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   Chapter 3 Kick Down The Ladder

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Emily went ahead and looked for Officer Jin, the one in charge of her father's case. "Miss Xu, you don't have to come here every day. You have to trust us when we say that we are keeping an eye on your father's case. The only clue that we have, the unlicensed car that was on the crime scene, had been destroyed. We are now trying to find new clues. Searching for good leads isn't easy, Miss Xu. So please give us time."

Emily fully understood that her father's case was extremely difficult to crack and that it was useless to pester a mere police officer. But she knew she couldn't just sit twiddling her thumbs and waiting for an update. "Mr. Jin, I'm here to remind myself that my father's death isn't an accident. I know that someone did it to him. I know that someone murdered him."

"Why don't you try looking for clues?"

It was only then that Emily remembered that among the board members of the S Group, apart from Joseph, the only person she knew was Richard Jiang.

Richard Jiang owned a company. Emily found the address of his office and was planning to pay him a visit. When Emily arrived at his office, his secretary told her that he was meeting an important guest. Because of that, Emily had to wait at the reception area.

After waiting for a while, Emily noticed that someone exited Richard's office. To her surprise, it was Ryan!

When she saw that Richard was about to follow Ryan to the elevator, Emily quickly stood up and called his attention in fear of not having a chance to talk to him. "Mr. Jiang!" she called out.

Richard's head snapped towards her direction and looked perplexed. "Emily?"

"Yes! Are you going out?"

As she was speaking, she felt like she was being stared at by Ryan. Her eyes fell on the man beside Richard, and indeed, Ryan's eyes were on her. A slight frown formed on his lips as he did not expect to see Emily in Richard's office.


A beautiful girl in a slip dress walked out of the elevator that had just arrived. Emily, Richard and Ryan all looked at the direction the voice came from.

"Lexi!" Richard said, sounding ecstatic. "You came just at the right time! I was just telling Mr. Ji here that you just came back from abroad. I know that you're not really familiar with this place, so I am asking him to take you around."

Lexi Jiang looked at Ryan, her big clear eyes unblinking. Like love at first sight, the admiration she had for him contorted her every feature. She walked up to him, held his arm, and shook it. "Ryan, isn't it? Why don't we start today? Let's go out tonight, is that okay? I know you have a private room in the Jade Pearl. I've seen you there several times, but I didn't have the chance to propose a toast to you."

Emily couldn't believe that so many girls fell for Ryan. 'He's literally the worst,' she thought, disgusted. 'Pretty girls really have the worst taste in men.'

Ryan shook his head. "Tonight? I'm afraid I can't," he replied bluntly.

"A prior appointment? That's fine. It isn't a big deal for me. I'll wait for you."

"Well," Ryan began, his eyes once again on Emily. "I'm afraid you have to ask her for permission."

Then, Emily felt everyone turn their head towards her. She felt her involuntarily holding her breath due to being so uneasy. Her eyes met Ryan, and she was surprised by how calm he looked.

Richard Jiang looked so disappointed. "You have an appointment with Emily this evening?"

"Actually..." Emily stammered.

"Not only tonight, but she came here to fetch me. Why are you still standing there, Emily? Let's go."

Emily felt like she was under the spell of Ryan's deep, gorgeous eyes. As if she was not in control of her own body, she followed Ryan into the elevator.

"Goodbye, Mr. and Miss Jiang."

Soon, the shocked and disappointed stares from Richard and Lexi Jiang vanished as the elevator doors closed.

Inside, Ryan and Emily stood beside each other silently. The tense and awkward atmosphere could be attributed to them not having any kind of relationship, even a friendly one.

Emily was the one who broke the s

ilence. "Why did you do that?"

Without looking at her, Ryan replied in an indifferent tone, "What made you think Richard knew anything about your father's death? Naïve."

"It's none of your business!" she snapped.

"Well, if you didn't come and disrupted what I was doing, it really wouldn't be any of my business. But you did."

"What the hell are you even saying? What did I disrupt?"

'What a lame excuse!' she thought, fuming.

"You just want me to have nowhere to go and beg you!"

Something about what Emily said seemed to have set Ryan off. He walked towards her until she was pressed elevator wall. His deep eyes were unfathomable. Now, the tension was too much for her that she felt her heartbeat beating hard against her chest. She became so frightened that she crossed her arms over her chest. "What did I do and what are you doing?!" she asked.

Ryan didn't answer. Instead, he stretched out his hand and patted Emily's head. "I'm not interested in women with A cup breasts. What I'm curious about is your mental health. It seems like you're a bit manic these day, not making much sense. Are you going crazy? You really don't know Richard, don't you? With his way of doing things, even if he knows something, he won't tell you."

Ryan then took a few steps forward and stood in front of Emily as if nothing had happened. He was tall and had a wide back. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he looked like a dashing debonair.

Emily cursed Ryan in her heart. 'What kind of eyes do you have? I have C cup breasts!' She took a deep breath and muttered, "How did you know I was having nightmares?"

Indeed, the past month had been hard on her. Every night she would have nightmares, and she couldn't sleep or eat well.

The elevator reached its destination before Ryan was able to answer her question. He stepped out without even glancing at the girl behind him.

Emily followed him silently. To her surprise, she saw William.

William's face was contorted by shock. Then, after seeing Ryan in front of Emily, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Emily, come here. I have something to tell you."

Emily was then whisked by Ryan into his arms. Everything was going so fast that she felt confused as to what was happening. The next thing she heard was Ryan speaking casually to William. "Mr. Xu, I'm afraid Emily doesn't want to talk to you. Am I right, Emily?"

Emily nodded like a puppet. God knew that what Ryan had just done was exactly what she wanted to do.

William's face darkened upon seeing the scene. He rushed towards Ryan and threatened him angrily, saying, "Let go of Emily! She is mine! How dare you!"

Ryan pushed William away and said, "Of course I'm not as capable as you, Mr. Xu. I don't think I would be able to dump my girlfriend and sleep with her cousin in a matter of days. You are so charming. I'm sure countless girls will drop on their knees the moment you give them the slightest hint of affection."

"Don't fucking try me, Ryan! Emily, don't listen to his nonsense. Please come here. Talk to me. Let's figure things out."

William tried to grab Emily's hand and tug her away from Ryan.

Emily's heart was in turmoil. 'William, why are you still acting like you didn't wrong me?' she thought, anger once again rising in his chest.

"I don't want to see you again, William. And I don't want to hear any of your nonsense anymore! You and I have broken up. Got it? Now get lost!"

Emily wrapped her arm around Ryan's waist. They then walked out of the building together.

As soon as they were out of William's line of sight, she pushed Ryan away in disgust.

"Whoa! Don't kick down the ladder just yet, Miss Xu. You will lose a friend."

Emily rolled her eyes at him and thought to herself, 'I don't need a friend like you!' But she still thanked him politely.

Ryan turned around and left Emily without hesitation. As she stared at his receding figure, Emily kept thinking about her father's words—"Find Ryan. He will help you."

As if struck by a moment of clarity, she shouted, "Mr. Ji, please wait for me!"

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