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   Chapter 1 Marry Me

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In the pouring rain, Emily held the badly mutilated Justin and burst into tears. In a weak voice, Justin said, "Emily, go and find Ryan from the D Group to help you..."

As soon as Justin finished his words, his hands dropped and his body was getting cold. "Dad, Dad, wake up! Wake up!" shouted Emily, heartbroken.

Emily woke up in a cold sweat.

Emily had been haunted by such nightmares for several days. She finally made an appointment to have a face-to-face talk with Ryan of the D Group this afternoon.

John, the assistant of Ryan of the D Group, walked in front of Emily. The door of the CEO's office was open, on the chair facing the door, a woman was sitting on a man and kissing passionately. Frowning, Emily turned her head as if she hadn't seen anything. In her heart, she had a lot doubts about Ryan.

His assistant, John, cleared his throat and knocked on the door on purpose.

After a while, Emily heard a sweet voice from the office, "Ouch, Ryan, you are so bad. You made me want you so much, but you drive me away. I don't want to leave."

"I'll wait for your call, Ryan."

When the woman in the office came out, John said, "Miss Emily, this way please."

Emily met the woman face to face. Emily knew this woman, she is the famous model, Jesse. Jesse tidied up her clothes to cover her looming breasts, and glanced at Emily with seductive eyes full of disdain.

Emily felt strange. Just now, when Ryan knew that she was coming, he opened the door and made out with Jesse. However, now there was only her and Ryan, when John went out, he deliberately closed the office door.

"Miss Emily, what can I do for you?"

When Emily was lost in thought, the man opposite looked at her leisurely. He had a pair of slanted eyes, and his eyes were as deep as a pool of cold water.

"Mr. Ryan, do you know my father, Justin?" Emily asked.

Ryan took out a cigarette and put it between his fingers, but he didn't intend to light it. He looked up at Emily and said casually, "Miss Emily, you only have five minutes. If you have something to say, just say it. If you want to ask me about your father's accident, I think you have found the wrong person. "

"My father asked me to come to you."

Emily didn't expect that the man would refuse her so quickly.

"Oh, really?"

Ryan took out a lighter and asked if she minded it or not. Emily shook her head. Ryan lit the cigarette in his hand and took a puff before saying, "Miss Emily, your favor can turn to your boyfriend William for help. Why beat around the bush?"

This damn man was really good at pinching people's wounds. William, Emily's boyfriend, was on a business trip to the United States. Half a month had passed since the thing happened to Justin, but he hadn't come back from the trip yet. At first, Emily thought that he had something urgent to deal with and couldn't come back. After waiting for such a long time, Emily realized that William was deliberately avoiding this matter.

Now she was no longer the daughter of the CEO of the S Group. She had nothing. William's choice was obvious.

"My father asked me to look for Mr. Ryan, not anyone else."

Emily smartly blocked Ryan's words.

"I've just given you my answer. You may leave now," said Ryan, looking at Emily indifferently.

"But Mr. Ryan said nothing. Mr. Ryan may not know that my father is a person who will never ask for help easily. He asked me to come to Mr. Ryan before he died, then you must have an intersection with him. Maybe my father also helped Mr. Ryan before. I don't think Mr. Ryan will just sit by and do nothing because my father had gone. I just want to ask you, what do you know? "

"Even if your father had helped me, he was dead." Ryan vomited a long smoke rings. Besides, I don't owe your father anything. As for why your father asked you to come to me, I am also curious. "

The subtle light of hope in Emily's heart was extinguished. She didn't know what to do for a


After a while, Ryan said, "I'm a businessman. I never do things that are unprofitable. "What can you give me if I help you?"

Biting her lips, Emily asked, "then what's Mr. Ryan's condition?"

Ryan's eyes fell on Emily, which made her very uncomfortable.

"Forget it. You won't agree even if I tell. I advise Miss Emily to find your boyfriend. He is much more capable than me. "

Emily stood still. Although she knew that this man was fighting with her psychologically, she still jumped into his trap.

"I would like to know Mr. Ryan's condition."

Ryan was smoking. His handsome face remained calm. He said, "My condition is: You marry me!"

Emily's mind went blank. She clenched her fists and said angrily, "Mr. Ryan doesn't lack women!"

He was still intimate with another woman just now. Emily was sure that she never had any connection with him, but now, he want her to marry him.

How dare he take advantage of her!

"I don't lack women, but I lack a wife!" said Ryan, looking at Emily without blinking

He looked very serious, not like joking at all. "That's impossible," said Emily in a panic

Ryan shrugged and said, "It's you who asked me to say that. Since Miss Emily thinks my condition is unreasonable, there's no need for us to continue our talking."

He stretched out his long arms and pressed the internal line, "John, see the guest out."

Walking out of the building of the D Group, Emily couldn't figure out why her father would ask her to find such a person before he died. Ryan was not a good man. Before coming here, Emily had also checked the information about this person. Ryan was known for his fast and ruthlessness in the business world. It was said that any company targeted by him would be like being bitten by a viper, doomed. His D Group was the only company in the Q City that could compete with the J Group.

Exhausted, Emily returned to the Wisteria Garden. Before she entered, she heard Lily shouting, "Master, master, you can't do this. How can you do this?"

Emily walked quickly into the room and saw Uncle Joseph coming down from the second floor with a painting. Emily took a closer look and found that the painting in Uncle Joseph's hand was not a famous painting, but the wedding photo of her father and mother hanging in papa's room.

Emily's anger was ignited. She shouted, "Uncle Joseph, what are you doing?"

Joseph said, "Emily, you came back just in time. My brother left in a hurry. I am your only family now. I'm worried about you living here alone, so I specially bring your cousin to accompany you. The Wisteria Garden is close to the S Group and there are many rooms. Your aunt and I will also live here for a period of time. "

Joseph said lightly, but Emily trembled with anger. "Joseph, my father had just died, and now you can't wait to carve his property up." Joseph, aren't you afraid that my father will become a ferocious ghost and come to you? "

With a darkened face, Joseph took two steps closer to Emily and said, "Hey, Emily, you should have your conscience when you speak. Your father had gone, I take the responsibility of the S Group alone and take the initiative to take care of you. Why don't you appreciate it?"

"Dad, she has no conscience. Don't talk so much nonsense with her. I think she is tired of living a good life. Since she doesn't want us to be so good to her, why should we treat her so well? Just drive her out directly. I think she will come and beg us to take her in in less than two days. "

It was Amy, Emily's cousin.

Lily couldn't bear. She stepped forward and persuaded, "Mr. Joseph, the president had left the Wisteria Garden to Miss Emily. I was present when the lawyer came and sign the documents."

Joseph glared at Lily and asked, "Who do you think you are?! When did a doorman could speak in this house? Get out of here right now! "

"I'll see who dares to hurt Lily today," said Emily, holding Lily's hands.

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