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   Chapter 3 Not Pregnant

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Two weeks after Darcey slept with Bain, Daryl sent someone to accompany her to a private clinic to get checked up.

That someone was Daryl's assistant, an otherwise ordinary-looking lady who looked solemn yet serious.

During the appointment, everything—from test results to the doctor's findings and advices—was recorded by this assistant. Darcey felt like she was being monitored.

After going through everything, the assistant excused herself to call Daryl. "Hello, Daryl," she politely greeted as soon as Daryl picked up the phone. "She is not pregnant."

"Bring her here," Daryl ordered.

"Right away."

After exiting the clinic, the assistant drove Darcey to DH Entertainment. There, she was led to a room situated in the lesser crowded part of the building.

Daryl, though already fully made-up, didn't go to her set. Instead, she went straight for the room where Darcey was. The moment she arrived, she locked the door and turned to Darcey with eyes full of rage. "Why the hell aren't you pregnant, Darcey?! Do you think that this is a joke?"

"A joke? Do you honestly think I have time to joke around like this?" Darcey donned a sneer on her lips as she looked back at the woman fuming right in front of her. "Daryl, I know you're not the smartest but I believe you still have some common sense in you. Do you really think that it is within my control whether or not I get pregnant?"

Having done this before, Darcey thought Daryl would understand how the process worked. Unfortunately, it seemed like she didn't.

Darcey found it amusing, but also extremely annoying. Considering how Daryl was the one pulling all the stops in this convoluted plan, she thought she would be more perceptive about the roadblocks she could face. How could she not?

"You told me you didn't do anything to Bain that night, remember? Well, I drugged him! So there was no reason for him to just wake up out of nowhere!"

Darcey's sneer widened.

She didn't want to play this game anymore.

"Why don't you ask your Bain? How weak do you think he is that he'd be knocked out by some puny drug you made him take? And besides, if you really want a child, why don't you do it yourself?"

Daryl felt like she had been stabbed

in the heart.

She was infertile.

If she wasn't, there was no way she would let her sister do what she was making her do now!

'How dare she use it against me!' she thought.

"It's none of your business!" Daryl shouted at the top of her lungs. Then, she burst out maniacally laughing. "Oh, I see what you're doing. Are you insecure because no other man wants to touch you after getting pregnant five years ago? Bain is the only person who would have sex with you and so you'd make sure you'll get to have him multiple times before getting knocked up! You filthy bitch!"

"What are you even saying, Daryl? Are you hearing yourself? I got pregnant six years ago because it was the first time Bain actually enjoyed someone in bed!" Darcey chuckled mockingly. "Seems like you don't know your boyfriend, Daryl. You know that a few hours aren't enough for us to have fun."

"You bitch!"

Daryl was show shaking in anger. Darcey didn't feel bad, however. After all, her sister was the one who became aggressive first.

She was the one who threatened her and started this whole deal. She was the one responsible for all of this. The only thing she cared about now was saving her daughter!

Even though Daryl looked amazing with her make-up and outfit, all Darcey could see was a devil in disguise. She was the one who started all of this, but she still had the audacity to act like a victim and make her feel bad.

Darcey was also feeling rage brewing up inside of her chest.

"Shut up! I don't care about anything you say! You have to give me a son!" Then, Daryl's already bloodshot eyes showed a glint of unparalleled cruelty. "I'll give you the last chance, Darcey. If don't give me what I want, I will find someone who could. You'll just have to wait for your daughter's cold corpse!"

Darcey didn't say anything else.

She had to stop herself from doing anything inflammatory as she was once again reminded that it was her who had the short end in this deal.

Daryl, however, was not feeling any better. Her lips were white and on the verge of bleeding as she was biting so hard on them. She silently reminded herself that this was the last time she would let Darcey into her head and make her lose her cool.

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