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   Chapter 2 Lyman Showed Up

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Howell raised his head to look at her. "Yesterday afternoon, I had something urgent to do at the neighboring city. I knew it was your birthday today, so I came back as soon as possible. I didn't expect that an accident would happen to Dad."

The thought of her husband still lying in the operating room made Macey cry again. "Now your father's life is in danger. What will we do if he doesn't make it?"

Sherry held her mother's hand tightly, trying her best to calm her down. "Mom, stop thinking like that. Dad won't get better no matter how hard you cry."

All of a sudden, the light of the operating room went out. Macey nervously stood up and rushed to the door where the doctor stood.

Sherry also walked up to the doctor and asked, "Doctor, how is my father? Is he okay?"

The doctor took off his mask and solemnly shook his head. "I'm sorry. We tried our best to save him, but he couldn't make it."

Howell was blinded by anger. He rushed to the doctor, gripped his collar with one hand and raised his other fist.

Seeing the reckless act, Macey slapped him hard and told him off. "Your father just died. Don't act on rash impulse! Let go of the doctor now."

Chastising her older brother, Sherry said, "Howell, it's not the doctor's fault. They tried their best."

He let go of the doctor and punched the wall instead. His eyes were red and swollen, looking like he was about to cry.

Taking a deep breath, Macey turned to the doctor. "I want to see my husband for the last time. Is that okay?"

He nodded at her request. Just in time, the nurse pushed the bed out of the operating room. Eric was lying in the bed, his body covered with white cloth.

Tears streamed down Macey's cheeks. Sherry just stared at her mother, trying to control her own emotions.

"Mom, you have to stay strong. Let's figure out how to process Dad's funeral first."

Macey deeply inhaled and talked to her daughter in a rigid voice, "Call Benny. If he doesn't answer, freeze his credit cards."

Sherry glanced at Howell before walking away. She took out the phone from her pocket and dialed Benny's number.

"Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached. Please..."

She hung up right away and dialed the bank's number. A voice answered her call. "Hello, this is the VIP customer service."

Sherry breathed in and said, "Hello, this is Sherry Shao. I want to freeze Benny Shao's credit cards."

The person on the other side of the phone call became quiet. After a few moments, the voice continued, "Miss, Mr. Shao has just spent three hundred thousand dollars in Las Vegas. Are you sure you want to freeze it?"

Sherry's face darkened at the customer service personnel's words. "Yes, I'm sure. Do it right now."

After saying that, she hung up right away. She r

eturned to her mother with a gloomy face.

Macey saw her expression and asked, "Where on earth is he? Why didn't he come back?"

Sherry pursed her lips before answering, "Mom, don't be angry. Benny just lost his head for a moment, but he will be back soon."

Hearing that excuse, Macey had already guessed the situation. She narrowed her eyes and sternly said, "Do not try to cover for him. Tell me the whole truth."

Sherry tightly held the phone in her hand as she murmured, "Mom, Benny has just spent three hundred thousand dollars in Las Vegas."

Macey's face dimmed. She clenched her fist and stared at Sherry.

In a cold and strained high-pitched voice, she said, "What a bastard! I treated him well though he's not my own son. Yet he's still gambling in Las Vegas at a time like this."

Sherry engulfed her mother's body in a hug. She looked nervous while comforting her, "Mom, don't be like this. We must focus on dealing with Dad's funeral first. That's the most important thing right now, isn't it?"

"Sherry, bring Mom home first. I will deal with Dad's funeral. I promise to handle it properly," Howell intervened.

Sherry agreed and headed towards the elevator with her mother. Howell's expression darkened as soon as they went away. When Benny came back, he would definitely kick him out of the Shao family.

Ten minutes passed, and Sherry and her mother reached their car hand in hand. The driver scrambled to get out of the car and opened the door for them.

As soon as the driver sat in his seat, he asked, "Mrs. Shao, how is Mr. Shao? Is he out of danger?"

Sherry was crestfallen. She cleared her throat and said, "Austin, don't ask about it anymore."

Macey put her hand on Sherry's shoulder to stop her. "There's no need to hide it. Eric's dead. Drive us home so we can rest."

Hearing the exchange, the driver didn't dare to ask any more questions and just drove away from the hospital. Tears kept on falling from Macey's eyes. How would she be able to live without her husband?

The next morning, Lyman woke up early and saw Rosaline coming out of the dining room with a smile on her face.

She went up to him and said, "Lyman, breakfast is already served."

He held her in his arms and smelled the familiar scent coming from her body. He asked, "Rosaline, have you prepared today's newspaper? I want to read it this morning."

She gently patted his back and said with a smile, "Lyman, you're still so clingy. The newspaper is ready of course. You can go in and have breakfast now while reading it."

Lyman walked into the dining room with a faint smile. Thoughts about the decline of the Shao family made him giddy and he couldn't help but laugh.

Just as he sat down and picked up the newspaper, his phone suddenly rang.

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