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   Chapter 2 Underground Lover

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"Wow, your little paw is quite powerful. Emily, do you think you are still the young lady who born with a golden key? Now you have to rely on my father's kindness to maintain your identity as a lady. Since you want to protect this servant, then get out with her. "

Amy pushed Emily and Lily deliberately. Lily didn't want to implicate Emily. She patted Emily's hand and said, "Miss Emily, I'll go. Please take care of yourself. "

Her aunt, Shirley, said, "Then hurry up. Don't hesitate. Oh, my God! Your brother is so extravagant. He is so stingy with us all the time but has built the Wisteria Garden into such a magnificent one. Honey, let's go around. "

Joseph led his wife and daughter into a deserted place and looked around the Wisteria Garden like country bumpkins.

Emily persuaded Lily to stay. But Lily didn't want to make things difficult for Emily because of her, so she insisted on leaving.

When Emily sent Lily back, Amy threw out all the things in her room. Standing on the stairs, Amy said arrogantly, "Emily, you are not qualified to live in such a big room now. I think the maid room downstairs is suitable for you. You can live there from now on."

"Amy, all these are mine. Do you think you have the right to arrange them?"

Emily's heart was bleeding. Now she had nothing but this house. However, when Joseph and his family were going to take over her house, she was unable to fight against with Joseph.

Amy burst into laughter, "Emily, I had arrange it. Bite me if you can. I am so happy to see that arrogant as you, will live under my orders one day.

Emily couldn't stand it anymore and slapped Amy on her face. Just then, Joseph and Shirley came back. Amy cried harshly and ran to them, acted like a spoiled child. "Dad, mom, Emily hit me. It hurts so much that my ears seem to be deaf."

Shirley's heart was broken. She rushed to Emily with a fierce look and said, "Emily, how dare you hit your sister. You little whore, you are finding for punishment. "

Emily went all out. She grabbed the fruit knife beside her and said in self-defense, "come on, if you dare to try, I'll stab you to death."

Joseph shouted, "Enough! Stop! Emily, don't be so stubborn. How did your father teach you? And you, Shirley, from now on, I'll leave Emily to you. You should discipline her well, in case she goes out to make a fool of herself. "

Amy glared at Emily with hatred. She swore to slap Emily back.

Joseph and Shirley took the Wisteria Garden as their home. Before dinner, they had move their things in and occupied the garden.

After Emily came back from the D Group, she felt dizzy. After she came back, she was even weaker than before because of the Joseph's family making trouble. Since her father's death, she hadn't had a good sleep or a good appetite. What she relied entirely was her will to find out who killed her father.

At dinner time, Emily came out of her room to get some water and heard her two cousins laughing exaggeratedly in the living room.

"Wow, you two went to the Dolphin Bay? Did he give this to you? Have you kissed? Do you have done that? "

"Well, am I such an not reserved person? Of course not. But he kissed me. Amy, you know what? I was so happy at that time. "

When Emily walked into the living room, Anna winked at Amy, and they immediately stopped talking.

"Emily, come here. I have brought you a gift after my trip."

Emily didn't want to go there, but when she saw the photo album of the Dolphin Bay in Anna's hand, her heart skipped a beat. She had made an appointment with William that they would go to the Dolphin Bay this year.

Emily walked towards Anna. After giving her a souvenir, Anna specially pulled up the necklace around her neck and asked Emily, "Emily, is it beautiful? Lovers who go to the Dolphin Bay will buy a pair and wear for each other. "

"Who is your boyfriend? He has a good taste."

"Of course he..."

Amy was about to say something, but Anna cast a glance at her and said, "Of course my boyfriend has good taste. I'll

scare you to death if I tell you. "

Emily didn't want to know. When she went back to her room with the bracelet made of coconut shell, she heard Amy say, "Why don't you tell her that William is your boyfriend?"

"What did you just say?"

Emily suddenly turned around. Although such a thought flashed through her mind when she saw the dolphin necklace around Anna's neck, she did not expect that

Anna said, "Amy, you are such a big mouth. Will didn't allow me to say it."

"It not a big deal. What can she do to you? You look at her face, no wonder William do not like her anymore. "

Emily's heart seemed to be cut open with blood flowing. She rushed over and grabbed Anna's clothes with a frightening look, trying to confirm, "You said that the person who went to the Dolphin Bay with you was William? Is it him? "

Anna pushed Emily away and said proudly, "so what?"

Emily turned around and ran out of the living room. Her eyes were full of disappointment. She could accept the fact that William broke up with her, but she couldn't accept that he knew that she had experienced such a big change, but he hid in the Dolphin Bay and flirted with another woman.

Emily took a taxi to William's house and finally saw her boyfriend, William, whom she had been missing day and night.

William walked towards Emily with his gentle eyes full of concern, "Emily, I'm sorry. I'm late. I wanted to see you just now."

He stretched out his long arm and wanted to hold Emily in his arms. Emily took a few steps back and asked, "Will, where have you been these days?"

"Something happened in the American branch company. I thought it would be finished soon, but I didn't expect that it had caused a strike of the employees. It took me a lot of effort to handle it. I've heard about your father. Emily, I'm so sorry. I wasn't with you when you needed me the most. "

William's words were so sincere that Emily sneered, "Will, are you too busy to contact me, or are you on vacation with your new girlfriend and forgot that I am still on the earth?"

William's expression froze. When Emily raised the bracelet that Anna gave her just now, her eyes were instantly filled with tears. "Will, do you and Anna live in the hotel I mentioned where we can see the dolphin just by pushing the window?"

"Emily, I don't understand what you are talking about."

When William was about to pull Emily over, Emily shouted hysterically, "William, do you think I'm a fool? You are still lying to me! "

"Anna came to see me and said that she wanted to go to the Dolphin Bay, so I took her there by the way. Nothing happened between us."

He took it for granted and [天心] looked at him in disbelief. This was the person she had loved so much. While in her darkest days, he was "by the way" accompanying another woman climb the mountain and down to the sea to watch the fish kissing.

Emily smashed the bracelet on William's body, with determination in her eyes. "William, you and Anna are a bitch match!"

"Emily, listen to me..."

William caught up with Emily and pulled her back.

"Emily, give me some time. I'll handle it well. No one can separate us. "

With the last hope, Emily asked, "Will, my father died for no reason. What I want is an explanation of this matter."

"Emily, this is the key to my apartment. Move there as soon as possible. I will come to accompany you."

Staring at the key that William gave to her, Emily asked, "Will, what's this?"

William hugged Emily and said, "With your current strength, you can't defeat Joseph. But you still have me. I'll support you."

"Let Anna marry you and let me be your underground lover?"

Emily felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Emily, I love you, and you love me too, right? Since we love each other, I will give you those external things after a period of time. "

Emily pushed William away and stepped back to keep a distance from William. She thought she would cry, but in fact, when she turned around and ran away with all her strength, she did not shed a tear.

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