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   Chapter 65 In Our Era, We Should Soak In Pig Cages

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 4853

Updated: 2020-09-21 00:03

A sudden voice broke Darcey's calm. She looked back and found it was indeed Bain.

Darcey's heart was pounding. When did he arrive and how much did he hear?

"This is..."

The old lady's eyes wandered back and forth between the two people. She was very happy to see that the two of them looked at each other. She thought that this man must be the young man who came to send Darcey flowers these days. He was really handsome.

"Nice to meet you, old lady. I'm Darcey's boyfriend."

Bain withdrew his gaze and took the initiative to answer the old lady's question.

But Darcey was speechless. Who was her boyfriend? Why didn't she know she had a boyfriend? She would never admit it.

"Oh, you are Darcey's boyfriend. Why didn't you come to see her? She is a girl and lives alone every day. We are always worried about her if she comes back at night."

The old lady spoke to Bain in front of Darcey and didn't give Darcey a chance to explain.

"Yes, I also think it's not safe for her to live alone."

"No..." Darcey clenched her fists, anger brewing.

"But Darcey didn't listen to me and refused to move in with me."

Darcey, "... ?"

'Wait, who he talked about? Do I know him well? Do I refuse to live with him?' She looked at Bain speechlessly. What did he mean by saying that? To strike first or to ruin her reputation?

They didn't have any relationship at all. Why did she move to his house?

"Well... It's really not good

not welcome here! "

'Wow, it's so satisfying.' Darcey felt happy secretly. She looked at the old lady gratefully. 'The old man is a fount of wisdom. I don't believe that Bain dares to...' How dared he...

Before Darcey could finish her thought, she felt dizzy and was held into Bain's arms!

"You don't worry. We won't be put into jail. We have to tell the whole world how righteous our love is."

And the bunch of flowers that had just smashed on Bain's body had stained him with a lot of petals. This embrace made her feel like his petals had been sprinkled on his body at the wedding ceremony!

Darcey's face turned red. She pushed away Bain fiercely and said, "How dare you act like a rascal at my door? Be careful that I call the security!"

After saying that, she ran back home without looking back. As soon as she closed the door, she leaned against it and began to gasp for breath, but she was more and more confused.

Bain... What did he mean?

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