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   Chapter 2 Could It Only Be Her

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 4402

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"How dare you!"

Daryl widened her eyes in anger. She didn't expect that Darcey dared to threaten her like this.

"If you really dare to tell everyone about me, I will let your daughter die with a miserable death!"

"You!" Darcey was extremely regretful. She lost her own daughter, and now her daughter was threatened! It was all Daryl's fault.

In the past, Darcey was simple and innocent, and Daryl had pretended to be her good sister for twenty years. It was not until Darcey gave birth to her own daughter and Daryl took her away to be Bain's girlfriend that she revealed her true colors.

"Daryl, I won't expose you, but don't expect me to help you! I have to save my daughter, but don't get entangled with me after this matter is over! "

"Don't worry. I have arranged everything. As long as you give birth to another child for me, I will never look for you again in my life."

After that, Daryl straightened her clothes.

Since her threat was useful, there was no need to say anything more to her. Besides, it was almost time for her to go upstairs and lie down beside Bain.

She had already made an appointment with reporters, waiting for an earth shattering "catch adultery" tomorrow morning. As long as this matter could be reported to the media, she and Bain's marriage could be decided.

Thinking of this, Daryl felt much more relaxed. She quickly walked upstairs. As soon as she entered the room, she immediately took off her coat, and inside was a set of sexy and hot underwear!

At this moment, it seemed that Bain was still sleeping soundly in bed.

It seemed that everything was under control. She smiled and lay beside him.


Daryl gently called his name. Her warm breath sprayed into his ears, and her soft hands were not idle. When she was about to touch the strong body beside her, Bain suddenly turned over and woke up.

He woke up two times in the night because the woman threw herself at him. The former gesture was clumsy and almost hurt him, but the latter seemed to be experienced.

Even so, he didn't like the latter. Even when she was lying beside him, he felt uncomfortable all over.

"Bain? You... Do you want more?"


asked for his favor in a charming voice, and there was a faint shyness in her coquetry. But before she could take the initiative to attack, she was controlled by the man and could only step back.

"Let go." Bain's voice was extremely cold.

He was a famous abstinent president, and no woman had ever been close to him. Five years ago, Daryl appeared in his life with a child, and he gave her the resources that everyone dreamed of, and the success that they might not reach in their whole lives.

For the sake of his beloved daughter, and for the sake of his "hidden disease", he just allowed this woman to be his gossip girlfriend.

Then he found that he didn't like her.

But she was different just now. And he didn't hate that feeling.

"Bain, I just want to be with you..."

In the darkness, Daryl's voice sounded a little aggrieved, as if she didn't know the reason why the man she had just loved was now indifferent to her.

"Isn't it enough just now?"

"Just now... " Daryl lowered her voice.

The people had enjoyed before was Darcey. How could she have the right to enjoy it?

The more she thought about it, the more painful she felt. She lowered her head and could only flatter, "I want more... Bain, can you please satisfy me again? "

After saying that, Daryl's hands began to be restless again.

But as soon as she touched him, he pushed her out.

"Can't you understand me?"


"I warned you not to touch me six years ago."

"But last night..."

"You'd better forget what happened last night."

Then he stood up, got dressed, opened the door and went out.


Daryl fell down on the bed and looked at Bain's slender and cold back walking away, like an iceberg that would not melt.

She gritted her teeth secretly and hated Darcey even more!

Why? The secret didn't be exposed! And he had just had sex with "her", but now he became like this again.

Was Darcey so lucky to get the favor every time?!

Daryl's eyes twinkled. She took a look at her watch. The reporters would arrive in a few hours. Although she couldn't be caught adultery this time, how could she give up so easily?

She was determined to be Mrs. Bain!

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