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   Chapter 3 Kick Down The Ladder

Fanatical About You, My One And Only By Jing Jing Characters: 6765

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Emily went to find the police officer Jin, who is in charge of her father's case. He still said, "Miss Emily, you don't have to come here every day. We are keeping an eye on Mr. Justin's case. But the only clue, the unlicensed car, has been destroyed. We are trying to find new clues. Miss Emily, please give us some time. "

Emily knew that it was difficult to deal with the case, and it was useless to force the police officer. She said straightforwardly, "Mr. Jin, I'm here to remind myself that my father died for no reason. I can't just let it go."

"Miss Emily, why don't you look for other clues?"

Reminded by the Jin, Emily remembered that among the board members of the S Group, except Joseph, the only person she knew was Richard.

Richard had another company. Emily found his office address. When she arrived at Richard's office, his Secretary said that he was meeting an important guest and asked Emily to wait at the reception area aside.

After waiting for a while, Emily saw that Ryan walked out of Richard's office. Richard bowed and said something to him.

Seeing that Richard was about to follow Ryan to the elevator, Emily thought he was about to leave, so she stood up and greeted him, "Mr. Richard..."

Richard hesitated for a moment and asked, "Emily?"

"Yes, I am. Are you going out?"

When Emily spoke to Richard, she felt a cold light fall on her. She raised her eyes and stared back. Ryan frowned slightly, obviously a little unexpected.


Suddenly, a beautiful girl in a slip dress walked out of the elevator. Emily, Richard and Ryan all looked at the direction where the voice came from.

"Lexi, you come at the right time. I just told Mr. Ryan that you just came back from abroad. There are many rules you don't know, I am asking him to have a talk with you."

Lexi looked at Ryan with her big clear eyes blinking. Her admiration for him was undisguised. She walked up to him, held Ryan's arm and shook it. "Mr. Ryan, why don't we meet today? I'll come to you tonight, okay? I know you have a private room in the Jade Pearl. I had met you there for several times, but I didn't have the chance to propose a toast to you. "

Emily was disgusted by this scene, she disliked Ryan greatly. Isn't he the same as that horse?

Ryan shook his head, "Ask me out tonight? No way. "

"Have Mr. Ryan already had an appointment? It not a big deal. I can wait for you. "

"Well I'm afraid you have to ask her for permission. "

All of a sudden, Emily felt that all the people present were looking at her. She became uneasy and looked into Ryan's calm eyes. Emily's mind was in a mess.

Disappointed, Richard asked, "Mr. Ryan has an appointment with Emily this evening?"


"Not only tonight, she is also waiting for me now. What are you waiting for? Let's go, Emily."

Ryan gave an order to Emily as granted. Staring blankly at Ryan, Emily listened to him and followed him unconsciously.

"Goodbye, Mr. Richard. Goodbye, Miss Lexi."

Under the disappointed and surprised gazes of Richard and Lexi, Emily followed Ryan into the elevator.

In the elevator, Ryan and Emily stood on each side. The fake friendship between them just now didn't exist at all.

Emily snorted, "Why did you say that just now?"

Without taking a look at her, Ryan said in an indifferent tone, "do you think that Richa

rd will know something about your father? Naive!"

"It's none of your business! Ridiculous! "

"If Mr. Emily would not spoiled my business, I wouldn't have cared about you."

"I'll get in your way? Make it clear."

He could even make up such a lame excuse.

"You just want me to have nowhere to go and beg you!"

Ryan suddenly walked towards Emily and pressed her against the elevator. His long and narrow eyes were unfathomable. When Ryan stared at him, her heart was even slightly swaying. Emily was so frightened that she crossed her arms over her chest and said, "You... What do you to do? "

Ryan stretched out his hand and patted the hair off Emily's shoulder and sneered, "I'm not interested in A cup. But I'm curious. Miss Emily is always haunted by nightmares. When will you going crazy? Little A cup. Don't you know what they call Richard? With his way of doing things, even if he knows something, you can't pry from him. "

Ryan took a few steps forward and stood in front of Emily as if nothing had happened. He was tall, with a wide back like his father, and one hand in his trouser pocket, indescribably debonair.

Emily cursed Ryan in her heart. 'What kind of eyes you have? I was C cup ok? How could this horse say me is A cup?' Emily muttered, "Which eye of you see I was haunted by nightmares?"

She did have nightmares and couldn't sleep or eat well.

When the elevator arrived, before Ryan wanted to explain to Emily, he stepped out.

Emily followed him and bumped into William.

William frowned and looked at her, but his eyes fell on Ryan in front of Emily.

"Emily, come here. I have something to tell you."

At this time, Emily was held in the arms of Ryan who is in front of her. Emily was a little confused. She heard that Ryan said casually, "Mr. William, I'm afraid Emily has nothing to talk with you. Is it, Emily?"

Emily nodded like a puppet. God knew that what Ryan had just done was exactly what she wanted to do.

With a darkened face, William rushed to Ryan and threatened him angrily, "Ryan, I warn you not to covet Emily. Come at me! How dare you play tricks on a woman? "

Ryan pushed William away and said, "Of course I'm not as capable as Mr. William. Kicked his girlfriend and slept with her sister right away. Mr. William is so charming. Countless girls will bow for you as long as you crook a finger. "

"Don't sling mud at me, Ryan. Emily, don't listen to his nonsense. Emily, come here. Let's have a talk. "

William blocked the way between Ryan and Emily.

Emily's heart was in turmoil. 'William, how could you still acting?'

William, I don't want to see you again. And I don't want to hear your nonsense. I have broken up with you. Got it? OK?"

Emily clasped her hands around the waist of Ryan and walked out of the building with him in his arms.

As soon as Emily left William's sight, she pushed Ryan away in disgust.

"Don't kick down the ladder. Miss Emily, you won't have a friend acting like this."

Emily rolled her eyes at him and thought to herself, 'I don't need a friend like you.' But she still thanked him politely.

Ryan turned around and left Emily without hesitation. Looking at his back, Emily kept thinking about her father's words, "Find Ryan to help you. Find Ryan to help you..."

Out of control, she shouted at the back of Ryan, "Please wait a moment."

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