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   Chapter 68 At The Worst, I Will End Up With You

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 4559

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"You are lying. Otherwise, why haven't you come to see me for so long? Do you think I am as disobedient as mommy said?"

Looking at Sheri's aggrieved look, Darcey's heart ached. It was her fault. How could she think that Daryl would be kind to Sheri after Sheri called Daryl "mommy"?

After all, she was not her biological daughter, and she didn't like her so much. Darcey really hated herself for not knowing this until now.

She recalled the time when she was young and could only secretly wipe her tears every time she was bullied. Gradually, she became numb, neither crying nor laughing. If she hadn't left that house and met that person, she would have been a walking corpse now.

Darcey didn't want Sheri to experience what she had experienced. From the beginning to the end, she only hoped that Sheri could grow up healthily and happily. Therefore, no matter what, she had to seek justice for Sheri today. Even if she couldn't drive Daryl away from Sheri, she had to prevent Daryl from getting close to Sheri so easily!

"How could Sheri be stupid? I have never seen a child who is smarter than Sheri. "

Said Darcey in a low voice. She was afraid that her voice would frighten her.

"Sheryl! Have you forgotten what I taught you last time? Have I told you not to get close to strangers? ! Do you still take me seriously? "

Looking at their int


Darcey called her name gently. She was so sensible at such a young age. Other children might still be playing with mud at her age.

Somehow, she remembered what the woman who built the garden had told her last time she came.

It was said that the children of the poor could take care of family as early as possible, but the children of the rich could be sensible earlier.

"Aunt Darcey, I'm sorry. Sheri stained your clothes."

Darcey felt that the weight that had been on her shoulder was gone, as if her heart was missing, and a panic suddenly came.

"Mommy didn't mean to scold me. It's my fault. I didn't write well..."

Tears welled up in Sheryl's eyes. She put her hands in front of Darcey and said, "I don't feel pain."

But Darcey could clearly see that her fingertips were red, and there was a mark like a stick on her palm. Looking at it, Darcey felt that she also wanted to cry.

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