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   Chapter 4 You Are So Dirty

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Wendy's mother was filled with so much rage and resentment. When Greg cancelled the engagement three years ago, she was deeply disappointed with her supposed future son-in-law.

After that, Greg took back the money he had invested in her husband's company. That caused their company to spiral into bankruptcy which eventually landed her husband in prison.

Now, her daughter experienced hardships because of him again. Wendy's mother couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't just stand around and let him damage them. The next day, she left a note for Wendy and left to confront Greg in person.

However, misery loves company. Before she even arrived at Greg's company, Wendy's mother was hit by a speeding car.

Wendy's clothes were wet with cold sweat now. Her lips were pale, and her hands trembled. She haphazardly picked up her handbag and rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, her mother was alive. She learned that the driver who hit her mother had an expired driver's license and was seriously injured because the car collided with a tree.

The high medical expenses due to the accident almost sent Wendy collapsing on the cold hard hospital floor.

The only person Wendy could think of asking for help was Greg. Her mother was involved in an accident indirectly because of him. She had no choice but to ask him to lend her some money.

When she stepped foot inside the headquarters of the Xiao Group, she felt a wave of nostalgia. It seemed as though it had been a lifetime since she had been here.

The very last time she went here was three years ago. She was still Greg's fiancee back then.

After coming out of the elevator, Wendy hurriedly walked towards the CEO's office. She was about to pass by the meeting room when she ran into a woman adorned with elegant makeup and seductive eyes.

"Hey, aren't you Wendy? Long time no see!" The woman greeted Wendy with obvious sarcasm.

Wendy squinted her eyes to look at the woman more closely. She recognized her as the company's receptionist before her father's company went bankrupt.

It was a vague memory, but she remembered that the woman's name was Judy Ye. She calmed down and asked, "Judy, long time no see. Is Mr. Xiao busy right now? I have something urgent to tell him."

Judy Ye surveyed her from head to toe. Wendy used to be a lady from a rich family, but she looked worse than an ordinary girl right now. "Mr. Xiao is in a meeting. I'm his assistant now, so if you have anything to tell him, just say it to me."

Life was really full of ups and downs, wasn't it? Her father's company was gone and now his former lowly staff was working for Greg and living a comfortable life.

Wendy sighed. She frowned at the situation and pulled Judy Ye aside. Anxiously, she said, "Judy, we've known each other for many years. I won't hide this from you. Something happened to my family and I'm in urgent need of a large sum of money. Can you help me inform Mr. Xiao about this?"

After explaining her situation, Wendy anxiously looked at the meeting room near them. She could hear faint sounds coming from the closed door.

"Are you kidding me?" Judy Ye raised her voice. "You need to borrow money?"

Wendy was shocked by her retaliation. Her sharp voice caught the attention of the other employees around them.

Judy Ye's red lips twisted in a cruel manner, and she arrogantly said, "You haven't made an appointment. Not everyone can just meet with Mr. Xiao. If you are is short of money, why don't you just find a man to sleep and take a few photos with?"

Wendy's face became so hot it felt like she was being grilled alive. How she wished for the floor to just swallow her whole. She wanted to hide herself so much.

Judy Ye just brought up the painful rumor once again. The Ning family had become a laughingstock because of the slanderous claims against her.

Wendy had to hide in another city after that story spread. She only dared to come back recently when her mother's health started getting worse.

"Enough!" Wendy seethed. Her vision became red because of so much anger. "Look at yourself first before judging others! If you won't help me, then I will wait for Mr. Xiao here by myself. Please get out of my way!"

Wendy's retort angered Judy Ye. "I've never seen a more shameless woman than you. I'm Mr. Xiao's assistant and the only woman around him. If you want to see him, you have to get an appointment with me first!"

They had wasted a lot of time and Wendy didn't want any more of it. She determinedly passed by Judy Ye and walked towards the meeting room.

Judy Ye panicked at the sight of this. She picked up her phone and called the security. "Security! A woman is inside the company to create trouble. Come quickly and take her away!"

Judy Ye quickly caught up with Wendy and grabbed her to make her stop. They were engaged in a constant push and pull battle when two security guards arrived from the elevator.

"Let go of me! I have something urgent for Mr. Xiao. This is a matter of life and death so let go of me!" The two security guards twisted Wendy's hands behind her back to restrain her. They then started dragging her backwards.

Judy triumphantly crossed her arms over her chest. She felt victorious now that Wendy was being driven out by the guards.


All of a sudden, the chaotic scene changed into a silent atmosphere. Judy Ye frowned while the security guards stopped in their tracks.

Greg's strong and looming figure stood right outside the door of the meeting room. His cold eyes looked as deep as an ocean. His short roar was enough to command the whole floor to be silent. Nobody dared to make a move or say anything.

Wendy looked at his dreary face. Greg then barked out orders to her and his other employees. "Wait in my office. As for the others...get out!"

Greg's office was filled with the faint fragrance of cologne. Wendy sat still on the sofa with her head down. She was so a

nxious to the point that her palms kept sweating.

"So, you wanted to see me?"

Greg stood before her in a condescending manner. His strong angular face was dignified and intimidating.

Wendy raised her head in an attempt to look him in the eye. His imposing manner was so intimidating that she shivered.

"Just say it. I'm busy."

Although his voice was cold, there was no sign of impatience on his indifferent face.

"Greg..." She really had something urgent to tell but she didn't know how to properly address him and engage in a conversation.

"Mr. Xiao, I want to borrow some money from you." Wendy looked embarrassed. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest and her mind was a mess.

It was like all the oxygen in the room was sucked out. The suffocating tension made her gasp repeatedly.

Greg stared at her coldly and with an air of indifference, he asked, "How much do you want to borrow?"

Wendy looked up in surprise. She hadn't really expected such a straightforward answer. "Two hundred thousand dollars," she quickly answered before he changed his mind.

After a few seconds of silence, she was startled by a bang on the table.

Apparently, the bang was from Greg's hand which put a check on the table. He then looked at her meaningfully.

"Thank you, Mr. Xiao." Wendy forced herself to smile which came out stiffly. Slowly, she stood up from the sofa and got ready to leave.

She knew that two hundred thousand dollars wouldn't make a dent in the Xiao family's finances, but for her, it was an astronomical amount right now.

However, just as she was about to take the check, Greg stood up in front of her.

"If you want to take the money, kneel down and beg me."

Greg donned a mocking expression. He looked sinister. It was like he was waiting for a good show to start.

"My mom was involved in a car accident and she's in a coma right now. I have to go back to the hospital as soon as possible. The money I need to borrow is for her life. I need to save her. Please!" Wendy begged, her eyes filled with tears.

Hearing this, Greg's expression turned grim. He stopped smiling. His lips were about to move to say something when he saw Wendy moving.

"Pathetic!" Greg looked coldly at Wendy who was about to kneel down. He held her up by the shoulders and scoffed, "The people I hate the most are those who do not have enough self-esteem. Come with me."

Half an hour later, Wendy stood in the hospital hall with Greg's handsome figure walking towards her.

"Thank you, Mr. Xiao. I will pay you back. Thank you for helping me." The pile of receipts in Greg's hand immensely touched Wendy and she was almost rendered speechless.

Indeed, Greg treated her harshly, but at least he didn't ignore her when her mother's life was in danger.

Greg's face was full of disdain and his deep eyes mocked her.

"Huh." Greg shoved the receipts and a check in Wendy's hands. He looked at her coldly and said, "You mentioned your brother's tuition fees before. Go to the bank tomorrow and cash the check. As for your repayment, how will you do it?"

"I will find a new job as soon as possible. I'll pay you back slowly every month. Is that okay?"

Wendy bit her lips and bowed her head. She couldn't dare to look at Greg's face. She was indebted to him now and that made her feel small and humble.

He shook his head, disapproval clear on his face. He answered coldly, "Forget it. What do you think I am? A bank loan? You better be ready for my orders at any time. I'll find you when I need you."

In the following days, Wendy spent her time going around companies and recruitment fairs. After some time, she finally landed a job in a small company.

Unfortunately, her meager salary was still not enough to cover her family's needs and pay off their debts.

A week later, Wendy saw herself in front of a high-end bar. She was a little nervous. She didn't really go to places like these, so she felt out of her comfort zone.

But she was in urgent need of a part-time work and her only available time left was at night, so she had no choice but to apply as a waitress in the bar.

Standing in front of the private room, Wendy gently knocked and slightly pushed the door open. Her nerves were shot with nervousness.

"Hey, isn't this Miss Ning? Are you selling yourself in the bar now?"

The room was illuminated in dim light. Wendy walked to the sofa with a fruit tray and a wine bottle in her hands. When she put them down, she saw Judy sitting amongst several men in suits.

Wendy lowered her head after hearing the accusation. She was ridiculed but she couldn't argue back right now. She chose to reply softly, "Good evening, Miss Ye. I'm just a waitress here."

Wendy exhaled in relief after leaving the private room. She sighed as she cleaned the room next door. She had been bullied and insulted due to her lowered status. The Ning family was no longer rich. Now, she was just an ordinary person who was constantly consumed in worries about life and debts.

"Wendy, bring these wines to Room 6."

Wendy put the broom down and looked up at the bar manager standing beside her.

She couldn't help but wonder why the guests ordered so much wine again. It had only been half an hour since she last delivered their orders.

Nevertheless, she opened the door of Room 6 and walked towards the table to serve their wine. When she was about to turn around and leave, a strong hand stopped her.

"You look beautiful. Sit down and have two drinks with me," a fat man said with a flirtatious smile plastered on his face.

"Sir, I'm just a waitress here. I'm not a barmaid," Wendy explained hurriedly as she tried to dodge the man's advances.

"Oh please. Don't pretend to be innocent. Every single person in this city has seen your nude photos before."

With her legs arrogantly crossed and a cigarette between her fingers, Judy puffed out a cloud of smoke into Wendy's face.

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