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   Chapter 12 The Birth Of A New Plan

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 4638

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Darcey returned home and fell on the bed.

Later, she and Devin found Alina until the morning, but they still didn't see any trace of Alina. Although they called the police and contacted all the people they are familiar with, they still got nothing.

Now the police's advice was to wait.

"Alina...... Where the hell are you? "

Darcey murmured and suddenly buried herself deeper into the quilt.

She recalled what Bain had done to her during the day.

Maybe in the dead of night, people were sentimental. She suddenly felt that she was innocent.

Her slender fingers gently touched her lips, as if the familiar warmth was still there, but she did not feel happy at all.

It was not the first time that she had kissed Bain. It was the first time that she had been so shy and angry that she bit him hard.

She just wanted to tell Bain that she couldn't just let him do whatever he wanted in front of her.

But what could it prove?

She still had so many things that she couldn't control.

Daryl asked her to give birth to a baby, so she did what she wanted her to do. Now even the "strangers" Bain tried to make fun of her......

She was so tired......

Darcey didn't know how long she had slept before she was woken up by a hasty ringtone of her mobile phone.

She answered the phone in a daze without checking the number.

"Darcey, come here now. I have some

money into the pocket of the attending physician and asked about more private conditions.

That was, even if she got the matched stem cell, Sheryl might not be able to live for a few months!

But in fact, for Daryl, it was not a big deal that Sheryl died. But without the chips as Bain's lover, she could only let Darcey sleep with Bain a few more times no matter how reluctant she was.

When she remembered that her beloved man would live under the same roof with Darcey for several days, she......

Daryl clenched her fists, but she could do nothing. Suddenly, she thought of another question.

"And find a way to make yourself look ugly. HMM...... It's okay to pretend to be disabled. After all, we look so alike. If Bain mistook you for me in the daytime, it would be bad. "

Daryl said seriously, as if declaring her ownership.

And Darcey didn't tell her that in fact, Bain had already come to find her!

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