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   Chapter 3 Let Them Back

CEO's Lover: Love Bound By Contract By Yuan Xiluo Characters: 6311

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In the reception room on the second floor of the old castle, the whole European court style decoration, the leather high-end sofa, and the gorgeous lamps were all showing the strength of the owner. Unlike the glazed windows on the third floor, this was a simple European style window. It was opened a little by the owner. The sound of waves could be heard faintly, and sometimes the light of the searchlight could be seen in the window. There were dozens of different kinds of foreign wine in a row of wine cabinet against the wall. Each bottle of wine was expensive. On the bar counter in front of the wine cabinet, there were all kinds of wine glasses, shining with different luster in the dim light. Mac sat at the bar counter without saying a word. The dim light around reflected on Mac's slightly pale face. Mac listened to Carman Xiao quietly. The glass in his hand flashed with a crystal clear luster, and the whisky was drunk like water by Mac. Carman didn't dare to disturb Mac and could only stand aside and wait for Mac's order.

Mac sat here for several hours. He had no idea what Hayley's leaving meant to him, but he knew very well that he had cornered that strong woman. Hayley was a strong woman who would never yield to fate. In the past few months, Mac had seen clearly that no matter what Hayley had encountered, she always faced calmly, no matter it was her enemy or him.

"Mr. Mac, we haven't found her yet." Carman reported in a low voice, afraid that Mac would be unhappy again and punish his incompetence. Carman was Mac's assistant. He had been working for Mac for many years and Mac had always treated him as his brother. But at this time, Carman also felt Mac's low breath.

"Why are you still standing here? Go on looking for her!" Mac suddenly found that Carman was still there, which made him a little impatient. Mac knew that he was just venting his anger on others. He was the one who was annoyed. He shouldn't have feelings for a killer. However, Mac had to admit that Hayley was indeed a woman who could not be ignored.

Hayley was very excellent. She was like a lady from an ancient family, proficient in lyre playing, chess, calligraphy and painting. Mac still remembered that Hayley always said that painting was good for health, writing was good for recuperating, although he knew that she was just kidding with him. Hayley's smile was really beautiful. Mac still remembered that although Hayley greeted others with a smile at the party, after leaving the party, Hayley still ignored him with a cold face. At that time, Mac's greatest pleasure was to make Hayley laugh, because there were always some surprises he didn't expect. At that time, even he himself didn't know why he did that.

Pouring more wine into the glass, Mac smiled with self-mockery. At that time, he had completely forgotten the purpose of getting close to Hayley. After drinking a glass of whisky, Mac continued to pour wine into the glass, but was stopped by a hand, and the whisky was snatched away by someone.

"Mac, you can't drink it anymore." Neal Nangong sat down next to Mac, and then reached for the empty cup on the side, pic

ked up a few pieces of ice, and poured the whiskey that he just grabbed from Mac into the cup.

Raising his eyebrows, Mac looked at Neal beside him and snorted coldly, "The second young master of the Nangong Family, why are you so free to visit my small house?" Then he picked up the unfinished glass and drank it up.

"Is this a small house? As the president of the DQ Group and the new boss of the MQ Faction, you will live in a small place?" Neal said in a mocking tone.

"If you come to me just to talk about this, you can get out now." Mac didn't want to talk to Neal now.

"Humph, once you said that you wouldn't fall in love with her." Neal was also surprised to receive the call from Carman. He was one of the few people who knew the identity of Mac. The fight between the MQ Faction and the Gu Family was no longer a new thing in their circle. In order to destroy the MQ Faction, Neil had even asked his daughter to play the honey trap, which surprised them. Neal shook his head. At this moment, he really wanted to see how Neil would react if he knew that his plan had failed. But few people had seen the current boss of the MQ Faction. How did Neil know the existence of Mac?

Neal knew that Mac didn't like him to ask about the MQ Faction, but he had never seen Mac like this. It was for a woman, and this woman was Neil's daughter, the daughter of Mac's enemy.

"I heard that Hayley committed suicide?" Neal knew that Mac had fallen in love with Hayley. But Hayley chose to commit suicide in front of Mac. She used such a decisive method to resist Mac. Hayley felt that it was good for Mac to drink here.

"Why did you mention her?" Mac picked up his glass and clinked it with Neal's. "Let's drink."

"You haven't found her. Maybe she is still alive." Neal comforted Mac.

Mac didn't even look at Neal and continued to pour wine into his glass. He knew that Neal was comforting him. How could she be alive if she jumped down from here? He couldn't help but feel annoyed at the thought of her expression before Hayley jumped down. He thought, 'Why did Hayley choose to die so easily? Isn't she always strong?' Hayley was never a little woman. She would not quarrel with him, nor was she a person who could not bear a blow. This was too unexpected for Mac.

"Let them back." Mac said to Neal in a hoarse voice. His men had been searching downstairs for more than four hours, but they couldn't find anything. So Mac had long lost hope.

Hearing what Mac said, Neal looked at him in disbelief. Then he thought for a while with a serious expression and said, "Do you want to look for her again? Maybe. ... ... ..."

Mac didn't reply but drank silently. Neal knew that Mac had made a decision and there was no room for negotiation. No matter what he said, Mac would not change anything. Neal sighed and didn't say anything more. He stood up and dialed Carman's number.

When Neal came back, he brought back news. "Mac, Carman said that he found the black cloak that Hayley wore when she jumped down. There are blood stains on it. Carman said Hayley seemed to be injured when she jumped down, but he didn't see anyone."

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