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   Chapter 4 The Bridegroom Is Missing

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Ryan turned around with his damn easy expression.

"Miss Emily, what can I do for you?"

"If I do as you said that day, you will help me find out the person who killed my father, right?" Emily asked hesitantly.

"I said so much that day. Which one are you refer to, Miss Emily?"

Glaring at the bad man in front of her, Emily suppressed her anger and said, "Will you help me if I marry you?"

Ryan curled his lips and said, "I'm afraid not. Miss Emily, I had gave you chance. I don't lack women. Besides, I'm not interested in women with A cup."

Regardless of his humiliation, Emily stood in front of Ryan, like a drowning child clutched at the last straw.

"Mr. Ryan, you can't go back on your word."

"Miss Emily, you really want to marry me so much?"

Ryan's every word was a trap. Emily bit her red lips and wanted to say that she didn't want to have anything to do with a scum, but she couldn't!

As Ryan expected, Emily nodded.

"What do you mean by nodding?"

"I want to marry you!"

Emily shouted angrily.

The man chuckled, "keep your voice down. Although it's a good thing to be proposed by a girl, I'm a low-key person and I don't want to be watched."

Clenching her fists, Emily wished she could punch his smirk face.

"Get in the car."

"Where are we going?"

Ryan ignored Emily and pushed her into the car. Ryan drove Emily to the gate of the Wisteria Garden, handed over a black card and said, "Our wedding will be held five days later. You can use it and buy some clothes yourself."

"There's no need for a wedding," said Emily in a daze.

It was just a fake marriage, if was known to all. It would be bad for both of them if they separated.

Seeing that Ryan's face darkened, Emily immediately explained, "Isn't it popular to hide marriage nowadays? It's good to keep our marriage a secret. "

"Why should I follow the fashion?"

He, Ryan, was the wind indicator!


"Either we have a wedding, or you go and marry whoever you like."

'This guy really lives up to his reputation, 'she thought.

Emily took the black card from him and got off the car with mixed feelings.

The news that Miss. Emily was going to marry Mr. Ryan soon became a hot topic in the Q City. In the evening, Joseph returned to the Wisteria Garden and said seriously, "Emily, how can you marry a man like Ryan? He changed women as fast as changing clothes. Although your father is gone, I will take care of you. If I agree letting you marry Ryan, do you know what others will think of me? "

Emily felt something was wrong. Why did Joseph suddenly care about her?

"Uncle Joseph, you can tell others that you had persuaded me, but I insisted to marry Ryan."

"No, I don't agree with this marriage."

Joseph was acting like Emily's father.

"Then I'll call Mr. Ryan and tell him that you are against the marriage."

Joseph got angry at once, "How can you be so ungrateful? Forget it. You can marry anyone you like. I don't care about you. There are days for you to suffer. "

Emily knew that Ryan was not a good match. But she felt that her choice was right when Joseph was against it. Then in the garden, the conversation between Shirley and Joseph confirmed Emily's guess.

Shirley said worriedly, "I heard that Ryan is not a person to be trifled with. It is said that no one dares to offend him in the business circle of the Q City. Why don't you

try to stop Emily from marrying him? "

Joseph said in a lazy tone, "Ryan is powerful, but he can't do anything to me. What's more, with Ryan's temper, Emily will be kicked out in less than three months. "

Shirley giggled, "Okay, let that bitch suffer and be frustrated."

At this moment, Emily felt her father's intention to let her go find Ryan. But at the thought of marrying that man, Emily felt very helpless.

Then William called, "Emily, you can't marry Ryan!"

Emily sneered, "In your eyes, I only deserve to be your underground lover, not deserve a decent marriage?"

"He can't give you what you want. Emily, listen to me. Don't marry him, don't marry him! "

"Well, William, if you marry me now, I will immediately cut off the relationship with Ryan."

"Emily, give me some time..."

William immediately flinched.

Emily silently hung up the phone and blocked William's number. Emily didn't know who else she could trust now. Her only support was the words her father said with all his strength before he died: ask Ryan for help.

Five days later, in the Magnificent Resort of the Q City, there were many guests. Luxury cars jammed at the crossroad from the Magnificent Resort. Amy was about to drool.

"How rich and powerful the man that Emily is going to marry is? So many powerful people are here. "

Anna snorted, "What's there to envy? There was a saying that the higher you are, the more miserable you fall. Let's wait and see what will happen to Emily. "

"But if I could had such a wedding, I would be willing to fall down."

Anna was speechless with Amy. "Amy, don't call me sister."

Sitting in the dressing room and looking at herself in the mirror, Emily felt her heart was numb.

"Why hasn't Mr. Ryan come yet? All the guests had arrived and the auspicious time was about to come. Miss Emily, please call Mr. Ryan. "

Emily felt a chill down her spine. All the arrangements of the wedding, the booked venue, and the guests invited, were all arranged by Ryan, and she didn't have his phone number. A terrible thought flashed through Emily's mind. She gripped the hem of her dress tightly and tried to calm herself down. "Wait a little longer."

Half an hour later, she still didn't see Ryan. Shirley took Anna and Amy to the dressing room gloatingly.

"Emily, you look so beautiful today. But I'm afraid you'll be the most beautiful bride abandoned. Ryan changed his mind and didn't want to marry you. "

"Isn't that normal? Two days ago, someone saw that Mr. Ryan and the daughter of Mr. Richard were dating. Maybe he was holding a wedding ceremony with Miss. Lexi in another place. "

Anna and Amy laughed together.

Shirley stopped them and said, "How could you two still laugh? Take Emily out and explain to the relatives and friends outside. Joseph was so happy for you. He said that you hooked up with Ryan, and invited all the relatives to support you. Now you have lost the entire family's face. "

For the time being, Emily treated herself as deaf, and didn't listen to their chatter at all.

"Emily, what are you waiting for? Don't hiding here. It's going crazy outside. Why don't you go out and explain it to everyone? "

Shirley urged.

At this time, the emcee came in again and asked Emily, "Miss Emily, have you contacted Mr. Ryan? What should we do now? "

Then Emily stood up and walked towards the lawn of the wedding.

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