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   Chapter 1 Give Me A Son

Infatuated With A Spoiled Sweetie By Shi Yue Characters: 6611

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"Darcey, can you have another child with Bain and give it to me?" Daryl Qiao asked.

Darcey Qiao huffed and rolled her eyes. "Daryl, I already gave you a child five years ago. What else do you want from me this time?"

"Have you forgotten how much you owe my mother and me, Darcey? We cared and provided for you for twenty years. Do you really think that repaying us by bearing two children is too much?"

Upon hearing this from her sister, Darcey Qiao felt herself come back to her senses. Five years ago, she agreed to sleep with Bain Shang, give birth to a child, and give Daryl Qiao the child. However, she didn't expect she would do the same thing again.

All Daryl Qiao wanted to do was become Bain Shang's wife. That was why she claimed that she had a child with him. Darcey Qiao had given her daughter to Daryl Qiao five years ago. She didn't want to do it the second time.

"I won't agree."

This seemingly decisive rejection made Daryl Qiao smile coldly. "What if I tell you that your daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia and that the only way you'd be able to save her is to give birth to another child? Would you do what I am asking, or would you prefer to bury the dead body of your daughter?"

Leukemia? Darcey Qiao felt her heart sink.

Daryl Qiao noticed the panic that washed over Darcey Qiao. It made her smile, as if it was something to be proud of. "If you have even an ounce of conscience, you wouldn't let your daughter die. Am I right?"

Darcey Qiao knew Daryl Qiao well—she was cunning, and she would do everything in her power to get whatever she wanted. She knew that even if Daryl Qiao had access to the treatment her daughter needed, if she didn't do whatever she was asking of her, her daughter would be in danger.

"Fine," Darcey Qiao conceded, her voice shaky. "I'll do whatever you want!"

A subtle smile graced Daryl Qiao's lips and she looked extremely satisfied with herself. Without saying another word, she left.

Even though it was dark, Darcey Qiao was able to navigate through the room without bumping into anything. Once she reached her destination, she carefully got on the bed and lied beside the man who was fast asleep. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his study torso. She had never been the one to initiate something, but this time, she knew she had to.

Careful not to wake the man, she went on top of him and started gently kissing his handsome face.

Bain Shang was the object of her affections. He was one of the richest and most successful business tycoons in the entire world.

Daryl Qiao was involved in the entertainment industry and she met him six years ago. She wanted to become his woman. Unfortunately for her, he didn't like being touched by women, and so all her moves on him didn't produce the result she wanted. She thought it was a hopeless case, until Darcey Qiao came into the picture.

Bain didn't dislike Darcey Qiao. No one understood why.

Even Bain Shang himself didn't seem to notice that he was treating Darcey Qiao better than other people. Daryl Qiao, however, did.

Because of that, she wanted Darcey Qiao to have a baby with him so that he would be forced to stay with her and their child.

Darcey Qiao agreed then, but she never thought it would be asked of her again.

As her ha

nds kept moving, exploring his body, tears continuously fell from her eyes.

She wanted her daughter to live!

She had to have sex to him while he was asleep. She would do everything by herself and she would make sure that tomorrow, she would let Daryl Qiao sleep beside him.

What she was doing was shameful! Especially for a woman!

But what else could she do?

With a bitter smile, she began to unbutton his clothes. The room's total darkness as well as her nervousness made her hands shake a bit. She fumbled a few times, but she was determined to get the deed done.

All of a sudden, a strong hand seized her wrist.

He woke up!

"You..." Darcey Qiao murmured out of shock, but she immediately held back. She had to pretend that she was Daryl Qiao!

'What should I do?'

While she was contemplating whether she should force herself onto Bain Shang or retreat for now, the man turned over, got on top of her, and pressed her under his body.

She was stunned, but not panicked. Somehow, she felt amused and at awe as to what was happening.

She didn't expect him to be so cooperative.

As soon as the day broke, Darcey Qiao got up, got dressed, and sneaked out of the room. Bain Shang was still asleep.

She then headed to the hotel lobby downstairs, where Daryl Qiao was already waiting for her.

Daryl Qiao waited for Darcey Qiao in the hotel lobby the whole night and so it was unsurprising that she looked a little bit pale. 'If it weren't for the fact that this bitch could get pregnant and that Bain doesn't hate her touch, I wouldn't have let her near my man!' she thought, as she saw Darcey Qiao approaching her.

Darcey Qiao, on the other hand, looked beautiful and full of innocence. Unbeknownst to her, there was a hickey on her neck in full display.

'Is that a hickey?' Daryl Qiao confronted Darcey Qiao and asked with a straight face. "What's going on? What happened last night?"

"I…… I don't know. He suddenly woke up..." Unlike Daryl Qiao, Darcey Qiao didn't want Bain Shang to find out that she had taken the initiative to sleep with him.

"Do you think I'm easy to fool? How could he wake up by himself? You must have woken him up, you bitch! You must have done that on purpose! You don't want to give him to me! Am I right? I never knew you were this kind of a back-stabbing bitch, Darcey!"

Daryl Qiao tried her best to control her anger but she was failing miserably. When it came to her beloved man flirting with another woman, she wouldn't go down without a fight! The more she stared at the love bite on Darcey Qiao's neck, the more she became jealous of her!

And the more she thought about what might have happened, the angrier she was getting. Slowly, she found herself raising her shaking hand.

It landed forcefully on Darcey Qiao's delicate face, creating a loud noise. Darcey Qiao's cheek became red and swollen from the impact of the slap.

"Daryl, what the hell is wrong with you? I really don't know why he woke up! I'm sure he didn't recognize me. Is that enough for you? I have done everything you asked me to, and I think I've already paid off the kindness the Qiao family has extended to me by raising me! Now, if you dare force me to do anything ever again, I swear to God I'll tell everyone what you have done!"

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