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   Chapter 50 You Have To Suffer Losses At The First Sight

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After walking out of the office, Darcey breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she had used up all her strength to talk to Harlan for a few minutes, but she also knew that it was just a beginning.

Darcey found her own seat and sat down slowly. From then on, this was her "small world". Looking at the empty desk with only a computer, Darcey decided to put everything she brought on the table.

First of all, she had worked hard to take care of the cactus for two years, which was her most precious thing. It was green and could absorbs radiation. When she was tired from work, she would be in a good mood at a glance.

Then she put some empty folders, file bags, notebooks, pens, cups...

"You have everything you need."

One of Darcey's colleagues looked at Darcey when Darcey sat down and began to put things on the table. She was so surprised that her chin almost popped out.

"Work is hard, and life is your own."

Darcey smiled, shook the last thing in her hand and put it on the table.

"Well, you even have a sense of ceremony at work. Well, new comer, this is what you have to complete today."

With this slightly sarcastic voice, a blue folder appeared in Darcey's sight with a slender and fair hand.

Looking from the source of this arm, it was a woman with a little heavy makeup. Her features were three-dimensional, and the elegant big waves. She didn't even need to shake her head. Darcey could smell the perfume from her body. Not to mention the tight clothes, which set off her breast and hip.

She was probably the most beautiful woman in most men's eyes.

"What's this?" Darcey took it over.

"Since you are new here, Mr. Harlan asked you to start from a simple point, so

a night, there was still nothing.

Darcey didn't believe that she hadn't received the message from him for such a long time, which only meant that he didn't want to reply or forget it.

He forgot it...

Darcey felt a little bitter in her heart. For him, she might really be a toy when he was bored. He would coax her when he was by her side, and it didn't matter if she was gone.

"What's wrong with you, Darcey?" Seeing that Darcey hadn't moved for a long time and her face was a little pale, Ellie Tang asked worriedly.

"Nothing. I'm just a little tired." Darcey regained her composure and smiled. She had to hurry up with her work and show it to Lisa as soon as possible.

She was so busy that she was about to get off work.

Looking at the completed design plan in her hand, Darcey breathed a sigh of relief. Then she picked it up and walked towards Lisa's seat.

"This is my design."

Lisa raised her head and glanced at Darcey. She opened the document and began to read it. In less than three minutes, she threw the document heavily on the table.

This time, the people around looked at the two of them in surprise.

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