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   Chapter 5 Dream Wedding

Fanatical About You, My One And Only By Jing Jing Characters: 7117

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When Emily walked to the wedding site, which was decorated like a fairy tale illusion, the guests were immediately in an uproar as they saw her.

"Bride, where is Mr. Ryan? Is anything happened to Mr. Ryan? "

"Miss Rose, are you going to finish the wedding process alone? If Mr. Ryan is not here, we will return the gift back. "

"Bride, what's going on between you and Mr. Ryan? Say something. "

Emily was in a mess and didn't know how to explain it. At this time, a man came from the other end of the lawn. Emily was full of joy, but when the man approached and she found that it was William, Emily had an impulse to run away.

William was wearing a white suit, which matched Emily's wedding dress very much. They stood together like a perfect match.

William and Emily, were a couple. It was not a secret in the upper class of the Q City. At this time, William appeared at the wedding of Ryan and Emily. Everyone was watching the good play on the stage.

William stood in front of Emily and said in a low voice, "Emily, Ryan won't come here. Announce the cancellation of the wedding with everyone. This is just his farce. "

"No, he will definitely come. The wedding won't be canceled. "

Although Emily didn't have a good impression of Ryan, his intuition told him that he was not that unreliable. Unless he really wanted to humiliate her and even hook up with himself.

"Emily, why you still cannot believe it? Just told everyone that you two got married in a flash. Now you feel uncomfortable with each other and don't want to hold the wedding. Why can't you explain it? I tell you, he won't come. Do you want to be an abandoned woman played by Ryan and become a laughing stock of everyone? "

"It's none of your business."

Emily left William and walked towards the emcee. Joseph walked to William and asked, "What did Emily say?"

William shook his head. Joseph was going to roll up his sleeves, he said aggressively, "I'll talk to her."

At this time, Emily walked up to the microphone and said to the guests, "Dear relatives and friends, thank you for attending our wedding. Ryan said that he had prepared a big surprise for me. He hasn't come yet. Please help me to witness. If the surprise hasn't arrived in half an hour, we can turn today's wedding into a big party. You can also give me advice, if that's the case, what kind of wedding should be changed to make up for my loss. Thank you, everyone. Please enjoy yourself. "

The crowd burst into applause, which gradually spread into a crowd. Some people discussed, "No wonder she is the daughter of Justin. She is still so calm under such circumstances. If it were another girl, she would have been panicked and cried. "

"The point is that she doesn't have parents to cry to. Her uncle Joseph... "

"I heard that Mr. Ryan didn't answer the phone. Is the surprise Miss Emily said true?"

In the crowd, Anna stared blankly at William from a distance, while Amy kept chattering around her.

"This time, Emily is going to be a deserted woman known by everyone in the Q City. Mom, will Emily stay in our family? "

"How dare she? If she doesn't leave, won't I drive her away? "

"Is it possible that no one wants her? Been abandoned by men one after another. I think there must be something wrong with her. "

Shirley glanced at Amy, poked her forehead with her finger, and said disappointedly, "it's none of your business whether Emily was abandoned or not. I brought you here to see if there is a man you like so that I can pave the way for you. You

look like a fool. You really piss me off. "

Amy looked around and suddenly saw a man in suit walking towards her in the crowd. Although there were many celebrities present, the man's outstanding temperament and handsome appearance were very eye-catching. Amy pulled Shirley's hand and said, "Mom, mom, I've found my prince charming."

As soon as Amy finished her words, she heard someone scream beside her, "Mr. Ryan is here!"

Amy stared blankly at the handsome man passing by her and went straight to Emily on the stage.

"Mr. Ryan, if you don't come, your wife will run away with me."

"Mr. Ryan, what surprise did you prepare for Mrs. Ryan?"

"Mr. Ryan, you are asked to kiss the bride one hundred times as punishment for letting us waiting for such a long time."

The guests were so excited and the live band was playing the classical music. Emily saw the man slowly walking towards her, he also looked at her without looking sideways. All of a sudden, Emily's heart sank to the ground. Without any explanation, Ryan held Emily's hand, his hand was very cold. Emily looked at him in surprise, but Ryan just held her hand tightly indicating her to calm down.

So Emily held his hand in return and stood in front of the stage with Ryan. Ryan said, "Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'll punish myself drinking three glasses of wine later. But if you know the reason why I am late, maybe you will forgive me. Come on in. "

With a shout from Ryan, all the guests turned their heads and saw seven handsome short men driving a carriage with flowers on it towards the wedding stage. The short man, the carriage, and the fairy tale like layout of the scene were well matched, making many women shout, "How romantic!"

With one hand on Emily's waist, Ryan said, "I've recruited the 7 guests in the carriage from all over the country. I was late just now because one of them was late because of the flight. I don't want to have regrets, so I took up a little time. The wedding my wife dreamed of was to marry me like Snow White in the fairy tale. Today, I finally saw this day. It's my honor to be that happy prince. So please allow me to kiss my Snow White now. "

"Wow, Mr. Ryan. Kiss her, kiss her... "

The guests present applauded crazily, and some stood up. There even two hugged each other and said in tears, "It's so touching. Honey, I also want such a wedding."

Shirley and her two daughters were pissed off. How could a bitch like Emily deserve such a good man? It must be a conspiracy, a conspiracy.

William clenched his fists as he watched Ryan and Emily kissing sweetly in front of everyone. What the hell was wrong with Ryan? 'I had hired someone... Did they fail?'

At this moment, Emily was a little stunned. It was indeed her dream to marry a prince like the Snow White does, but how did Ryan know?


"Hold me tight."

When Emily was absent-minded, Ryan ordered. Emily felt that his body was trembling and his face was very pale.

He must have been seriously injured.

Emily was so scared that she almost cried, "Are you okay?"

"I won't die. Finish the ceremony."

When they exchanged the rings, Emily was afraid that he would fall down, so she still put her arms around the waist of Ryan. In the eyes of outsiders, they really loved each other.

"Mr. Ryan, you can't marry her...... You can't marry that third person... "

Suddenly, a shrill scream came from the sky above the lawn. Everyone looked over and saw a woman standing on the top of the building, facing the Ryan from afar.

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