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   Chapter 5 Are You Going To Do This

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"I am sorry, sir. I have to clean the next room..." Regardless of Judy's mockery, Wendy tried her best to stop the big hands of the man from touching her body.

However, she had already been dragged to the sofa, and the man forced her to drink wine, with the pungent smell of wine and the cool glass wall sticking to her lips.

When Wendy was struggling to swallow half a glass of wine, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open.

"Wendy Ning, are you going to sell yourself out until you are eighty years old?"

The familiar voice and figure stunned her. She saw Greg standing at the door of the room with a long face.

When the men saw Greg come in, they immediately made room for him on the sofa.

Greg glared at the people and looked around the room, then walked to the sofa and glanced at Judy coldly, "Is this you want to show me by calling me?"

Judy twisted her waist and said to Greg in a soft voice, "Mr. Greg, it's Mr. Zhou who wants you to come here. He said that he couldn't explain some details of the contract to me clearly and he wanted to talk to you."

The middle-aged man with half a glass of wine in his hand put down the glass, and at the same time loosened his grip on Wendy's arm. "Yes, Mr. Greg, please sit down first. Let's drink two glasses of wine before we talk about the contract. It's not interesting to come out to play without you."

Glancing coldly at the trembling body of Wendy, he suddenly reached out and pulled her to his side.

"Gentlemen, I have something private to deal with tonight. Have a good time. I'm leaving now."

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Greg made some polite formula words, turned around and left the room with Wendy.

Wendy followed Greg breathlessly. His rapid steps and livid face frightened her.

Then she was stuffed into an elegant and rigorous Bentley by Greg. The two kept silent all the way.

After Greg brought Wendy back home again, he threw her directly on the bed of the bedroom like she was a prey.

"Mr. Greg..." When Wendy was about to explain, she saw Greg turn around and leave with a stiff body.

A few minutes later, with a big bottle of whiskey in his hand, Greg went back to the bedroom. He walked straight to Wendy, pulled her face up and began to pour wine in her mouth.

"You like drinking with others so much, huh? I'll let you drink enough today!"

Greg's voice was as cold as the God of death. Wendy squirmed her body to struggle, but she was pressed against the wall by his strong body and couldn't break free.

It didn't take long for most of the bottle of wine to be poured into her stomach. Holding the bottle in his hand, Greg raised his finger to wipe away the tears on her face. His face was as cold as winter.

Wendy felt a burning pain in her throat and a surging tide in her stomach. She coughed loudly, and the tears that had just been swept away fell down again.

"Greg Xiao, you've gone too far!" Trembling, Wendy squatted on the ground and cried out hysterically, "I'm just a part-time waiter there. It was that man who forced me to drink. You treated me like this indiscriminately. You're a lunatic!"

Tears welled up in her eyes. After her suppressed heart was suddenly released, she continued to vent her anger, "Why do I have to get deeper hurt from you when I am in helpless danger? Always! Not any understanding from you. You are as blind as a bat! And I'm blind too that I know someone like you!"

With a few plops, Greg raised his head and drank up the rest of the wine.

His slender fingers gently brushed the corner of his mouth, and his cold eyes stared at the large traces of wine on the body of Wendy. A weird and evil smile appeared on his face.

"Humph, I've never seen a woman like you who doesn't repent. Stop pretending to be innocent, okay? You only make me sick."

Greg squinted at Wendy's chin which had been pinched red by him. He felt a little distressed for her, but he couldn't control himself to say something heartless.

Since they met again, every time he saw Wendy, he would lose control of his emotions and be tortured by all kinds of contradictions and inner conflict of his heart.

"Okay, then I won't make you sick anymore..." Wiping off her tears, Wendy stood up and staggered to the door, passing by his arm.

"Who let you go?"

After a few steps, a deep and powerful voice came from behind.

Wendy stopped and turned to look at him with hopeless eyes. She said slowly, "I'm doing part-time job just to earn more money to repay for your money as soon as possible. I don't want to owe you anything."

Looking at the stubborn and arrogant expression on her face, Greg's heart suddenly softened. He vaguely remembered the first time he met her at the party four years ago.

"Did I ask you to pay me back?" As Greg spoke, he walked up to Wendy, rubbed her cheek and said seriously, "Now I have an idea. You move here to be my pet until I'm tired of you. If you don't agree, I'll withdraw the deposit money from the hospital at any time."

Wendy frowned and looked incredulous, "Be your pet? What do you think of me?"

The air was filled with danger and ambiguity. With a meaningful smile on his face,

Greg said, "Being a pet is also a praise for you. Before I go to sleep today, you must appear on my bed! And now go home to pack up your things."

Then he turned around and walked to the bedside, unbuttoning his suit gracefully.

Wendy closed her eyes tightly, as if she was cornered.

If possible, she really wanted to die with this man and end all her love and resentment.

"Okay, I accept your idea." With tears on her face, Wendy gritted her teeth and left.

On the way out of Greg's house, tears had filled her eyes. Was her heart broken? She felt so painful in her heart that she couldn't express it in words. She walked past the camphor tree, stopped and walked over behind the tree, crying.

"Waah... Waah..." At this time, there were very few people passing by. No one would find her crying behind the tree, and even if someone found her, no one would care about her. She felt that she was an abandoned child, and no one loved her.

She suddenly wanted to go back to the time when the Ning family was still so powerful. No one could bully her at that time, and such a thing today would not happen. But everything could not go back. Everything had really to be like this.

"You have to face the reality, Wendy Ning," after crying, she suddenly said to the camphor tree.

She wiped her tears and walked out as if nothing had happened. She tried to smile faintly.

Greg's subordinate went back and reported the situation to him. The man saw that his boss just waved his hand with his back to him, so he said, "Okay, I'll go downstairs now." The man took the initiative to disappear in front of him.

Turning around, Greg's expression was complicated. His right finger was constantly stroking the leather of his chair. "You cried, huh?"

Hearing the report from his subordinate, he was actually a little restless when he heard that she was crying.

He had never thought that he would make Wendy cry because of him and he had promised to make her happy all her life.

Greg was a little depressed. He asked the maid to bring him a bottle of wine. "Bring that bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 here."

The cleaning maid hurriedly went to the underground wine warehouse to fetch wine for him, and then poured him a glass of wine. Then she stood aside.

He squinted at the maid standing beside him and frowned slightly.

"Continue to do what you do. Don't stay here." Greg didn't say out the last four words "Don't be an eyesore", but his face was cold and his eyes were also cold.

The maid had thought that she might rely on her slightly beautiful face to seduce her master, but when she saw that Greg was so cold to her, she was afraid. She answered in a hurry, "I'm leaving. I'm leaving now."

She ran away as if she saw a monster.

The maid went back to her work to clean the house. When the other maids saw the maid who brought wine for Greg, they all asked curiously, "How's it? Does Master have a crush on you?"

They were all eager to know the result. This maid always said that she would be the exclusive maid of Master Greg, but they didn't know if she would succeed or not.

The maid, who had been driven out by Greg, was in a bad mood. At this time, she must not lose her face, so she raised her head and said shamelessly, "Of course, you don't see the expression on Master's face. Although I'm average looking, he may like this type. He also asked me to bring the wine for him next time."

Her confident look fooled everyone. Hearing this, the other maids quickly went up and flattered her, "Oh, really?"

"Don't forget us in the future."

"I'll rely on you to take care of me when you become the hostess."

Seeing this, the maid's vanity was satisfied at once. "Of course." She looked around and acted that as if she was really the hostess of the house. "Clean up the room now. Don't let me see any rubbish."

The other maids quickly stood up and said, "Yes Ma'am."

When Wendy returned home, she looked at the empty house and lay on the sofa for a while, feeling a little tired.

The ceiling was dirty. She hadn't cleaned the house for a long time.

This was the last small house under her name. Before her mother was sick, they lived together. Now she was the only one left.

"Ah, time to pack up." She quickly put her clothes into the small suitcase.

She knew that if she went there, she would have the money to save her mother's life. She kept comforting herself in her heart, 'It doesn't matter. I just need to sleep with a rich man, right? It's no big deal.'

Thinking of this, two drops of tears fell down on her own hands.

She would eventually become a walking dead. Seeing her family leave her one by one, she felt that her heart was dead.

When she walked out of the house and closed the door, she took a look at her own house. It was small and shabby, but it was her only shelter after the family declined. Thinking that her mother could be saved and she could go back to this small house with her mother in the future to live together, she was very happy and rekindled hope.

Wendy dragged her suitcase which looked very light and heavy, and walked towards the villa of the Xiao family's mansion.

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