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   Chapter 26 Being Scolded (Part One)

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Hearing this, Wendy felt that she couldn't explain herself clearly even if she jumped into the River. That employee pointed at Wendy not far away and left before he nodded his head slightly to Greg.

At that moment, Wendy saw clearly the expressions on the employees' faces and heard their discussion. "How dare she say that she has nothing to do with Greg?" That was probably what the main point of the discussion. "Wendy, come out here," Greg said.

Wendy put down her work and went to see him. "I'm here to pick you up," he continued. After saying that, Greg was about to help her take her bag, but she shook her head.

"I have promised to invite my colleagues to dinner. Can you go back first?" These words were somewhat ambiguous. As soon as he heard that, Greg looked at the people in the sales department subconsciously.

Then he said in front of their surprised faces, "Okay, then I'll go with you. Do you mind adding a pair of chopsticks?" The employees almost jumped up.

The young boss would have dinner with them in person?! It was a great honor for them and the benefit was from Wendy. Wendy, on the other hand, thought it was not a good thing. But if she refused Greg, these gossip guys would not let her go. "Well, you are welcome to go with us. But remember! How should I say? Remember, don't talk too much, okay?"

Greg didn't understand what was on Wendy's mind, but judging from her expression, he more or less understood what the employees had done to her.

It was undoubtedly because of him that the first day of Wendy seemed not going well. In the company, Edmund knew everything. In the evening, the employees of the department took Wendy and Greg to the famous karaoke bar.

As a young lady and a young master from the rich family, Wendy and Greg didn't come to this place many times, but the former had more experiences than the latter. Anne had taken her to this kind of place when she had no place to play.

Wendy didn't like the nightspot, but she had to accept it today. That was what she had to choose. Greg was more calm, sitting next to her and talking with her.

First, the group went to have dinner, and then went to sing. Needless to say, Wendy must be the most active one to sing the songs. She constantly change songs one after another. When the next song which was with hot music, everyone in the spot all shocked.

Including Greg. Wendy liked singing the most.

Even the most childish songs could be sung well by her, and the employees didn't dare to go up to stop her. The main reason was that Wendy kept singing and singing and seemed not tired.

After Wendy stopped singing, the next game began. The game was the last thing Wendy liked. She always lost, and even lazily played it in the end. But it seemed that everyone was in a good mood.

She couldn't let herself disappoint the atmosphere. "Let's get started. The o

ne has to drink if he loses."

Greg was the luckiest one, and he was good at playing games. He won steadily every time and never lose. However, it seemed that Wendy was not so lucky, and she had never won from beginning to end. Such a contrast was hard for her to accept.

So she had to drink the wine one glass after another. She was not the kind of person who was good at drinking. It was not easy for her to drink. Greg felt sorry for her and thought that she was about to fall down at any time.

"Let me drink it for her." After Wendy burped, Greg stood up, grabbed her glass and drank the wine up. In the other people's eyes, he just drank the wine in Wendy's glass and no one would believe that they had nothing to do with each other.

"Mr. Greg, you are playing as a hero to save the beauty, huh? We won't agree that." However, the crowd just said it and of course they would give tacit consent to let him drink for Wendy.

After all, no one wanted to embarrass their boss and his future wife. "No, thanks, Greg. I can still drink by myself." Wendy didn't want to make him drink too much. If they were both drunk, they couldn't go back at last. It was obvious that these colleagues wanted to make them drink on purpose.

Perhaps it was because Wendy didn't want Greg to drink too much for her that she kept drinking all the time. Her colleagues couldn't bear to see her drink so much. After all, they were standing there watching a girl drink one glass after another.

Although she was fine at the moment, the aftereffect of the wine could torture her to death. "Stop drinking, Wendy, or you won't be able to go back." Greg held her in his arms and she hugged him without a hitch, dangling back and forth. Greg feared that she would fall over herself.

What if she bumped her head against the stage? All the people around looked at them with admiration and envy. "Mr. Greg, you are so good to Wendy. Can we hear your good news in a few days?"

Some of them were trying to play up to Greg. He didn't want to say anything that they would misunderstand Wendy when she was drunk. So he shook his head and denied, "We are friends for the time being."

But those words made people misunderstand more. They could tell that Greg was going to pursue Wendy and would not shrink back on this. "Then we wish Mr. Greg a happy ending and win the beauty's heart."

Wendy was drunk and her face was as red as a ripe apple. She was so coquettish that made someone want to take a bite. Although Greg had such an impulse, he would not do such a thing.

But after the gathering, he helped her out. As a result, no one wanted to disturb their boss, so they had to leave them alone.

If Wendy was sober now, she would scold this ungrateful guys for let Greg take her away. "Look at you. You are just flaunting your superiority. You cannot drink, but you still want to drink."

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