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   Chapter 9 Compromise

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"Ha-ha," Greg chuckled. His irony was obvious. "I need a bed partner now."

Bed partner?

Wendy felt bitter in her heart. She felt greatly humiliated. It was impossible for her to sleep with him!

With her mind running rapidly, Wendy couldn't think of any euphemistic words to refuse. She straightened her face and said seriously, "With your identity and position, it's easy to find a bed partner. I'm sorry, I can't do it."

"You have no right to refuse." Greg's eyes hardened and his face darkened.

What did he take her for? Wendy pressed her lips and analyzed the current situation in her mind.

Obviously, her mother was under the control of Greg, so she had to listen to this man, but she couldn't betray herself to do such a thing.

In this way, Wendy was in a dilemma. But in the end, she gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, I accept that."

She had thought that if she said so, Greg's attitude to her would be better, but it turned out to be even worse.

He put down the newspaper in his hand, raised Wendy's chin with his slender and bony fingers, and said in a low and evil voice, "I thought you were a great woman who will die to defend your chastity."

The implication was that she was a bitch and still wanted to keep a chastity image. Wendy's face turned pale. Because her lower jaw was lifted up by Greg, her whole body was fixed there.

"Greg Xiao, I have agreed to your words for my mother. Don't push your luck." She couldn't help retorting, but after that, she regretted.

"Since you know it's for your mother, then serve me well. Don't make any mistakes, or I don't know what I will do when I'm in a bad mood," Greg said word by word.

It was just because of his clear words that Wendy felt more scared.

Feeling bored, Greg loosened his grip on his fingers and put his arm on the back of the sofa. He looked at Wendy leisurely and said, "Now, the first thing I want you to do is, to please me."

"What?" Wendy didn't understand what Greg meant. Her confused look didn't make him stop thinking. Instead, an evil fire in his mind rose.

He narrowed his eyes and gave a hint to her.

At a loss, Wendy stood aside. She didn't move for a long time, but when she saw the gloom in Greg's eyes, she moved.

Her slender fingers touched the muscle through his shirt. At a close distance, he could still feel her fingertips trembling, but he did not want her to stop.

The feelings of the similar movements that other women did was especially different from Wendy's, although her movements were clumsy and unskillful.

However, Greg still couldn't help but satirize, "You look so skilled. There must have been a lot of men... enjoyed that, right?"

Greg's hoarse voice sounded even more sexy.

Being humiliated like this, there was nothing for Wendy to retort. She bit her lower lip tightly, and there were two bubbles of tears in her round eyes, which were rather pitiful.

Seeing her pitiful look, Greg was inexplicably annoyed. He said impatiently, "Will you only just keep touching me?"

Wendy did not know that what to do would made Greg be satisfied. At a loss, she stood up and stopped what she was doing, hoping that the man could give her some instructions.

Rubbing his nose, Greg raised his chin and signaled for her to take off his trousers.

Knowing his hint, Wendy looked around first. Although there were no servants here now, it was inevitable that one or two of them might suddenly run out.

No matter what he said, she didn't move.

Perhaps he was impatient, Greg raised the corners of his mouth and said, "It's not your first time to do such a thing. You have a lot of opportunities in the future. What's wrong? Aren't you taking this time to practice?"

Wendy took a deep breath and slowly stretched out her slender hands to Greg. She had persuaded herself in the mind.

The two of them were very nervous. Greg's breath quickened a lot, but he still didn't show out a tiny emotion.

Wendy, who had been focusing on her hands, didn't notice the change of him at all.

Wendy moved slowly and cautiously. When her hand was about to touch him, Greg suddenly stood up.

Although Wendy was startled, she let out a sigh of relief secretly.

At this time, she heard Greg's cold voice, "Not a good service."

Before Wendy could figure out what the man was thinking, Greg strode out.

Only then did some maids come out to clean the living room. Seeing that it was embarrassed to tell them what she had just done, Wendy felt shy and shame to stay in the living room, so she went back to her room upstairs.

After leaving the villa, it took a long time for Greg to calm himself down in the car.

"Book the air ticket for a business trip."

He dialed a number and made an order. Greg's words were brief and just to the point. He needed to go out and calm down for a few days.

Wendy didn't know the schedule of Greg. She was afraid that when he would come back, so she felt restless all these days.

Even she couldn't sleep well at night. She had been always in light sleep, and this whole night she didn't sleep at all.

But fortunately, Greg didn't come back, so Wendy gradually felt relieved. As time went by, she thought that she would better muddle along.

She didn't need to do anything in the villa. She just lived. Although Wendy was not an idle person, she didn't dare to go out to find her best friend.

After a few days of peace living alone, Wendy relaxed and fell asleep when watching TV on the sofa.

As soon as Greg came back from his business trip, he saw a cute little girl curling up on the sofa.

"Master..."The servant called his name in a low voice, but he was stopped by Greg with a hush gesture.

Afraid that the noise around might wake up the sleeping girl, Greg carried her up.

In the past few days, Wendy had been on guard and didn't sleep well, so she was so tired that she fell deep asleep that she didn't know what Greg was doing.

Fortunately, Greg didn't do anything improper that night. The two of them just slept in the same bed, face to face.

The morning sunshine sprinkled on the bed through the window. Wendy felt dazzling. When she opened her eyes, she found a tall figure in the room.

When she realized it was Greg, she sat up subconsciously. Because she just woke up and used too much strength, she fell down heavily.

"What? Are you unhappy to see me?" Looking at her overcautious look, Greg wanted to get angry for no reason.

Wendy curled her lips in embarrassment. She didn't know whether she should tell the truth or not, so she just kept silent.

He pulled Wendy, who was about to get out of bed and wash her face, and warned, "You have to remember that you are my bed partner now. You have to please me."

"Can I even lie to please you?" She didn't know why she had the courage to ask this.

But she regretted as soon as she finished her words. When Greg's obscure eyes fell on her, she felt a thorn stuck on her back.

Being let go of by Greg, Wendy rushed to the bathroom and began to wash her face and brush her teeth. She had just let him get angry so that she had to cheer up herself and serve the boss more carefully.

It was the same breakfast time as usual, but now there were only two people of them.

Wendy didn't make a sound to lower her existence status. She didn't know that every move of hers was seen by Greg.

"I'm full. I'm going upstairs." Having breakfast under great pressure, Wendy was trembling.

"No way!" Greg said the two words coldly, but he didn't say anything more.

After wiping his mouth, Greg stood up from the table, walked to the sofa and sat down slowly. Then he stared at Wendy and said indifferently, "Make a cup of coffee."

And she even started to work as a maid. Wendy sighed helplessly, but accepted her fate.

All she wanted now was to serve Greg well and get more information about her mother from him.

She had thought that Greg would go to work, but after sitting in the living room for the whole morning, Wendy found that he had no intention of going out and had been staying in the study.

Before she could cry in her heart, an uninvited guest came in.

"Greg..." Well, there is a saying that somebody comes, but you hear him first before you see him. That was the most suitable words to describe Judy.

A woman in ten centimeter high heels came into view with a stack of documents in her hand. It seemed that Judy came here for business.

After entering the door, Judy found that Wendy was sitting in the living room in a suit of home dress. She was furious and asked, "Why are you here?"

It was a funny question. Although Wendy was as timid as a rabbit in front of Greg, it didn't mean that she would suffer losses in front of Judy!

"I don't know why I am here. You should ask Greg." She pushed the question to Greg, who was now working in the study. Wendy's face was with an indifferent expression.

Irritated by her attitude, Judy pointed at her and said, "You used such a dirty way to..."

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Wendy. She didn't want to stay in Greg's house in the first place, and now she was slandered by this woman that she used some dirty trick. She wanted to quit in an instant.

"What did you say? Only when you know the truth can you have the right to say something. Besides, are you here to quarrel with me today? Or do you have something serious to report to him?" Wendy pointed at the document in Judy's hand. She meant the work.

It was not that she showed weakness, but that she didn't want to waste time talking with a woman who was unreasonable and only focused on Greg.

She might as well think about how to get along with Greg if she had the time.

Reminded by Wendy, Judy remembered her purpose of coming here, but her attention was not diverted.

Perhaps knowing that Greg was serious about his work, she didn't entangle with Wendy anymore, but walked upstairs to the study.

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief. She was very busy now. She not only had to face the torture of Greg, but also tried to find out her mother's whereabouts. That was not all. She had to deal with a crowd of women of Greg outside.

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