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   Chapter 23 The So-called Banquet (Part One)

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"Never mind. Just sleep a little longer. Don't let your father know." Wendy's mother pulled the quilt on her and turned around to go downstairs. Wendy lay down happily and continued to close her eyes. It was rare for her mother to let her continue to sleep.

'I can't waste the chance. Even if my heartless father knows it, can he drive me out?' When the sun shone on her face, she woke up then.

She stretched herself a little bit and then she heard the phone beside her pillow ringing. Hearing the ringtone, Wendy knew who was calling. It must be her best friend, Anne.

"Anne, say it. What do you want to do by calling me?" Hearing her sweet voice, Anne knew that she hadn't gotten up yet.

"The weather is so good today. Let's go out and play!" "Okay." Wendy was a playful girl at her age. She got out of bed and ran to the bathroom without hesitation.

When she went downstairs, Wendy's mother put the hot breakfast on the table. Wendy gave her mother a kiss on her face and then went to have breakfast. Her mother shook her head helplessly.

It seemed that her daughter was not as gentle and weak as her, but it was good. When she was about to go out, Wendy's father went downstairs and said, "Wendy Ning, stop!"

Wendy could not help but stand firm. She had never had a good impression of her father. She had never felt any family affection from him, only endless indifference.

Since she was a child, the only impression about her father was that this man didn't care about her. He didn't even like her. She didn't know the reason. "Dad, is there anything you want to tell me?"

Wendy couldn't give her father a smile, even if it was a forced and ugly smile, so she looked at him with a straight face. "There's a banquet tonight. You remember to come back earlier and go with me tonight!"

A banquet? She really hated the so-called banquet, which was just his excuse. "I don't want to go, okay?" It was the first time that Wendy contradicted her father.

She just didn't want to go to that kind of place. There were dirty deals everywhere. Perhaps in her so-called father's eyes, she was also a bait of trade at any time.

"You must go!" Wendy' father glared at her with a tough attitude. Under his pressure, she nodded slowly.

"Got it!"

She just hated this kind of oppressive life. Her mother seemed to have been used to the pressure of her husband. So she came over and hugged Wendy, but she just gently pushed her mother away.

There was not much sadness. Anne was still waiting for her. When she saw Anne, Wendy was not as cold as just now. "What's wrong? You look listless!"

As a daughter of a rich family, Anne didn't have a father like Wendy's father, so she didn't understand Wendy's feelings. "My fat

her asked me to attend a banquet today. I disdain the place where the so-called upper class go!"

Wendy was born in a rich family, but she didn't want to be the victim of consolidating the company business. Especially in her father's eyes, her value was limited to this. "Then why are you go there? But that place is not as bad as you said."

Anne had been there for many times, but she had never felt so afraid of the banquet as Wendy did.

"The banquet is just a formality. That old man is planning to trade me out and take advantage of me for his business. It's disgusting." Wendy had seen through her father's true colors many years ago.

That was the reason why he took her to the banquet. He wanted to send her to someone else as soon as possible. He was willing to do that, but she would not go with him! "Your father is going to sell you. Sue him!"

While Anne was eating ice cream, Wendy rolled her eyes. She thought that in her best friend's eyes, she was less important than an ice-cream cone!

"All right, all right. It's just a banquet. You won't die if you go there. Your father did it for the company. Just put up with it."

Anne continued to eat her ice-cream cone, and Wendy listened to what she said. She thought for a while and agreed. Her father seemed to really care about the company, or he wouldn't have treated her like that.

She could put up with it as long as she could. But the look of Anne now made Wendy want to beat her.

"Stop eating. We have agreed that we should share weal and woe with each other. Is there any best friend like you?"

After eating the ice-cream cone, Anne just smiled at her friend's words, "I'm going to the banquet tonight. I'll share your difficulties." Anne wanted to say that earlier, but seeing that Wendy was upset over there, she let her continue to be upset for a while.

Wendy's eyes lit up. "You are also going there. That's great." Since Anne also went there, at least she didn't fight alone. She had a friend back for her, right?

"Let's go. In order to deal with my dear parents and your father, let's go to choose some dresses for the banquet. I want to be the focus of the whole party!" Anne indeed had the ability to say so, and so did Wendy.

Looking at the vigorous look of Anne, she seemed to have gotten all her bad mood removed. She felt particularly comfortable just looking at her. Although Wendy was rich, she was not interested in the luxury life.

Let alone the beautiful formal dresses. Seeing the prices on the dresses made her headache. It was really difficult to be a lady of the upper class!

"Wendy, look at this one. Is it suitable for you?" Wendy took it over and blushed when she saw the V collar. Sometimes she would also be shy.

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