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   Chapter 69 Move On

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When Bain arrived at the door, he saw that both Darcey and Sheryl were standing there with red eyes, like two bullied rabbits, pitiful and cute.

He had planned to come back to take a shower and then accompany them, but as soon as he came out, he saw the servants waiting anxiously at the door and telling him that something was wrong.

Although Bain had come here as fast as he could, he was still a little late. They were still wronged.

"Sheryl, I just touched you. Why are you still crying?"

Bain was already in a bad mood, and when he heard that Daryl dared to talk to Sheri in this way, his face darkened, without revealing any emotions. If the people in the business world saw his expression at this time, they would know that what was the most terrible thing was to be angry quietly.

Seeing that she had said so much but failed to make Sheri let go of Darcey, Daryl reached out her hand again to take the child away, but before she could touch Darcey's clothes, her wrist was held by another big hand next to her. A sharp pain came from her hand. She suddenly raised her head and saw the person in front of her was Bain!

"Bain... Bain... "

Bain didn't feel uncomfortable when h

t this moment.

Was she still unwilling to admit it?

A trace of sadness flashed through Bain's eyes. Why did she refuse to admit her relationship with him? Was it because of the man at the gate of the company that day, or the man in the park that day?

Since Darcey refused to admit it, he and his daughter would continue to play with her. They wanted to see how long she could endure.

"You shouldn't have slapped Sheri, even if she did something wrong."

In order to show Darcey, Bain even helped Daryl up on purpose.

When Daryl saw his attitude change, she thought what she said had worked. In the end, he still remembered that she was Sheri's "mommy".

In this way, she wouldn't let go of Sheryl and Darcey.

She had to rely on Darcey to give birth to another child for her...

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