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   Chapter 5 Lyman's Proposal

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Lyman smiled awkwardly. He put his hands on the table, looked at the two of them and said, "Well, now let's get to the point. Personal relationships are personal. Now I just want to tell you that I am the biggest shareholder of the Shao Group."

But Howell still didn't want to give way. He looked at him and said, "No, we can't believe your nonsense. You must show evidence. You said you were the biggest shareholder of the company. Where is your evidence?"

Lyman gave a sign to Galen. The latter picked up the document, walked to Howell and put the copy in his hand.

Galen returned to his chair and sat down, saying, "Now you all have the share confirmation letter in your hands. The boss has bought fifty-five percent of the shares at a real price, so please don't doubt him, Mr. Howell."

Leaning against the chair, Lyman looked sharply at all the directors around him and said, "Directors, I believe that you all know what happened to the Shao Clan before. Because of the news of the death of Mr. Eric, the valuation of the Shao Group has dropped Below five dollars. It was not an easy situation for the group"

Looking at him, Sherry suddenly realized that he was well prepared to devour the whole Shao group. Was he really Inna's brother?

With his hands on the table clenched into fists, Howell asked, "What on earth do you want? Are you here to be the vulture?"

Lyman stood up and said, "Now I have the management right of the Shao Group. If your clan wants to take back these shares, I think I can consider selling them to you at the price of five billion dollars."

Howell hit on the table with his fist. He stood up from the chair and said, "You are making things difficult for us. How can we still have five billion in such a situation?"

With his hands in his pockets, Lyman looked at him and said, "I will come to the company at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. You have time to prepare five billion dollars. If you don't have the money, I would be the chairman then."

After saying that, he left the meeting room, followed by Galen. Meanwhile, Howell had already smashed the documents on the table. Looking at the anger on his face, Sherry had other thoughts in her mind.

Who the hell was this man? Why did he come here to purchase the Shao Group?

One of the directors had already stood up from the chair and said to Howell, "Well, now your family is doomed. Every dog has its day."

The directors smiled and left the meeting room one after another. Looking at Howell, Sherry couldn't help saying, "Brother, don't be like this. Now you should find a way to solve this problem rather than fight against him. It's not good for us."

Howell shook her hands off, "How dare you talk about me like that? You colluded with outsiders to mess up your family business. Are you crazy?"

Howell kicked the chair away angrily and left the meeting room. Sherry sat on the chair weakly, and her mind w

as still rumbling. Who the hell was this man?

Suddenly, she stood up from the chair and murmured, "No, I have to ask him what he wants to do."

Lyman had walked into the chairman's office. His eyes swept across the whole office. Seeing all the belongings of Eric had been cleaned up, he smiled proudly.

He walked to a chair and sat down. Shaking the chair, he thought, 'I've been waiting for twenty years. For so many years, I've been preparing for today.'

Galen had already sat in front of him, supporting his head with one hand, and asked, "Boss, don't you think that Sherry seems to have a crush on you?"

Lyman suddenly froze. He looked at Galen for a long time and said, "I am not even a friend of her, but she is a friend of Inna. I wouldn't hurt her for the time being."

A smile flashed through Galen's face. Although his boss didn't realize that he had fallen in love with Sherry, he had a feeling that this was the first time Lyman had shown mercy to a woman. He was famous for his cruelty when facing his rival.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The secretary had entered the office and said to him, "Chairman, Miss. Sherry wants to see you."

Lyman nodded. Galen stood up from the chair and was about to leave the office.

"Tomorrow morning, you need to investigate every department. Don't miss any details. Give me all the information about Shao Group in three days," said Lyman, handing the document to him

Galen picked up the document and nodded, "Got it. I will deal with the whole thing well. Please have a good talk with Miss Sherry."

The next moment, Galen had left the office. Lyman looked at the door while the secretary entered the office with Sherry.

The secretary walked up to him and introduced, "Boss, this is Miss Sherry."

Lyman put his hands on the desk and looked at her face for a long time before he smiled and dismissed the secretary.

"Mr. Lyman, please don't do this to the Shao Group for the sake of Inna," said Sherry, with her hands twisted together and her eyes falling on Lyman's face

Lyman stood up and walked up to her. Looking at her lovely face, he felt a little reluctant.

Smelling the fragrance from her body, he said, "Miss Sherry, you are not Inna. I won't treat you differently because of your relationship with Inna. Do you understand?"

Being so closed with him, Sherry had sensed his masculine, which made her blushed and took two steps backward.

After calming down, Sherry looked up at him and said, "Can't you spare us more time? Five billion Five billion is too much. "

Lyman walked to her backside and smiled. He stretched out his hands and hugged her tightly, saying, "I'm a businessman. If I have to give up my own business decision, I must make an equal exchange, understand? If you are willing to have sex with me, I think I can reduce the amount to four billion. It's not a big money for the Shao Clan, right? "

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