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   Chapter 25 New Job

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"I don't know what's wrong with Greg. I'm sorry to embarrass you, Mr. Jerrold." Greg's father said. Wendy's father Jerrold immediately smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. My daughter is not a quiet girl. I hope you don't mind, Mr. Dewey,"

Jerrold delivered his polite words to Greg's father. When she heard the conversation between her father and Greg's father, Wendy felt that she they were being just too concerned with their manner.

Looking at the polite words of these adults, Wendy only felt boring. Quite boring. Perhaps it was because from the bottom of her heart, she always felt that Greg, who was standing in front of her was flushed and very pleasing. "Hey, you blushed? Am I too beautiful?"

Although Wendy was usually bold, it was really impossible for her to flirt with a man openly in a formal occasion. And Greg then raised his head and felt a little embarrassed.

After all, it was the first time that he had been treated like this by a girl, and she was the one he liked. "I..." He couldn't speak, and the two fathers had heard clearly what they said.

Jerrold was a little dissatisfied and looked at Dewey with embarrassment. "Sorry for my daughter's reckless behavior. I'll teach her a lesson right now!" Dewey thought Wendy was cute, generous and sincere.

She had the demeanor of a big family lady. Dewey wanted to dissuade Jerrold, but it was too late. So he had to follow him. "Wendy, don't be rude to Greg. How did I teach you to be polite? You forgot that already?"

Jerrold might want Dewey to see his sincerity, and he also hoped that Greg could neglect the minor points of conduct and forgive his daughter, so he said more seriously. Wendy had already been used to his way of rebuking her.

She immediately made a gesture of repentance, but Greg thought that it was because of her sadness that she was blamed by his father. He stood out without thinking.

"Uncle Jerrold, this is just a joke of your beloved daughter. I'm not as narrow-minded as you think. Please don't blame her anymore."

At that time, what Greg said was unintentionally cute. Looking at him, there was a strange warm flow in the bottom of Wendy's heart, which had never happened before. And Dewey suddenly pulled Jerrold to stop him.

"Let's go. Give the young people some time to know each other." Dewey laughed happily. Jerrold also noticed something unusual and left with him. For the remaining two young people, there was nothing else but embarrassment left in the air.

Their fathers had sensed the spark between them. Wendy was the first one to break the ice. She was a little restrained and didn't have the guts to do anything unconventional. However, Greg liked the way she behaved just now.

"Thank you," Wendy said. "It's okay," Greg said gently. His tenderness seemed to have only appeared in his dream and never showed in the reality to other girls. "Wendy, right? Can we have a small talk?" he continued.

Since the other party had spoken, what else could Wendy do except for agreeing? After all, the other party had saved her from her father's scolding. "Are you still a student?"

Greg opened his mouth again. When he looked at Wendy, he felt that she was very young and should be still at school. She thought that she was truly looking a little bit young. Although sometimes she acted domineering, her figure was still a teenage-girl look that betrayed her adultness.

"I have graduated from the university a long time ago. Do I look very young?" Greg nodded without hesitation. Wendy thought that he might not have seen any younger girl, so he had the thought that she was still a teenager.

"Do you know what my father is thinking?" As Wendy spoke, she mentioned her father. She had to give Greg a heads up. It seemed that her father was aiming at Greg.

"Unite the two families by marriage?" So he knew it. Well, she didn't have to worry about it. "Don't you want to resist?"

Wendy was surprised to see that Greg was not the kind of person who was obedient. Greg kept silent. In fact, he wanted to say that it didn't matter if it was you.

However, Wendy had little contact with him, so he couldn't be too reckless to scare her away.

"Wendy, which young man are you talking with?" When Anne came over and saw a handsome man sitting in front of Wendy], she joked and rolled her eyes at her.

"That's my friend, Greg. You think too much." Wendy introduced Greg to Anne. She smiled at him with an evil expression.

"I'm Anne, the best friend of that silly girl." After saying that, she gestured to leave them two alone and ran over. When Wendy was hesitating what should she say, Jerrold walked over and took away his daughter. Dewey patted on his son's shoulder and said, "They have left. What are you looking at?"

She suddenly felt that it was right to bring his son to the party. This boy was finally having a crush on somebody. Soon, Nina arrived at home with her father.

See his daughter standing there, Jerrold didn't blame her much, but looked at her kindly and said, "Go to work in the Xiao Group tomorrow."

The Xiao group? Suddenly, Wendy thought of Greg. Wasn't that his family's property? In other words, she would see Greg when she worked there. Well, it did not matter.

At least it was better than being arranged in a company where she had no acquaintance. "Okay, Dad." Jerrold went upstairs with satisfaction, while Wen

dy sat on the sofa and threw her high heels away.

The high-heeled shoes were going to kill her feet, but those women were still keen on wearing them. Next day, in the Xiao Group, Dewey called Greg in and gave him a file. "Wendy will come to the company later. Go and pick her up yourself."

Looking at the smiling Wendy on the file photo, Greg raised the corners of his mouth slightly. Then he looked down and found that she would be working in the sales department. She graduated from a famous university. Thinking of the way that the girl teased him, he couldn't connect her with such a famous university graduate.

"I see." After Greg went out, Dewey knew that his son must be very happy judging from his expression. Wendy went to the company in the afternoon.

She had overslept. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Greg waiting downstairs. She was a little excited and naturally walked over to talk to him. The moment he saw her, Greg changed into another person, smiling gently.

"Come with me." Greg led Wendy, just like showing her around his home, to visit the company. No one else was qualified to let the young master take around.

"It's great here. I've heard about the famous Xiao Group for a long time. I didn't expect it to be so good."

Working in such an environment was undoubtedly enjoyable. "You will be working in the sales department. I'm taking you over there." Greg had a good relationship with the director of the sales department.

He had already asked the director to look after the newcomer, and Wendy was a capable person, not to the point of being rejected everywhere. "Thank you."

Wendy then followed the director to her position, and Greg left. The two looked at each other. In the eyes of outsiders, it was just a show of affection. At that time, Wendy's good impression of Greg had risen greatly and never stopped.

When she arrived at the sales department, the director treated her very well and didn't say anything. Instead, he treated her as a member of his own kind, but he always looked at her with a strange eyes.

And he even looked her up and down. 'Is everyone here undisguised and so direct?' she thought. Earlier, the director had already told his department staff of Wendy.

He reminded everyone that Wendy was not a person to be pushed around so the staff should not ask her irrelevant questions. When the director took Wendy inside the office, everyone was very quiet. The director was very satisfied, and he thought that Wendy looked like an independent girl.

Then he left at ease, leaving all the place to his staff and Wendy. Sometimes it seemed to be peaceful, but in fact, it was not.

"Hello, My name is Wendy. Nice to meet you. I hope we can get along well." She gave the staff an introduction of herself.

People in big companies were different. All the employees worked very hard. Such an atmosphere was exactly what she wanted. In this way, she would definitely learn a lot of different things.

An employee poked her head out and saw that the director was not squatting outside, so she began to deliver the message to everyone. Then she looked straight at Wendy, as if she was going to punish her severely.

"I will be embarrassed if you look at me like this," Wendy said. The smile on her face was unnatural. Why did she feel as if she was gping to be in trouble?

"What's the relationship between you and Greg? It's said that he escorted you here in person!"

The employees began to get to the bottom of the matter. Wendy shook her head and said, "He's just an ordinary friend. We just knew each other yesterday. What's wrong? Is he very popular?" The employees all smelled love between her and Greg.

But when they heard Wendy's words, they were surprised. "It's impossible that such a good man like him is not popular. He comes from a rich family, having a handsome face and a good working ability!"

He was a prince charming? Well, Wendy had to admit that Greg indeed had the qualification to be a prince charming.

"You must have a relationship with him. Needless to say, I just saw the tenderness in his eyes when he looked at you. We never saw him like this!"

A female colleague passing by looked at Wendy with admiration and she thought if only Greg was beside herself.

"We are just friends. His father and my father are business friends, so it's normal for me to have a good relationship with him. Haven't you heard of the words 'business friends only talk business'?"

Wendy said these words subconsciously just because she wanted to explain that the two families were partners and Greg was just an acquaintance.

But there were so many partners of the Xiao Group, and the employees had never seen that Greg had any interest in any ladies. However, he showed a different attitude only toWendy which was suspicious!

But since she didn't want to talk about it, the employees were very polite, so they didn't ask. Seeing the disappointment on everyone's face, Wendy couldn't bear it.

She nodded and made a decision. "How about I treat you to dinner tonight as a gift that I firse met all of you?"

Everyone was happy to have a free dinner. For some reason, Wendy looked forward to the dinner party tonight.

Soon it was nearly the time to get off work. Greg came to the sales department and asked one colleague who had just gone out the office, "Where is Wendy Ning?"

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