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   Chapter 22 Being Arranged On Purpose

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After apologizing, Wendy didn't dare to say anything more about meeting her mother. After all, after such a thing happened, she was too ashamed to speak to Greg.

The next day, Greg sent Wendy to work. When they arrived at the place of Wendy's new job, Greg left. And Wendy had expected her job, which she thought was not bad. After all, she could get this job since she came back after studying abroad.

When she stepped on the gate of the company, the receptionist saw a strange woman and wanted to stop her, but a slightly older woman next to her pulled her and asked first, "Is it Miss Wendy?"

Wendy nodded in surprise, "Yes, I'm Wendy Ning." The receptionist smiled warmly at her, "Here you are. Please, come in." The receptionist was experienced and knowledgeable.

When she saw that Wendy just came in, she had noticed that she was not an ordinary person. Sure enough, she knew that she was the one her boss wanted. Wendy walked into the elevator.

She wondered when she became so famous that two girls she had never met knew her. However, her illusion was shattered in the next moment. Oh, it was crushed ruthlessly. Look, who did she see? Bruce Cheng!

Why was this man here? And he seemed to be some senior leader here. Wendy got off the elevator and didn't dare to go any further. She had analyzed the reason at the first time.

It seemed that Bruce was waiting for someone. When he saw Wendy, Bruce held back the excitement in his heart and walked steadily, looking like an adult man. "Wendy Ning..."

"Why are you here?" "Why are you here?" Almost at the same time, they spoke out the question. But before he could say anything, his voice was suppressed by Wendy's. Seeing that, he felt very sad for he had not said much to her.

But he was questioned by her, as if she was not satisfied with his appearance here. "This is my property. It's normal for me to be here. Besides, congratulations to you for becoming a member of my company."

Bruce reached out his hand to Wendy, hoping she could hold it. But in the dark, Wendy had already clenched her fists. She didn't need this kind of congratulations.

She had thought that she would rely on her own ability, but she had secured advantages through his influence.

"Bruce Cheng, did you arrange me to work in your company?" She suppressed her anger and lowered her voice, but she was in the verge of erupting her anger at any time.

"Yes." Bruce didn't want to lie to Wendy on this matter. Besides, Wendy was such a smart girl that she knew it clearly without his saying anything.

"Is it interesting?" What's the difference between you and Greg Xiao]?

"Wendy, I just..." 'I just want you to be with me.' The true words were not spilt out. He really hurt Wendy.

Because of his own selfish motive, he did not consider whether Wendy could gain a foothold in the company by doing so.

"Are you speechless? Well, I'll resign. I don't want such a job."

After saying that, Wendy was about to leave. However, it was not easy for Bruce to expect her to come. How could he let her go so easily? "Don't, Wendy. I apologize."

Bruce grabbed her sleeve and looked reluctant to let her go. Even such an expression didn't affect her. She didn't like the arranged life.

It was also in this way that she was determined not to work in the company of Greg. "Apology can't solve the problem."

Wendy's attitude was very firm, and Bruce also knew that he could not change her decision.

"Wendy, I did all this for you. You know I love you very much."

Bruce was looking at Wendy affectionately, and she would only disdain him by seeing this. If Bruce really loved her, he wouldn't have arranged her to work in her company so naively.

She had become a backdoor person. Even if she had no dignity in front of Greg, she would not allow her dignity to be trampled on in front of others. Her disdainful eyes seemed to provoke Bruce.

He slowly lowered his head, grabbed Wendy's shoulder and forced her to look into his eyes. His eyes seemed to be looking at a prey, which made Wendy very annoyed. She knew what Bruce was going to do.

She pushed him with her little hands, but Bruce was about to force a kiss on her lips. In an inconspicuous corner in the distance, a light flashed, and in the end, he still didn't make it to kiss Wendy.

Maybe it was because Wendy couldn't let him do that. She resisted with her full strength. Looking at her leaving figure, Bruce felt a little lonely and sad. At the same time, Greg was on his way to his office.

He really wanted to call Wendy and ask her how she was going with her new job for the first day. But that was the truth. He couldn't give up his face.

He did not expect he would get a shocked news soon after. When he saw a folder on his desk, he habitually opened it casually. The photo that Bruce Cheng was about to kiss Wendy came into his sight, which was deliberately taken by someone from a special angle.

The man who took the photo deliberately avoided all the stru

ggling of Wendy. The scene were not only ambiguous, but also made people easily think too much. Greg was furious. How could he trust that woman so much?

It turned out that she asked him to allow her to work just for Bruce Cheng. No wonder she was extremely unwilling to come to his side! Greg just wanted to rush in front of Wendy and punish her.

But during working hours, he didn't leave his duty. He could only go to see that woman in the evening. It was not easy for him to suppress his anger for the whole day. Then the night fell.

When Wendy returned home, she was a little nervous. She didn't know if it was because of the behavior of Bruce today. In a word, she couldn't calm down.

Not long after, Greg came back. As soon as he came in, he saw Wendy sitting on the sofa in a calm manner.

It seemed that this woman didn't feel guilty for what she had done, and his anger could no longer be suppressed. Greg strode to Wendy and lifted her up. Suddenly, Wendy was held up, and she could not move except to scream out of surprise.

"What are you doing? Greg Xiao!" His only answer to her was that Greg carried her upstairs. And until then did she realize what he was going to do.

Greg rudely pulled Wendy's arm and tore up her clothes, which made her tremble violently. She didn't dare to look into his eyes.

She only knew that he was horrible. In the past, no matter how excessive Greg was, he would show mercy to her. But today, he didn't care about her at all.

Seeing her like a dead fish, Greg left and threw a stack of photos in front of Wendy. "Look at them yourself!"

Wendy had no strength and could only stretch out her little hand. What came into her sight was what happened in Bruce's company today. She opened her eyes and wondered why she was in the photos.

But the next second, she realized that someone was secretly taking pictures. "I can explain that. It's not what you see. It's a trap."

"Then tell me the truth." Greg didn't want to believe any of her words, but he still listened carefully.

Wendy struggled to stand up, with tears in her eyes, which looked pitiful. Greg wanted to comfort her for a moment, but he stopped.

"It was Bruce who let me enter his company without telling me. I was told in the interview that I was admitted to the job. When I knew that, I wanted to resign, but he pulled me and kissed me. I pushed him away and ran away."

Wendy believed that Greg should find out the truth before he lost his temper with her. Hearing this, Greg smiled sarcastically. If he believed these words, he would be as innocent as a three year old child.

Looking at the photos, Greg saw that Wendy seemed to enjoy it very much. "Is that enough? You are so thirsty for other men, aren't you?" Greg stopped Wendy.

Wendy was stunned. He didn't believe her? Greg didn't believe her? This was more painful than what had happened just now. Wendy had already realized that no matter how bad she was, at least Greg would believe her.

But now he was obviously thinking she was the one who was lying.

"Greg Xiao, how can you not believe me?" Wendy lowered her head and held the quilt tightly, like a wronged child. Greg looked at her like this.

He just felt that he had trusted her at the beginning in the past, so that he had been hurt so bad. He didn't care about Wendy's feelings and left directly. While Wendy was staring blankly at the place where Greg had stood. 'When did we become like this?' She thought. If she had known it earlier, at that time, she would choose to stay with Greg even if she had to die. After a while, Wendy got out of bed and went to take a shower. Her body was wet and uncomfortable, and tears fell on her body.

Even though the water was hot, her heart was cold. Her mind unconsciously returned to the time when she just knew Greg.

Three years ago, when Wendy was still a lady from a rich family, her mother spoiled her very much, but her father was a little cold to her. That day, she didn't want to get up, so she stayed in bed all the time.

Her mother, who loved Wendy so much, wanted her to sleep a little longer, but when she thought of the thing her husband had asked her to do, she decided to go upstairs and call her.

"Wendy, get up. You have something to do today." Her mother carefully pushed Wendy, not daring to push her too hard. Since her mother first called her, she had an impulse to wake up.

But she still wanted to stay on the bed. The big bed was so comfortable. It was so messy outside and all kinds of lights were on and all kinds of people were there. It was better to sleep comfortably at home. "Wendy, quick! Get up."

Her mother's voice was a little louder, and Wendy woke up. She opened her eyes and said, "Mom, can you let me sleep a little longer?"

Wendy looked at her mother with a pair of innocent eyes, and this look only softened her mother's heart. This trick was very useful to her mother, and she was still the one who couldn't bear to see her daughter like this.

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