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   Chapter 2 Secret Lover

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"Wow, I never knew you're this brave, Emily. Unfortunately, I don't think you have enough to back this fiery personality of yours. You're not the rich, powerful girl you once were, Emily. You now have to rely on my father's kindness to maintain your social status. But if you want to protect this servant of yours, then by all means do. Go with her. We don't care,"

Amy forcefully pushed Emily and Lily. Lily didn't want to make things more complicated for Emily, and so she patted Emily's hand and said, "Miss Xu, I'll go. Please take care of yourself."

Joseph's wife, Shirley Lin, said, "Then hurry up! Stop talking and go! Oh, my God! Honey, your brother is so extravagant! I hate that he had been so stingy with us while having all these expensive stuff here in Wisteria Garden! This is such a magnificent place! Come on, let's continue looking around!"

Joseph nodded and led his wife and daughter into another part of the property. With the way they conducted themselves, they looked like country bumpkins seeing the city for the first time!

Once they were alone, Emily persuaded Lily to stay. Lily, however, insisted on leaving, as she was sure that her presence would only mean more trouble for Emily.

After Lily left, Emily found Amy throwing all of her stuff out of her room. Standing at the top of the stairs, Amy said arrogantly, "Emily, I don't think you need to use such a big a room from now on. The maid's room downstairs is enough for you. Please take your things there."

"Amy, what makes you think that you can lay your hands on my things and that you can tell me what to do?"

Emily was so angry that she thought her heart was going to burst. She had nothing else but this villa. But now that Joseph and his family were trying to take over it, she felt defeated.

Amy burst into laughter. "Emily, it's decided. You can't do anything about it. You will use the maid's room starting tonight. You know what? I never thought that this day would come. I never thought that one day, an arrogant bitch like you will have to live under my orders!"

Emily couldn't stand it anymore. She charged towards Amy and gave her a slap in the face. Just then, Joseph and Shirley Lin came back. Amy started whining as she ran towards them. "Dad, Mom! Emily hit me! It hurts so much!"

Shirley Lin was scandalized. Without asking about what truly happened, she confronted Emily and said, "You imbecile! How dare you hit your cousin! I swear to God, I will punish you like no other!"

Emily, however, was not about to back down. Instinctively, she grabbed the fruit knife on the table beside her and shouted, "Come on, you old hag! I want to see you try and touch me! I'll stab you to death!"

Seeing that things could escalate into something serious, Joseph stepped in to stop the warring ladies. "Enough, you two! Stop! Emily, stop being so rude to your aunt! Did your father teach you any kind of manners?! And you, Shirley, from now on, I'll leave Emily to you. Discipline her! I don't want her making a fool of herself!"

Amy glared at Emily with hatred. She swore to slap Emily back.

Joseph and Shirley Lin took the Wisteria Garden as their home. Before dinner, they had move their things in and occupied the villa.

Having encountered Ryan, Joseph, Shirley, and Amy in a single day, Emily felt her whole body shutting down. It was all too stressful for her. Ever since her father's death, she hadn't had a good sleep. She also couldn't eat. The only thing that kept her going was her will to find out who killed her father.

At dinner time, Emily came out of her room to get some water when she heard her two cousins laughing exaggeratedly in the living room.

"Wow, you two went to Dolphin Bay? Did he give this to you? Did you kiss him?"

"What the hell? I'm not that easy! So of course not. But...he kissed me. And Amy, you know what? I was so happy!"

When Emily walked into the living room, Anna Xu winked at Amy, and they immediately stopped talking.

"Emily, come here. I brought you something from my trip."

Emily didn't want to go there, but when she saw the photo album from Dolphin Bay in Anna's hand, her heart skipped a beat. William had told her that they would visit that place this year.

Though hesitant, Emily walked towards Anna Xu. After giving her a souvenir, Anna Xu specially pulled out a necklace and dangled it in front of her. "Emily, isn't it beautiful? Lovers who go to Dolphin Bay buy a pair—one for each of them."

"Who is your boyfriend? He has good taste."

"He is..."

Amy was about to reveal who he was, but Anna Xu cast her a meaningful glance which made Amy rolled her e

yes and shut her mouth. "Of course my boyfriend has good taste. He's been like that ever since we met."

Emily felt that something was off. After getting water, she headed back to her room. However, she stopped in her tracks when she overheard what her cousins were talking about. "Why didn't you tell her that William is your boyfriend?"

"What did you just say?"

Emily turned around. Though the dolphin necklace indeed reminded her of William, she never thought that he would cheat on her with Anna Xu.

Anna Xu chuckled and said, "Amy, you have such a loose mouth! He asked me to keep it from her!"

"That's dumb. It's not a big deal! What can she do to you, huh? Look at her. No wonder William does not like her anymore."

Emily couldn't believe what she was hearing. With her judgment clouded with anger and confusion, she ran towards Anna Xu and grabbed her by her collar. As a crazed looked dawned on her face, she asked, "Did you just say that the person who went to Dolphin Bay with you was William? Is it him?"

Anna Xu pushed Emily away and proudly said, "So what?"

Emily felt broken. Slowly, she let go of her cousin, turned around, and ran out of the living room. Her eyes were starting to get filled with tears. While she could accept the fact that William had broken up with her, she could not—and would not—accept the fact that he went to Dolphin Bay and flirted with another woman fully knowing what she was going through back home!

Emily took a taxi to William's house to know the truth. The moment she arrived, she saw her boyfriend, the man she had been missing day and night.

William saw her too, and he walked towards her with his gentle eyes full of concern. "Emily, I'm sorry I'm late. I was just about to go to your house."

He stretched out his long arms and was about to lock Emily in a tight embrace when she took a few steps back. With fiery eyes, she asked, "Where have you been these days?"

At first, William was taken aback by her directness, but he snapped out of it and explained his side. "Something happened in the American branch of our company. I thought it would be finished soon, but I didn't expect that it had already forced some employees to go on a strike. I had to handle it myself so I couldn't come back earlier. I've heard about your father, Emily. I'm so sorry. I wasn't with you when you needed me the most."

William's words were so rehearsed and insincere that Emily couldn't help but sneer. "William, are you really busy with work, or are busy having a vacation with your new girlfriend?"

William's expression froze. When Emily raised the bracelet that Anna Xu gave her just now, tears began falling from her eyes. "Did you and Anna stay in that hotel that has the view of the dolphins?"

"Emily, I don't understand what you are talking about."

"William, do you think I'm a fool?!" Emily shouted at the top of her lungs. She was now shaking from fury. "Stop lying to me!"

"Anna just came to see me! She said that she wanted to go to Dolphin Bay, so I took her! Nothing happened between us!"

"All of those happened and you never thought of telling me?" Emily stared at William, stunned. This was the person she had loved so much. While she was going through her darkest days, he was out there accompanying another woman.

Emily threw the necklace on William's face. "You fucker. You and Anna are a match made in hell! You two deserve each other!"

"Emily, listen to me..."

William caught Emily's wrist and tried to pull her in close to him.

"Emily, please let me handle this. This is just a misunderstanding. We can't separate!"

Though Emily was still trying to get free from William's grasp, she asked one question she had been intending to know the answer to. "My father died for no reason. I want to know everything you know about why that happened."

"Emily, this is the key to another apartment of mine. Move there as soon as possible. Let's live together."

Staring at the key that William gave to her, Emily asked, "What's this?"

William wrapped her arms around Emily and said, "I know you can't face Joseph all on your own. You have me. I'll support you."

"So that you'll be able to marry Anna and I'll be some kind of your secret lover?"

Emily felt a stabbing pain in her heart.

"Emily, I love you, and you love me too, right? We love each other! I will provide you everything you need!"

Emily pushed William away. She had already stopped crying as she stepped away from him and looked him in the eye. She thought she it would hurt badly, but it didn't. Without saying goodbye, she turned around and bolted away from William.

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