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   Chapter 1 Hayley Gu

CEO's Lover: Love Bound By Contract By Yuan Xiluo Characters: 6607

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The Yan City was a city close to mountains and rivers. The mountains in the North towered into the clouds and pointed straight at the sky. To the South was a vast sea. It was a beautiful seaside city. The wind was always salty and fishy, and the temperature of the sun was always so pleasant. In the southern suburbs of the Yan City stood an ancient castle. The high walls were covered with dark green vines, and the glazed windows flashed a strange light under the moonlight. In the dark night, the waves kept hitting the scorching stones.

Gunshots rang out continuously in the castle, and moon's dim light shone in from the window behind Hayley Gu. She was wearing a black cloak and long hair. Perhaps it was because she was too surprised, or because of the bruises on her arms, her body was constantly trembling.

Hayley had never thought that she would have such a day. Facing the man in front of her, she didn't even dare to look at him again. The man stood in front of her arrogantly and looked at Hayley, who was wavering.

"Hayley, what's wrong? Are you reluctant to kill me?" With a little contempt in his eyes, Mac Qi fearlessly looked at Hayley who was pointing a gun at him.

As if venting her resentment, Hayley shot the ceiling angrily. Then she pointed the gun at the enemy in front of her and warned Mac not to get close to her again. Hayley frowned and looked at Mac in front of her quietly. His cold eyes and cruel smile reminded her that this man was no longer the gentle and considerate Mac.

That day, Hayley received a call from her adoptive father. She didn't remember how long she hadn't received a call from him? Hayley still remembered that his adoptive father said to her, "Do the last thing for me. I can give you freedom." So Hayley had no choice. From the day she was picked up by her adoptive father, she knew that she would not have any freedom or choice. So she agreed.

When her adoptive father said that he would give her freedom, Hayley accepted the task without hesitation. She stayed in the Yan City to wait. This beautiful city always reminded Hayley of the days when she was in the Jiang Family when she was a child. Unconsciously, she was infatuated with this city. It was here that she met Mac. Hayley learned from this man what love was and what warmth was. The feelings didn't belong to her before.

When she received the task, she was very happy. Because as long as she completed this task, she could be free. She could live the rest of her life with the one she loved, regardless of what was going on. She had dreamed countless times of living a free life, and now this dream was finally about to come true.

After getting everything ready, Hayley rushed to the destination without hesitation. But she never thought that her last target would be Mac. At this moment, Hayley's mind went blank. A cruel and ridiculous choice was placed in front of her - to kill the man she loved in exchange for ridiculous "freedom", or to give up this task and continue to live in darkness and continue to enjoy love humbly.

"Hayley, didn't your father want you to kill me? I'm here now. As long as you pull the trigger, your wish will be realized."

Mac's smile made Hayley tremble with anger. Hayley felt a pang of pain in her heart and thought, 'Mac

knows that it is impossible for me to kill him. He knows that I love him, but he still forces me to do so.'

The past scenes were changing in front of her eyes. She remembered Mac's smile, gentleness, and consideration... And she also remembered her adoptive father who treated her as his own daughter.

When Hayley was five years old, she saw with her own eyes that her parents' family were killed and her house was burnt to ashes, and her mother hid her in a secret room in her family, narrowly escaping from the slaughter. She stayed in the ruins for three days and nights, dragging her tired body to the street. In that disaster, all the people living in the village were killed. At the same time, she lost her parents and relatives. Hayley was crying helplessly in the ruins until Neil Gu took her away from the ruins.

Holding Hayley in his arms, Neil slowly left the ruins and took her back to the Gu Family. Hayley watched quietly as Neil sent someone to prepare bath water and cook for her. Then, like a mother, he gently stroked her forehead and said with a kind smile, "My surname is Gu. They all call me Mr. Neil. From now on, you can take my surname."

From that day on, she became Hayley, and Neil began to ask someone to teach her reading and martial arts. The Gu Family was a place for people to pay for disaster relief, and she was trained to be a killer for "disaster relief". Neil was very strict with Hayley's training. She had heavy classes every day. In the morning, there would be teachers to teach her social etiquette, some political literature education, and sometimes some domestic musical instruments. In the afternoon, in addition to the physical training, she also had to accept some operations of guns and the use of cold steel, and practicing martial arts had become a daily task for Hayley. After dinner, there were still some side classes that needed her to learn. The classes every day were so heavy that Hayley couldn't breathe. She slept less than four hours, and her pressure had already exceeded the load she could bear. There was once a small explosion caused by Hayley's mistake in shooting training, and the right hand's palm was seriously burned so that she passed out on the training ground. However, Neil poured a bucket of saline water on her wound. Hayley was awakened by the pain. Her adoptive father said to her coldly, who could hardly stand up, "Do you want to live?"

Of course she knew what her adoptive father meant, so she endured the pain of the wound and stood up to continue training regardless of her physical fatigue. If her right hand was injured, she would use her left hand. Although the wound was still bleeding, she would endure the pain and continue to complete the training. When she went back to her bedroom to rest, she found a bottle of burn ointment on the head of her bed. It was the first time that she felt a little warmth in this cold place.

But even so, the training would not stop. The repeated training was still going on and the courses would not stop. And, as she grew up, her courses would only be heavier. Day after day, year after year, Hayley became Neil's best killer, the most profitable tool for the Gu Family. Gradually, Hayley forgot about love and looked around coldly until she met Mac that day.

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