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   Chapter 67 I Will Take Care Of My Child

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 3996

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Although Darcey woke up, she was still in a daze. After nearly a minute, she remembered that she had arrived at Shang Family's house.

Although she didn't know why she moved directly to the door from the car, she didn't have the mind to care about that kind of trifle when she thought that she would see Sheri soon.

What she didn't know was that when she raised her head, all the servants in the room took a deep breath.

Wasn't she the woman they drove away that day?

Why did she come back? It was Mr. Bain who took it back!

The servants exchanged glances with each other, wondering if she would tell Mr. Bain and fire them later. They were so anxious that their faces began to sweat.

"Where is Sheri?"

"Miss. Sheri is upstairs."

A servant was pushed out to answer Bain's question. She glanced at the woman standing beside Mr. Bain from time to time, but the woman said nothing, as if she had forgotten what happened that day.

The servant couldn't help guessing whether she really didn't care about it or just waited to take revenge on them later.

"Take this lady upstairs and entertain her well."

In the sultry summer, he had worked for a whole day and walked a long

o help her.

"Auntie, Sheri thought you abandoned me."

Sheri wrapped her arms around Darcey's neck and leaned her head against Darcey's shoulder. As Sheri sobbed, Darcey could feel that she was trembling.

"Sheri is such a good girl. How could I not come to see you?"

Darcey helped Sheri breathe smoothly so that Sheri wouldn't cry so hard, but looked at Daryl angrily. What did she do to such a young girl? !

It was the first time that Daryl had seen Darcey so fierce. Daryl trembled involuntarily when Darcey looked at her as if Darcey wanted to eat her.

But why should she be afraid? After all, she was the real "mother" of Sheryl. What was wrong with her discipline of her own child? !

Thinking of this, Daryl straightened her back again and looked at Darcey disdainfully.

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