy black iron sword. She simply could not open up a path of escape for herself.

If she hadn't jumped down, what would happen to her?

Maybe Mac would kidnap Hayley to threaten her adoptive father. Or Mac kept an eye on her and question her adoptive father's weakness. Although Hayley was also daughter in the Gu Family, she knew that her adoptive father never cared about her the most. There was an old Chinese saying in China, "Who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments". Hayley just wanted to repay her adoptive father for raising her up for so many years.

In fact, deep in her heart, she still longed for freedom. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come to the Yan City like a fool, and she had never considered her adoptive father's intention. Hayley suddenly felt lucky that she had made the decision. At least, Mac still cared about her. Otherwise, he didn't show such an expression. Family and the man she loved became her enemies in an instant. Perhaps staying in the sea of love here would have the chance to leave a trace in those people's hearts.

Hayley, who had fallen into the sea, didn't immediately sink into the sea. Instead, she was swept into the sea by the surging waves. Little by little, memories were rolling in her mind. Everything seemed to be yesterday. The sweet tears melted into the sea, making Hayley's consciousness more and more blurred. But she didn't want to open her eyes. At least she died at her best.

She was not an emotionless animal, but life made her have no feelings. Maybe Mac had never loved her, or perhaps she had always bee

n sentimental. She always knew that she would never have a future, and it was a good choice for her to end all her fantasies now.

The sound of waves was mixed with the clamor of people, and some incomprehensible language occasionally came. The noise lasted for a long time. When everything calmed down, the sky was already white, and the warm sunshine was still shining on the beautiful city, the Yan City. The sea returned to peace, as if what happened last night had never happened.

At this time, Mac and Neal, who were standing outside the old castle and looking at the waves, which had already returned to calm. When Neil learned that Hayley failed to assassinate Mac and even committed suicide by jumping into the sea, he was so angry that he almost passed out. In the end, the mission failed. The Gu Family might have been quiet for a period of time. However, Hayley was saved ashore by a stranger and taken out of the Yan City overnight when the men of the MQ Faction were looking for Hayley crazily.

The strong smell of disinfectant fluid and the smell of dust floating in the clean air, and the soft sunlight shone on the white bed sheet. There were all kinds of equipment on the bedside, and the sound of dripping was heard in the quiet room.

There was no trace of blood on Hayley's pale face and her eyes were closed. She seemed to feel a little uncomfortable and frowned. She had a breathing mask on her mouth and nose, and a test instrument was attached to her hands and body. Several nurses were busy doing this examination for Hayley. A foreign doctor was reporting this to a man in a suit. With a report in the doctor's hand, he bowed and looked at the man in front of him fawningly.

The man didn't say anything. He just looked at the woman lying quietly on the bed, and then waved his hand to call the doctors and nurses out of the room. After the man closed the door, Hayley on the bed moved her hand.

The wind gently blew up the curtain by the window. Hayley made her gasp for breath. All kinds of equipment on her body showed her current situation. At this time, a drop of tear fell into the clean pillow.

Fifty hearty strings, one string for one year.

Zhuang Zhou dreamed of becoming a butterfly, an emperor became a cuckoo after he died.

Bright Moon over the Sea Shedding Tears.

This could be regarded as memory, but she was at a loss at that time.

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