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   Chapter 21 Encountered Danger On Her Way

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"Are you Wendy Ning?" When she arrived at the interview place, Wendy heard someone call her name. She quickly walked in and told the person with the interview words she had prepared, waiting with a nervous heart.

The interviewer had been staring at Wendy's resume. After thinking for a while, he raised his head and said to her, "Miss Wendy, you've been admitted by our company. I hope you can start working tomorrow."

Wendy, who had been waiting for quite a while, was shocked by the news. She hesitated for a moment and asked the interviewer incredulously, "Really? Am I really admitted? Can I start my work as your staff?"

The interviewer didn't expect that Wendy would be so shocked. With a faint smile on his face, he said to her again, "Yes, Miss Wendy, you've been admitted by our company. You'll officially start to work tomorrow. I wonder if you have any objection to this arrangement."

When she heard the other party say that she could come to work again, Wendy was shocked and happy. She felt that she must be so lucky this time that she could find a job so smoothly. But when she realized that the other party asked her if she had any objection, she quickly said to the other party, "I have no objection. I will be on time tomorrow. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you so much. "

After expressing her gratitude, Wendy left the interview place with a happy expression. On the way, she felt that her happy mood could not calm down for a long time. When she walked out of the interview company, she saw that the weather outside was not bad. After thinking for a while, she decided to go and ask Anne out for meal.

Without hesitation, Wendy took out her phone and dialed the number of Anne. When she heard that Anne answered the phone, she said happily, "Anne, I found a job today. Do you have anything to do later? I want to invite you to a meal."

Anne was busy with her own work. She didn't expect that Wendy would happily tell her on the phone that she had found a job. She was also happy for Wendy, so she said to her with blessing, "Wendy, congratulations. Since you have found a job, work hard in the future and don't have any bad ideas."

Hearing that Anne was still persuading her, Wendy said to her immediately, "Anne, don't worry. I won't do stupid things again. I will work very hard in the future. But when will you come? Let's choose a place first to meet?"

It was not until she expressed her heart that Anne realized what had happened. She looked at her work and said apologetically to the phone, "Wendy, I have something else to do now. I may not be able to have meal with you. I'm sorry."

Hearing that Anne apologized to her, Wendy quickly told her that it was okay and then hung up the phone. But at this time, she had good news, but she had no one to share with. All of a sudden, she thought of her mother. She wanted to see her mother, so she decided to go to the company of Greg and ask him where her mother was.

"Ah, bastard Greg Xiao, you shameless bastard! You are so hateful." Wendy had been thinking about her mother all the time, so she wanted to take the bus to see Greg. But she didn't expect that she would meet a scoundrel who tried to take advantage of her on the bus when she was distracted. She couldn't stand it.

Since she couldn't stand it anymore, of course, Wendy shouted at the man who stretched out his hand on her body. At the same time, she hoped that the people around her could support her.

The scoundrel didn't expect that Wendy would dare shout out in front of everyone. He became angry from embarrassment. He shouted at her and denied, "What are you talking about? I just touched into you by accident. What scoundrel? You have hurt me by saying that."

Wendy didn't expect that the man would deny it at this time. She directly shouted, "You are such a rascal. You have just touched my leg, but you still don't admit. Hey, wait and see, someone must have seen you grope me just now."

As she spoke, she looked around and felt that someone would stand on her side. After all, there weren't many people on the bus, and the space was very large now. Someone must have seen the man stretching out his hand to her.

The scoundrel saw [Wendy asking the people on the bus and immediately panicked. He just stared around angrily, warning the people around him not to meddle.

There were some people on the bus who were in a hurry to work or had something else to do, and they didn't want to get involved in such a matter. When they saw Wendy was looking at them for help, those people turned their heads to look out of the window, as if this scene had nothing to do with them.

Seeing that everyone around was like this, the scoundrel became more confident. He stared fiercely at Wendy and threatened, "You little girl, you are really framing

me. I have just said that I didn't do it, but you are still framing me. Look, no one has seen it at all, and no one will speak for you. But since you have framed me, of course I will not let you go."

As the scoundrel spoke, he was about to reach out his hand to her. Seeing that there was no one to help her, Wendy could only stretch out her hand to remove the scoundrel's hand. At the same time, she shouted, "Nowadays, the world is so terrible. A scoundrel even wants to teach the victim a lesson. I don't believe it today."

In this way, the two people tussled on the bus. Wendy, who didn't admit defeat, stretched out her hands and grabbed the rogue's body, using the woman's ability to act like a shrew.

"Hey, stop it. We're on the bus. Stop it." The bus driver didn't expect that the two people would wrestle together on his bus, so he tried to persuade them in a hurry. However, when Wendy fought with the scoundrel, she couldn't hear the driver at all, and the people around her also retreated.

Seeing this, the bus driver was afraid that something might happen, so he stopped the bus temporarily and took out his mobile phone to call 110. Not long after, the police nearby came. When the bus driver saw someone coming to check, he quickly stopped the bus. The police quickly got on the bus and shouted at Wendy and the rascal, "You two, stop it. Stop fighting. If you keep fighting, you'll be sent to the police station."

But at this moment, the scoundrel's eyes turned red. He didn't take advantage of the girl and was caught by her. Of course, he didn't want to give up so easily. And as for Wendy, in her heart, she also felt that she had been taken advantage of by this scoundrel, and now she was also beaten by him. It was unreasonable, so she didn't let him go.

Seeing the two people like this, the police could only separate the two by hands. But after they were separated, Wendy still looked very unconvinced. She glared at the scoundrel and cursed, "You are such a scoundrel. You are so hateful. I will teach you a lesson today."

The police didn't expect that Wendy would be so brave. They had no choice but to send the two people to the police car and take them all the way back to the police station. It was not until they arrived at the police station that Wendy came back to her senses.

"Sir, listen to me. It was that man who touched me on the bus. He was a rogue, so I did that. I am the victim." Wendy didn't want to be wronged. As soon as she arrived at the police station, she told the police what had exactly happened during the confession.

However, that man was not easy to deal with. Hearing that Wendy still insisted that he was a rogue, he kept defending, "Officer, don't listen to this little girl's nonsense. I just accidentally touched her at that time. I didn't expect that she would directly say that I am a rogue. I didn't do that."

Seeing that the scoundrel was still defending when they arrived at the police station, Wendy was so angry, but she couldn't rush up to beat him in the police station. She could only sit there with hatred, staring at the scoundrel with her big eyes. If her eyes could kill people, of course she hoped to kill him with her eye bullets.

"Well, little girl, don't stare at him anymore. Here is the police station. Now you are all here. For the sake of safety, you'd better find someone to pick you up." When Wendy was still staring at the rascal, she suddenly heard the police say that she should send someone to pick her up.

Wendy was in a dilemma. She was about to negotiate with the police, but the police seemed to do official business according to official principle. She could only take out her mobile phone and call Greg in front of the police. It could be imagined how scared she was during the call.

"What? You are in the police station now?" Hearing Wendy say that she was in the police station, Greg was quite shocked, but he quickly rushed to the police station after the shock.

After knowing Greg's identity, the police chief showed up quickly and fawned on him, "Mr. Greg, what's going on? What brought you to the police station? Is there anything we need to do for you?"

In the face of the police chief's attitude, Greg asked Wendy to tell them the whole thing. When the police chief heard this, he quickly asked his men to investigate the scoundrel. Finally, he knew that the scoundrel had a criminal record. The police chief quickly said to Greg, "Mr. Greg, you shall be rest assured. We will severely punish this person."

In this way, the man was directly sentenced because of his previous criminal record. Greg also took Wendy out of the police station and went home. He didn't say anything all the way. Looking at him, Wendy could only apologize, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it this time. I won't do it again."

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