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   Chapter 2 I Heard You Can Drink A Lot (Part Two)

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"Miss Ning, do you think you have the right to make me do things here? I just said that I would consider signing it."

He was furious. He flicked his hand and threw her delicate body to the sofa.

One of the two men asked, "Beautiful, drinking is not enough to make Mr. Xiao sign the contract. How about a performance?"

Mr. Yang just sat and smiled. He had no choice; he had no power. He was only the boss of a small company. There was no way he could go against these business tycoons. He had to be obedient.

"No, no... Gentlemen, I'm drunk. Can I just rest?" She begged. She was repulsed by the flirtatious tone of the middle-aged man, but she ignored it along with her growing need to throw up.

Greg Xiao's earlier insidious expression morphed into softness. He smiled but the smile looked weird and dangerous. He then held her waist and helped her up from the sofa.

"You used to go naked in front of so many men. Why are you pretending to be holy and a virgin now?" Greg stroked her earlobe and whispered the words lowly. Painful and humiliating memories burst in his mind.

Hearing that made Wendy Ning feel that her heart was broken and crushed once again.

Greg Xiao had not forgotten what happened three years ago. Until now, he still hated her for her shameful behaviors. She had cheated on him and had her nude photos spread everywhere.

Actually, she had been trying her best to find the person who kidnapped her. The same person who took her photos and forged her handwriting to slander her in a diary. A diary which was filled with entries to make it look like she was plotting to obtain the Xiao family's properties.

After a few years had passed, the person who set her up disappeared without a trace. It was as if the person didn't exist at all.

She had no way to refute the accusations and explain her innocence. There was no way for her to find out the truth either.

"Mr. Xiao, please..." Wendy Ning bit her lips hard. A sad and touching expression adorned her face.

When the other two men saw this, they couldn't help but deescalate the situation. They claimed that they were just joking.

But the painful and piercing emotions in Greg Xiao's heart was now back in full force. He couldn't control any of his emotions and he let his heart be filled with resentment and humiliation.

"You'd better beg yourself." Greg Xiao sat back on the sofa. "If you want me to sign the contract, you better make me happy first. You've done that before, haven't you? Think about it."

Wendy Ning frowned before a head splitting headache struck her. This was most probably caused by her severely drunken state. She understood that Greg wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate her.

But she would rathe

r die than give him that chance.

She stumbled to get up from the sofa and walked towards Mr. Yang who looked trapped in a serious dilemma with himself.

Their company has been performing badly. It had even gotten to the point where they had to issue a memo soon to inform a collective layoff of employees. This contract was important. It could secure their company's future.

Wendy Ning sadly apologized, "Mr. Yang, I can drink but I really cannot do what he is asking."

Mr. Yang helplessly sighed. He badly wanted to secure this deal tonight.

"If you can't, then you won't have any work starting tomorrow." Mr. Yang finalized his decision and turned away from her.

The atmosphere in the private room froze. Wendy Ning was in despair as she glanced at the these shameless men.

"Gentlemen, enjoy yourselves." She smiled sadly and resentfully at the whole situation. She had already made her decision. She turned towards the door to leave.

Three years ago, she was unable to resist in fear of losing her life, but now, she was determined not to suffer the same humiliation.


Just as she was about to open the door and leave, she was stopped by a low voice coming from the corner.

She still had her back turned away from the men. Her body was trembling, and heat was exuding from her whole body.

She heard Greg Xiao's footsteps approaching her. She still didn't dare to look back.

As much as she couldn't let go of her deep love for him, she was also deathly afraid of this cold and ruthless man.

Greg Xiao walked up to her to grab her arm and drag her back to the sofa.

"Do you really think you can just come and go as you please?" He slowly said those words in a menacing and ruthless voice.

He lifted her chin and used his other hand to pour the whisky into her mouth.

"If you really want to leave, finish this bottle first!"

She struggled against him in horror, but her body was weak. She wasn't able to exert any strength anymore. After hearing his sharp words, her mind gradually slipped into unconsciousness.

She was in a daze. It felt like being in a coma while being wet all over. She was surrounded by cold water and her wet bangs stubbornly stuck on her forehead.

'Where am I?'

In a stupor, Wendy Ning remembered that she was just about to leave the private room when Greg Xiao grabbed her back and forced her to drink. She helplessly struggled until she became unconscious.

She was about to open her eyes again, but she felt a rough hand grabbing her hair and soaking her face with water.

She was caught off guard, and she choked on a large mouthful of water. Her instincts pushed her to struggle, and her brain instantly woke up from the overpowering alcohol.

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