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   Chapter 4 One Glance Is Enough

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Because of her daughter, Daryl could get in and out of Bain's private villa at will. This was the only privilege given to her by Bain, and also the only chance she could get close to him.

Darcey was dressed in an ordinary and dull way, and today she wore a peaked cap to cover her face. She followed Daryl carefully and looked around.

Not everyone could enter Bain's villa, and not every day they could. Darcey didn't want to do anything with Bain. She just wanted to see her daughter.

Five years had passed. Her daughter was taken away by Daryl one week after she was born. They had no chance to meet each other again.

No one could feel how suffering it was during this period except for Darcey.

But now, she didn't even know her daughter's name.

For her, the purpose of sneaking into the villa this time was not really to have sex with Bain. It was just that a incompetent mother wanted to see her daughter.

While Darcey was thinking, the atmosphere was thick with tension. She raised her head and happened to meet the man's cold and scrutinizing eyes.

It was him, Bain!

Darcey had never looked him up and down as today.

His extremely cold face was full of indifference. He had an enchanting and indulgent face, but because of the coldness in his eyes, he looked more sophisticated and sharp.

Looking at it, Darcey suddenly remembered the night when he had sex with her three times.

A sense of guilt suddenly arose from the bottom of her heart. She quickly lowered her head.

Even so, she could still feel that the man's scrutinizing eyes were still fixed on her.

"Bain, why are you back?" Daryl stood in front of Darcey and blocked Bain's sight. She smiled awkwardly and said nothing. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Who is she?" Ignoring Daryl's question, Bain asked.

He seemed to be interested in her.

Daryl cleared her throat and said in a low voice, "I've signed the endorsement of SJ cosmetics recently. This is my new make-up artist."

Bain narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, "My daughter is having a show at school these days. Why don't you ask your makeup artist to come with her?"

Daryl was stunned and looked up in disbelief.

Bain had always been indifferent. He hadn't said anything to her in the past five years even if she came here with her child to ask for a position!

But today, he just took a glance at Darcey and suddenly made such a request?

Daryl clenched her hands and said. "No, I don't think it's a good idea..."

"No?" Asked Bain, raising his eyebrows.


more he acted like this, the less Daryl dared to refuse him easily.

What's more, when the man's voice fell, the almost suffocating atmosphere seemed to warn her that if she dared to refuse, she would never dream of marrying him again in her life!

Daryl didn't dare to refuse, but she couldn't agree either.

In the past five years, she had relied on her daughter to stay with him, but he had never touched her.

If he couldn't, why he had sex with Darcey these two times between these years? Although she couldn't figure out the reason, she would never let Darcey have the chance to get close to Bain!

If she was really found out, wouldn't her elaborate plan be ruined?

"It's not impossible... But she was invited by me on the spur of the moment. I'm afraid that it will embarrass our daughter... "

"If you can't invite her, I'll invite her in private. Are you satisfied now?" His attitude was even colder.

Daryl didn't dare to refuse again.

"No, no. No! Then, I'll take her to daughter in a few days! "

Fortunately, Bain didn't pursue it. He just said "Okay." and turned back to the study.

She didn't know why he was walking towards the entrance at first but now he walked to the study.

Looking suspiciously at Bain's back, Daryl became more vigilant.

She secretly took Darcey to her daughter's room, the whole villa, only this room was more "convenient" for her.

"I'll go to the kitchen and put some medicine into his food later. Tonight is the last chance. If you can't get pregnant, humph, you know what will happen! "

When Daryl was about to go out, she was stopped by Darcey.

"Daryl, are you sure you didn't lie to me?"

Until now, Darcey felt strange.

If something really happened to her daughter, Bain wouldn't be like that.

Even if he didn't care about Daryl and didn't have much affection for his daughter, she was his own daughter after all. It was a matter of life and death. He couldn't be so calm, could he?

Besides, can a child with leukemia attend school activities?

All these doubts made Darcey very uncomfortable.

"Why should I lie to you? Do you think your daughter is not sick?" Daryl casually leaned against the door and smiled. "Ha ha, even if I lied to you, you can't turn around now! Besides, have you forgotten what would happen to that man?"

That man... Darcey kept silent.

She knew that Daryl was crazy and could do anything!

If she hadn't done that six years ago, how could she be controlled by her?!

At this point, she had made a mistake! She was in a dilemma!

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