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   Chapter 2 Determined To Be Mrs. Shang

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 5377

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"How dare you!"

Daryl's eyes widened in anger. Never in her life did she imagine that Darcey would threaten her the way she just did.

"Do you really think that intimidating me like this will get you anywhere? Darcey, listen to me. if you dare tell anyone about this whole thing, I swear to God I will make sure you daughter dies a miserable death!"

"You..." Darcey shook in anger. It was as if it wasn't enough that her daughter was taken from her—now, her life was being endangered as well. Daryl was so good at acting.

For twenty years, Darcey had been thinking that Daryl was a caring sister. But everything changed after Darcey gave birth to Bain's daughter. Daryl revealed her true, ugly colors, selfishly taking her child away from her to be his girlfriend.

"Fine! I'll keep quiet about this but do not expect me to continue helping you! I just want to save my daughter, that is all! After I do that, I don't want anything to do with you anymore!"

"Don't worry. I've already arranged everything. As long as you give birth to another child and give it to me, you won't hear from me ever again."

With that, Daryl subtlety let out a sigh of relief.

Since she was able make sure that Darcey wouldn't reveal their little deal to anyone, there was no need for her to say anything more to her. Besides, it already time for her to go upstairs and lie down beside Bain.

She had already contacted multiple reporters to cover her supposed rendezvous with Bain. 'Tomorrow morning, every newspaper in the country will be featuring us, and only us!' she thought. And the moment that happened, her marriage with Bain would finally take place.

Excitement started to fill her chest. With an eager smile, she went up the stairs and towards the room where Bain was. The moment she set foot in the room, she took off her coat, revealing the gorgeous set of lingerie she was wearing.

Bain was still asleep in the bed, unaware of what was transpiring around him.

A huge smile formed on Daryl's lips. With everything seemingly under control, she carefully slipped next to Bain and put her arms around him.


Daryl gently called. As she did, her hand roamed and caressed his naked body. This, however, didn't go on for long as merely moments after Daryl spoke, Bain opened his eyes.

Bain clearly remembered that he woke up twice because someone got on top of him. The first time it happened, the action felt rushed that it almost hurt him. The second one, however, seemed much more gentler, and somehow, experienced.

Despite the stark difference between the two, he disliked the latter. And weirdly enough, he began to feel uncomfortable as he felt t

hat the woman was still lying beside him.

"Bain, it's me. Do you want more?"

Daryl asked in her most charming voice. She wanted to sound shy and embarrassed, like a girl who just did the act for the very first time. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't her dictating how the whole situation would go.

"Let go." Bain's voice was extremely cold.

He was known as someone who had abstained from any sexual intercourse with anyone, and so no woman had ever been close to him. Five years ago, Daryl appeared in his life with a child. He gave the both of them the resources a normal person could only dream of.

For the sake of his beloved daughter, and for the sake of his hidden disease—he hated to be on intimate terms with women—he allowed people to gossip behind his back and call Daryl his girlfriend.

But she was just like the other girls; he hated being intimate with her.

But then the woman he was with a while ago was different. He didn't hate her touches, not one bit.

"Bain, I just want to be with you."

In the darkness, Daryl could only be inferred as aggrieved. It was like she couldn't understand why the man she was just with was acting so cold towards her.

"I believe what we did was already enough,"

Bain answered emotionlessly. "What we did..." Daryl whispered to herself.

It wasn't her who Bain was with minutes ago. So no, it wasn't enough for her because she wasn't there.

The more she thought about it, the more pained she felt. "I want more. Bain, can you please satisfy me again?" she begged.

After that, her hands went to work, touching everything she could, trying to bring about a reaction from Bain.

But as soon as she did, he once again pushed her away.

"Didn't you understand what I just said?"


"I warned you not to touch me six years ago."

"But last night..."

"You'd better forget what happened last night."

Then he stood up, got dressed, opened the door and went out.


Daryl stumbled out of bed and fell hard on the carpeted floor. Pain enveloped her body, and all she could do as look up and watch as Bain's wide back vanished through the door.

She gritted her teeth. 'I fucking hate you, Darcey Qiao!'

Why was this happening? Did Bain find out her secret? He supposedly just had sex with "her" but he still acted incredibly cold towards her!

Why did Darcey not get treated like this? What was so special about her?

She took a look at her watch. The reporters would arrive in a few hours. Though she couldn't get Bain in bed with her, there was no way she would just throw away this once-in-a-lifetime chance of marrying him.

She was determined to be Mrs. Shang!

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